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Явелов, И. С.
Досько, С. И.
Жолобов, А. В.
Рочагов, А. В.
Явелов, О. И.
BLOOD flow
HEART beat
NERVOUS system
ORGANS (Anatomy)
Alternatywny tytuł:
Russian Journal of Biomechanics / Rossijski Zurnal Biomehaniki; 2020, Vol. 24 Issue 2, p243-247, 5p
Abstract (English):
There is no doubt that the mechanical effect on the so-called bioactive points and areas may be extremely useful and leads sometimes to a complete cure for various ailments. The existence and benefits of a reflex therapy are absolutely indisputable. Indeed, from ancient times to the present, the unique experience and empirical knowledge about the meridians connecting the points of influence and the skin with all body systems have been accumulated in the depths of Eastern medicine. Until now, the physical nature of the meridians is unknown and has not been explained by anyone, that's why the reflex therapy stands apart from standard medicine and is practiced as a semi-legal occupation, despite its obvious benefits and effectiveness. In this paper, an attempt was made to reveal the physical nature of the meridians and, thereby, legalize this ancient and extremely necessary discipline. The authors propose a coherent hypothesis, the main idea of which is the statement that if there is even a slightest wound, the nervous system will immediately send the impulse to increase the blood supply to this spot, in other words, a special address appears, the fresh blood directs that way and causes the healing. The mechanism of redistribution of blood flow is that there is a certain low-frequency modulation of the heart rate, which leads to a local increase in blood flow, as impact zones are characterized by certain reductions in time with the modulations. The corresponding organ in the body also has a similar address (i.e. a certain frequency), and therefore an intensified blood flow rushes there too, providing a vital effect on this organ. As a result, the supported organ more effectively fights the disease. This, in short, is the mechanism of recovery that nature has in place in the presence of heart rhythm modulations that can be made manageable. Naturally, by saturating the blood with exposure agents, we will obtain an increase in their effectiveness due to local penetration directly into the painful area. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
Czasopismo naukowe
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