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Tytuł pozycji:

Development of an Explosively Driven Sustained Shock Generator for Shock Wave Studies.

Tytuł :
Development of an Explosively Driven Sustained Shock Generator for Shock Wave Studies.
Autorzy :
Taylor, P.
Cook, I. T.
Salisbury, D. A.
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Temat :
SHOCK waves
ELECTRIC impedance
Źródło :
AIP Conference Proceedings; 2004, Vol. 706 Issue 1, p1203-1206, 4p
Investigation of explosive initiation phenomena close to the initiation threshold with explosively driven shock waves is difficult due to the attenuative nature of the pressure input. The design and experimental testing of a sustained shock wave generator based on an explosive plane wave lens and impedance mismatched low density foam and high impedance layers is described. Calibration experiments to develop a 1-D calculational model for the plane wave lens and booster charge were performed. A calculational study was undertaken to determine the sensitivity of the output pulse to plate and foam thicknesses and foam density. A geometry which generates a 24kb almost flat topped shock wave with a duration of over 4μs into the HMX based plastic explosive EDC37 was defined and tested. Experimental shock profile data is compared with pre-shot predictions from the PETRA Eulerian hydrocode incorporating a “snowplough” or simple locking model for the foam. A reasonable match to the observed magnitude and profile of the initial shock is achieved, although the timing of subsequent shock waves is less well matched. © 2004 American Institute of Physics [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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