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Case-based instruction in digital integrated circuit design courses for non-major students.

Title :
Case-based instruction in digital integrated circuit design courses for non-major students.
Authors :
Chen, Shih-Lun
Lai, Yu-Kuen
Hu, Wei-Chih
Chung, Wen-Yaw
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Subject Terms :
UNREGISTERED design right
DESIGN failures
DESIGN museums
COMPUTER hardware description languages
DESIGN science
Source :
International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education; Jul2014, Vol. 51 Issue 3, p231-243, 13p, 1 Color Photograph, 2 Diagrams, 4 Charts
Academic Journal
In this paper, a preliminary study using case-based teaching methodology in a digital IC design course is described. The proposed case-based course consists of ten lecture topics with hands-on labs and two projects. Each topic covers a design case example which contains illustrations of physical structure, hardware description language (HDL) codes, truth tables, waveform, and comments. Students can comprehend the essence of HDL by referring to physical logic gates, truth table, and waveform with HDL codes. This helps students to understand the abstract nature of HDL-based design flow especially for non-EE major undergraduates. To illustrate the effect of case-based teaching methodology instruction for non-major undergraduates, a specific class was constructed by 56% major and 44% non-major undergraduates. At the end of the course, both major and non-major undergraduates verified all labs and projects successfully. The questionnaire statistics show that most of the students like the course with case-based guidance. They all look forward to taking other similar engineering courses in the future. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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