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Tytuł pozycji:

Study on Extraction Methods for Different Components in a Carbonate Digital Core.

Tytuł :
Study on Extraction Methods for Different Components in a Carbonate Digital Core.
Autorzy :
Xiao, Xiaoling
Zhang, Jiarui
Li, Xinyu
Zhang, Jing
Zhang, Xiang
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Temat :
CARBONATE reservoirs
ELECTRIC logging
IMAGE segmentation
PHYSICS research
GEOLOGICAL statistics
Źródło :
Mathematical Problems in Engineering; 9/7/2020, p1-6, 6p
Czasopismo naukowe
It is difficult to carry out petrophysical experiments because of the serious damage caused to cores in the development of fractures and pores in carbonate reservoirs. The development of a three-dimensional digital core in carbonate reservoirs has become a hot topic in rock physics research. Compared with the three-dimensional digital core, including basic rock skeletons and pores in sandstone reservoirs, carbonate reservoirs also include secondary structures such as microfractures. The carbonate contains different components, and extracting these components is a very difficult problem. The resolution on the electrical image log image is high, which can clearly reflect the macrocomponents in various reservoirs. There are some blank areas between electrodes on the electrical image log, which affects the extraction of components in a three-dimensional digital core. Aiming at the serious heterogeneities in the carbonate reservoirs and affecting image inpainting on the electrical image log image, a new method of image inpainting based on a combination of multipoint geostatistics and an interpolation method is put forward. The experimental results show that this method generates faster and better full-bore images than other methods. Due to the multipeak histogram, the maximum interclass variance in the two times method is proposed to extract macrocomponents such as basic rock skeletons, pores, and connected parts. The microfractures can be extracted from the CT scanned images by using image segmentation from the combination of the watershed and OTSU methods. The experimental results prove that using extraction methods for different components enables better results to be obtained. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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