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Acute effects of high-frequency microfocal vibratory stimulation on the H reflex of the soleus muscle. A double-blind study in healthy subjects.

Title :
Acute effects of high-frequency microfocal vibratory stimulation on the H reflex of the soleus muscle. A double-blind study in healthy subjects.
Authors :
Alfonsi E
Paone P
Tassorelli C
De Icco R
Moglia A
Alvisi E
Marchetta L
Fresia M
Montini A
Calabrese M
Versiglia V
Sandrini G
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Source :
Functional neurology [Funct Neurol] 2015 Oct-Dec; Vol. 30 (4), pp. 269-74.
Publication Type :
Journal Article; Randomized Controlled Trial
Language :
Imprint Name(s) :
Original Publication: [Roma] : CIC edizioni internazionali, [c1986-
MeSH Terms :
Motor Neurons/*physiology
Muscle, Skeletal/*physiology
Adult ; Double-Blind Method ; Electric Stimulation/methods ; Electromyography/methods ; Female ; Healthy Volunteers ; Humans ; Male ; Posture/physiology ; Vibration ; Young Adult
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Entry Date(s) :
Date Created: 20160105 Date Completed: 20160929 Latest Revision: 20191113
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Academic Journal
This study in healthy subjects examined the effects of a system delivering focal microvibrations at high frequency (Equistasi®) on tonic vibration stimulus (TVS)-induced inhibition of the soleus muscle H reflex. Highfrequency microvibrations significantly increased the inhibitory effect of TVS on the H reflex for up to three minutes. Moreover, Equistasi® also significantly reduced alpha-motoneuron excitability, as indicated by the changes in the ratio between the maximumamplitude H reflex (Hmax reflex) and the maximumamplitude muscle response (Mmax response); this effect was due to reduction of the amplitude of the H reflex because the amplitude of muscle response remained unchanged. The present findings indicate that Equistasi® has a modulatory effect on proprioceptive reflex circuits. Therefore, Equistasi® might interfere with some mechanisms involved in both physiological and pathophysiological control of movement and of posture.

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