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Tytuł pozycji:

Diazepam in the Elderly: Looking Back, Ahead, and at the Evidence.

Tytuł :
Diazepam in the Elderly: Looking Back, Ahead, and at the Evidence.
Autorzy :
Greenblatt DJ; From Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA.
Harmatz JS
Shader RI
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Źródło :
Journal of clinical psychopharmacology [J Clin Psychopharmacol] 2020 May/Jun; Vol. 40 (3), pp. 215-219.
Typ publikacji :
Język :
Imprint Name(s) :
Publication: Baltimore Md : Williams And Wilkins
Original Publication: Baltimore, Md. : Williams & Wilkins, [c1981-
MeSH Terms :
Central Nervous System Sensitization*
Anxiety Disorders/*drug therapy
Diazepam/*adverse effects
Diazepam/*therapeutic use
Aged ; Aged, 80 and over ; Diazepam/pharmacokinetics ; Female ; Forecasting ; Humans ; Male
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Substance Nomenclature :
Q3JTX2Q7TU (Diazepam)
Entry Date(s) :
Date Created: 20200426 Date Completed: 20210113 Latest Revision: 20210125
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