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Le nom de l'auteur dans son texte (autobiographie et autofiction). (French)

Title :
Le nom de l'auteur dans son texte (autobiographie et autofiction). (French)
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Alternate Title :
The author's name in his text (autobiography and autofiction). (English)
Source :
Études Françaises; 2020, Vol. 56 Issue 3, p57-83, 27p
People :
LEJEUNE, Philippe
Abstract (English) :
Poetics looked at the author's name above all about the taxonomy of genres (Philippe Lejeune, Le pacte autobiographique, 1975). Making it the decisive criterion for generic discrimination in the autobiographical regime, it started a debate that has been revived ever since. It is on this basis that we propose to examine the references to the author's name in his text (autobiography and autofiction). Autobiography is a homo-diegetic narrative to which the use of an I is sufficient to unfold. Hence, to certify his or her identity, the writer must introduce his or her name into the text. Thus, do we find in the writings of oneself the same onomastic insertion processes as those described by the poetics of the novel? Does this signature have to appear immediately? And, beyond its first occurrence, is it possible to identify a functioning of the author's name in his text? As we go, we also discuss whether the stylistics of the author's name might undermine the solidity of the now-classical thesis of homonymy as a constituent of autobiography. To do so, we examine a certain number of borderline cases (absence of surnames, maiden names, metonymic substitutions, etc.) that literary theory has often used to challenge Philippe Lejeune's founding views. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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