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Quantifying the Effect of Field Variance on the Hα Luminosity Function with the New Numerical Galaxy Catalog (ν2GC).

Title :
Quantifying the Effect of Field Variance on the Hα Luminosity Function with the New Numerical Galaxy Catalog (νGC).
Authors :
Ogura, Kazuyuki
Nagashima, Masahiro
Shimakawa, Rhythm
Hayashi, Masao
Kobayashi, Masakazu A. R.
Oogi, Taira
Ishiyama, Tomoaki
Koyama, Yusei
Makiya, Ryu
Okoshi, Katsuya
Onodera, Masato
Shirakata, Hikari
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Subject Terms :
NUMERICAL functions
STAR formation
GALAXY formation
GLOBULAR clusters
Source :
Astrophysical Journal; 05/20/2020, Vol. 895 Issue 1, p1-10, 10p
Academic Journal
We construct a model of Hα emitters (HAEs) based on a semianalytic galaxy formation model, the New Numerical Galaxy Catalog (ν2GC). In this paper, we report our estimate for the field variance of the HAE distribution. By calculating the Hα luminosity from the star formation rate of galaxies, our model well reproduces the observed Hα luminosity function (LF) at z = 0.4. The large volume of the ν2GC makes it possible to examine the spatial distribution of HAEs over a region of (411.8 Mpc)3 in the comoving scale. The surface number density of z = 0.4 HAEs with erg s−1 is 308.9 deg−2. We have confirmed that the HAE is a useful tracer for the large-scale structure of the universe because of their significant overdensity (>5σ) at clusters and the filamentary structures. The Hα LFs within a survey area of ∼2 deg2 (typical for previous observational studies) show a significant field variance up to ∼1 dex. Based on our model, one can estimate the variance on the Hα LFs within given survey areas. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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