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TMREC: A Database of Transcription Factor and MiRNA Regulatory Cascades in Human Diseases.

Title :
REC: A Database of Transcription Factor and MiRNA Regulatory Cascades in Human Diseases.
Authors :
Wang, Shuyuan
Li, Wei
Lian, Baofeng
Liu, Xinyi
Zhang, Yan
Dai, Enyu
Yu, Xuexin
Meng, Fanlin
Jiang, Wei
Li, Xia
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Subject Terms :
MEDICAL databases
GENETIC regulation
Source :
PLoS ONE; May2015, Vol. 10 Issue 5, p1-11, 11p
Academic Journal
Over the past decades, studies have reported that the combinatorial regulation of transcription factors (TFs) and microRNAs (miRNAs) is essential for the appropriate execution of biological events and developmental processes. Dysregulations of these regulators often cause diseases. However, there are no available resources on the regulatory cascades of TFs and miRNAs in the context of human diseases. To fulfill this vacancy, we established the TMREC database in this study. First, we integrated curated transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulations to construct the TF and miRNA regulatory network. Next, we identified all linear paths using the Breadth First Search traversal method. Finally, we used known disease-related genes and miRNAs to measure the strength of association between cascades and diseases. Currently, TMREC consists of 74,248 cascades and 25,194 cascade clusters, involving in 412 TFs, 266 miRNAs and 545 diseases. With the expanding of experimental support regulation data, we will regularly update the database. TMREC aims to help experimental biologists to comprehensively analyse gene expression regulation, to understand the aetiology and to predict novel therapeutic targets.TMREC is freely available at . [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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