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Tytuł pozycji:

Midwife-moderated social media groups as a validated information source for women during pregnancy.

Tytuł :
Midwife-moderated social media groups as a validated information source for women during pregnancy.
Autorzy :
McCarthy R; University of Salford, Salford, United Kingdom.
Byrne G; Health Education England (NHS), United Kingdom.
Brettle A; University of Salford, Salford, United Kingdom.
Choucri L; University of Salford, Salford, United Kingdom.
Ormandy P; University of Salford, Salford, United Kingdom.
Chatwin J; University of Salford, Salford, United Kingdom. Electronic address: .
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Źródło :
Midwifery [Midwifery] 2020 Sep; Vol. 88, pp. 102710. Date of Electronic Publication: 2020 May 15.
Typ publikacji :
Journal Article
Język :
Imprint Name(s) :
Original Publication: Edinburgh ; New York : Churchill Livingstone, 1985-
MeSH Terms :
Information Services/*standards
Mass Media/*standards
Pregnant Women/*education
Adult ; Female ; Focus Groups/methods ; Humans ; Information Services/trends ; Mass Media/statistics & numerical data ; Pregnancy ; Pregnant Women/psychology ; Qualitative Research ; Social Media/standards ; Social Media/statistics & numerical data ; United Kingdom
Contributed Indexing :
Keywords: Information provision; Maternity care; Midwife-moderation; Pregnancy; Social media
Entry Date(s) :
Date Created: 20200603 Date Completed: 20210413 Latest Revision: 20210413
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Czasopismo naukowe
Background: Widespread use of the internet has fundamentally altered the way people access health information and communicate with health providers. Pregnant women are a group who are particularly highly motivated to seek out information online. However, where mothers actually obtain their information, who they trust to supply it, and whether or not it actually fulfils their needs is often unclear. This paper examines the experiences of women accessing advice and information on pregnancy and childbirth through a dedicated social-media platform, mediated by qualified midwives. The study formed part of a larger research project that focussed on professionally moderated online learning in maternity care, and the role of online communities. This paper reports on aspects of midwife mediated information provision in the context of these online communities.
Methods: Two secret (i.e. private / invitation only) Facebook groups were created. Both groups were moderated by 2 qualified midwives. One group had 17 mothers and the other 14 mothers. Both groups ran for 35 weeks.
Data and Analysis: The data included the written and spoken words of group participants and midwife-moderators in i) face-to-face (n = 4) and online (n = 4) post-intervention focus groups; ii) one-to-one interviews with group participants and midwife moderators (n = 24); iii) the complete corpus of text-based interaction across both groups; iv) a sub-set of private message sessions (n = 24) between individual participants and midwife-moderators. Thematic analysis was applied to the combined dataset.
Findings: Participants found engagement with midwives and other pregnant women via a social media group convenient and accessible. The groups provided a safe space for the sharing and validation of maternity relevant information. Members trusted their midwife-moderators to ensure information was reliable. For many members, the group became the primary source of pregnancy related information.
Conclusion: Midwife-mediated social media groups offer a highly effective way of providing individualised information provision and social support for pregnant woman. Access to a group can also significantly impact on perceptions of relational continuity.
(Copyright © 2020. Published by Elsevier Ltd.)

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