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Tytuł pozycji:

Humic acid‐derived hierarchical porous carbon preparation using vacuum freeze‐drying for electric double layer capacitors.

Tytuł :
Humic acid‐derived hierarchical porous carbon preparation using vacuum freeze‐drying for electric double layer capacitors.
Autorzy :
Jia, Min
Chang, Pan‐pan
Wang, Cheng‐yang
Chen, Ming‐ming
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Temat :
HUMIC acid
CHEMICAL reactions
Źródło :
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society; Jul2018, Vol. 65 Issue 7, p835-840, 7p
Czasopismo naukowe
Electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs) preserve charge by reversible physisorption of electrolyte ions on the surface of porous active materials. Therefore, engineering a reasonable pore structure and reducing oxygen‐containing groups of carbon materials are efficient approaches to enable rapid ion diffusion pathways and long life span, respectively. Here, humic acid (HA)‐derived hierarchical porous carbon was fabricated by vacuum freeze‐drying, KOH activation, and subsequent annealing. The macropores were generated from the vacancies where the ice crystals in the HA–KOH gels initially occupied during vacuum‐freeze drying, while abundant micropores were created from homogeneous KOH activation. In addition, subsequent annealing further reduced the oxygen‐containing groups. When used as EDLC electrodes in 1 mol/L TEABF4/PC organic electrolyte, they could give a high capacitance of 150 F/g at 0.05 A/g and excellent rate performance of 81% (with capacitance of 121.46 F/g at 10 A/g). More importantly, the hierarchical porous carbon displays superior capacity retention of 85.6% after 10,000 cycles at 1 A/g at 2.7 V. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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