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A cuticle-degrading protease (CDEP-1) of Beauveria bassiana enhances virulence.

Title :
A cuticle-degrading protease (CDEP-1) of Beauveria bassiana enhances virulence.
Authors :
Yong-Jun Zhang
Ming-Guang Feng
Yan-Hua Fan
Zhi-Bing Luo
Xing-Yong Yang
Di Wu
Yan Pei
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Subject Terms :
MICROBIAL virulence
PATHOGENIC microorganisms
PICHIA pastoris
Source :
Biocontrol Science & Technology; Aug2008, Vol. 18 Issue 6, p551-563, 13p, 1 Diagram, 4 Charts, 2 Graphs
Academic Journal
In order to investigate virulence enhancement of entomopathogenic fungi, a Beauveria bassiana-sourced Pr1 protease (CDEP-1) was expressed by a methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris and then used as an additive to three gradient sprays of B. bassiana strain (Bb0062) onto apterous green peach aphid Myzus persicae adults in six bioassays. The resultant data fit well to a time-concentration-mortality model. Generally, the LC50 estimates of the fungal pathogen against the aphid species decreased with increasing CDEP-1 concentrations from 0 to 100 µg mL-1. The LC50s on days 5-7 after spray were reduced by 1.5-2.5-fold at the concentrations of 20-100 µg mL-1. However, sprays of 20-100 µg CDEP-1 mL-1 aqueous solution alone had no significant effect on aphid mortality compared to water spray only. Neither did inclusion of inactivated CDEP-1 at a concentration of 50 µg mL-1 affect significantly the fungal virulence to aphids. Our results confirm for the first time that the cuticle-degrading protease CDEP-1 enhanced fungal virulence due to acceleration of conidial germination and cuticle penetration. This suggests a new approach to utilising the protease in microbial control. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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