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Определение конструктивных показателей свекловичной сеялки для равномерного распределения семян. (Russian)

Определение конструктивных показателей свекловичной сеялки для равномерного распределения семян. (Russian)
Соловьев, Сергей В.
Завражнов, Андрей А.
Абросимов, Александр Г.
Дьячков, Сергей В.
Бахарев, Алексей А.
Картечина, Наталья В.
SUGAR beets
ANGULAR velocity
CURVED surfaces
FACTORY design & construction
Alternatywny tytuł:
Determination of the beet planter design parameters for uniform seed distribution. (English)
Proceedings of the Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies; 2021, Vol. 83 Issue 2, p35-39, 5p
Abstract (English):
In the Tambov region, the yield of sugar beet has increased significantly due to the widespread introduction of promising technologies for its cultivation. At the same time, the used planting devices are not always capable of providing the required seeding depth. This results in yield loss and fertilizing difficulty. In the course of previous studies, it was determined that an increase in the percentage of disc cells filling with seeds in various hybrids occurs with an increase in the scraper angle of over 60 degrees. Thus, studies found out that in the PMS-120 hybrid at a scraper angle of 70 degrees, the cells are filled with seeds by 100%, and in the XM-1820 and Troika hybrids, the cells were filled only by 93.3%. It should also be noted that the PMC-120 hybrid with a scraper angle of 70 degrees had the lowest damage to the pellets - 0.67%, while the XM-1820 and Troika hybrids had 0.83% and 0.73%, respectively. The percentage of damaged seeds increased from 0.4% to 0.66% with an increase in the scraper angle over 80 degrees. The design of the planting unit was offered and theoretically justified on this basis. Its feature is the reverse rotation of the planting disc. In this case, the opener rear wall is made in the form of a parabola corresponding to the trajectory of the seed movement. This ensures that the seed is distributed in close proximity to its rear wall and thus reduces the risk of filling the furrow bed before the pellets get there. It was determined that the trajectory of the granule movement depends directly on the angular velocity of the seeding disc, and it, in turn, depends on the geometric characteristics of the seeding disc cells. It is theoretically substantiated that the speed of the seed in the disc cell is determined by the projections sum. This makes it possible to calculate the opener curved surface. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
Czasopismo naukowe
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