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Tytuł pozycji:

Satisfaction with life of refugees and immigrants

Tytuł :
Satisfaction with life of refugees and immigrants
Autorzy :
Bowen, Neal Anthony
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Temat :
Dysertacja/Praca dyplomowa
The relationship between satisfaction with life (SWL), acculturation attitudesand distress generated by trauma was explored in a regression study of a communitysample of refugees and immigrants living in Central Texas. A total of 71 participantscame from 9 different countries, with the immigrant group (N = 36) coming fromMexico and the refugees (N = 35) predominantly from Cuba and Vietnam. Mostparticipants were female (77%) and married (75%), with an age range of 18 to 73.Immigrant participants had completed fewer years of formal education than therefugees, and were in general younger. Most participants completed a back-translatedSpanish version of the measures. The Satisfaction With Life Scale was used, whilethe Los Angeles Symptom Checklist provided a measure of distress generated bytrauma. Acculturation attitudes were examined with the Stephenson MultigroupAcculturation Scale, which provides orthogonal measures of orientation towards theethnic group of origin and towards the dominant, Anglo society in the United States.There were no significant differences between the refugee and immigrant samples onthese measures. Distress related to trauma was a significant negative predictor ofSWL for refugees (b = -.57, p = .001), but not for the immigrant sample. Similarly,orientation towards the dominant society was a significant positive predictor of SWLfor refugees (b = .41, p = .009) but not for immigrants. A cross sectional analysis wasperformed to determine how the variables were related to length of time in the US.While a lack of statistical power precluded the use of ANOVA, means comparisonsindicate a curvilinear relationship between time and the attitude towards Anglosociety among the immigrant sample. Those present 2 to 5 years were less immersedthan either those more recently arrived or those who have been here longer. Thismiddle group also reported more psychological distress. Among refugees thedirection of the curvilinear relationship was contrary. Implications for theorganization of social services to immigrants are discussed.

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