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Creative Journals and Destructive Decisions: A Comment on Singer's "Academic Crisis".

Title :
Creative Journals and Destructive Decisions: A Comment on Singer's "Academic Crisis".
Authors :
Hill, Michael R.
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Subject Terms :
SCHOOL environment
SOCIAL problems
SOCIAL sciences
Source :
Sociological Inquiry; Summer90, Vol. 60 Issue 3, p298-300, 3p
People :
SINGER, Benjamin
Academic Journal
This article is a commentary to Benjamin Singer's essay on the criterial crisis in academe. It highlights several issues about which young academics and their elders routinely kitbitz at campus watering holes. Singer's lament is fundamentally an embroidery on lunchroom complaints and coffeehouse chatter dressed up with headings and a fine bibliography. Cynics may conclude that his article a good example of the "proliferation of journals and redundant and useless papers." And others may wonder, in the interests of reflexivity, whether Singer's paper was submitted to other journals before it was accepted by Sociological Inquiry and whether the paper as published was exempt from the vagaries and vicissitudes of peer review that Singer deplores. Since Singer suggests that few published papers are ever read, he will no doubt be surprised that his was discovered among the hundreds of sociological journals in our university library and that my reading of his work prompted the following observations about sociological publishing and tenure decisions.

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