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[Physical therapy of psoriasis. The modern methodological approaches].

Title :
[Physical therapy of psoriasis. The modern methodological approaches].
Authors :
Evstigneeva IS; Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.
Kulikov AG; Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.
Yarustovskaya OV; Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.
Shakhova AS; Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.
Lutoshkina MG; Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.
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Source :
Voprosy kurortologii, fizioterapii, i lechebnoi fizicheskoi kultury [Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult] 2018 Apr 09; Vol. 95 (1), pp. 53-58. Date of Electronic Publication: 2018 Apr 09.
Publication Type :
Journal Article
Language :
Imprint Name(s) :
Publication: Moskva : Media Sfera
Original Publication: Moskva : Izdatelstvo Meditsina
MeSH Terms :
Physical Therapy Modalities*
Health Resorts ; Humans ; Skin/radiation effects ; Treatment Outcome ; Ultraviolet Therapy
Contributed Indexing :
Keywords: PUVA therapy; UV; balneotherapy; intravenous laser irradiation of the blood; laser therapy; ozone therapy; physiotherapy; progressive stage; psoriasis; spa treatment; the regression stage; the stationary stage
Local Abstract: [Publisher, Russian] В данной работе представлены современные подходы к применению физических факторов в комплексном лечении различных форм псориаза в зависимости от выраженности клинических проявлений и фазы развития заболевания. Сформулированы принципы назначения физиотерапии в зависимости от стадии и формы заболевания. Особое внимание уделено вопросам лечебной эффективности ультрафиолетового облучения кожи, в том числе узкоспектральной (длина волны 311 нм), а также фотодинамической терапии (ПУВА-терапия), внутривенного лазерного облучения крови, озонотерапии. Также рассмотрены вопросы применения бальнеолечения и пелоидотерапии при различных стадиях патологического процесса. Дано описание комбинированных методик применения радонотерапии, сероводородных ванн и микроволновой терапии у больных псориартрическим артритом. Обращено внимание на эффективность назначения в стационарной и регрессивной стадиях псориаза санаторно-курортного лечения. Описаны патогенетические механизмы реализации терапевтического эффекта физических факторов при лечении пациентов, страдающих псориазом.
Entry Date(s) :
Date Created: 20180414 Date Completed: 20190603 Latest Revision: 20190603
Update Code :
Academic Journal
This article describes the modern approaches to the application of physical factors for the treatment of various forms of psoriasis taking into consideration the severity of clinical manifestations and the phase of the disease, the extent of disturbances of the functional state of different organs. The principles of prescription of physiotherapeutictreatmnt are formulated taking account of the stages and forms of the disease. Special attention is paid to the high therapeutic effectiveness of ultraviolet irradiation of the skin including narrow-band UVВ (311 nm) as well as to photodynamic therapy (PUVA), intravenous laser irradiation of blood, and ozone therapy. Also considered is the spa and health resort-based treatment and peloid therapy at various stages of the pathological process. The application of the combined techniques is described with special reference to radon and hydrogen sulfide baths and microwave therapy in the patients presenting with psoriatic arthritis. Much attention is given to the effectiveness of the prescription of the spa and health resort-based treatment at the stationary and regressive stages of psoriasis. The pathogenetic mechanisms underlying the therapeutic action of the physical factors used for the treatment of patients suffering from psoriasis are discussed.

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