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Van Hüsrev Paşa Külliyesi Camii Koruma ve Onarım Çalışmaları. (Turkish)

Tytuł :
Van Hüsrev Paşa Külliyesi Camii Koruma ve Onarım Çalışmaları. (Turkish)
Autorzy :
Öztürk, Şahabettin
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Temat :
EFFECT of earthquakes on buildings
HISTORIC districts
CULTURAL activities
HOME ownership
DOMES (Architecture)
Alternatywny tytuł :
The Preservation and Renovation Works of Van Hüsrev Pasha Mosque. (English)
Źródło :
Electronic Turkish Studies; 2020, Vol. 15 Issue 2, p1237-1268, 32p
Terminy geograficzne :
MECCA (Saudi Arabia)
Abstract (English) :
Hüsrev Paşa Social Complex which is located in the Old City of Van, had been built by Van Beylerbeyi (Van's Governor) Köse Hüsrev Mehmed Paşa, one of the viziers of Suleiman the Magnificent, between the years of 1567-68. The complex that is a work of Sinan consists of mosque, madrasa, shrine, caravansarai, double hammam, soup kitchen, primary school, lecturer's and guests' houses sections. The mosque that is called "Hüsreviye" and "Kurşunlu" forms the focal point of the complex. The mosque's center is square layouted and covered with a sole dome which subside squinches. A door placed in the northern front axis where the nartex abuts on, provides access to the sanctuary. Interior space is enlightened with casements on the body walls and dome's pulley. Middle window on the eastern front was converted into the door accessing to the shrine. There are stalactite courses which interspace in obtuse arch shape over hanger stones of blind arched lancets as one each. The mosque stands out with colourful stone craftsmanship on its outer fronts. The dome's pulley is supported by sixteen flying buttresses from outside. Eight of the windows between butresses are opened during renovation. The altar is meant to be noticed by being protruded in the absis shape from the wall facing Mecca. The minaret which is located in the northwest corner of the mosque sits on a square baseplate and has a cylindric body. The minaret has two accesses from two gates as one from the ground and one from the roof level. Project works of the mosque which is located at the center of Hüsrev Paşa Social Complex are prepared by Yüzüncü Yıl University in 2005. Renovation works are done by Bitlis Regional Directory of Foundation between the years of 2007 and 2009. In the Van Earthquake of 2011 the building's narthex and minaret sections are impacted serious static structural problems. All renovation works of Hüsrev Paşa Mosque are completed by Bitlis Regional Directory of Foundation in the year 2013 and it is opened to use for religious, social, touristic and cultural services for activities. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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