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Agent-Based Connection Control for Digital Content Service.

Title :
Agent-Based Connection Control for Digital Content Service.
Authors :
Carbonell, Jaime G.
Siekmann, Jörg
Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh
Grzech, Adam
Howlett, Robert J.
Jain, Lakhmi C.
Jevtic, Dragan
Kunstic, Marijan
Cunko, Kresimir
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Source :
Agent & Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies & Applications; 2007, p1035-1042, 8p
This paper explores improvements that can be achieved by applying intelligent agent techniques to solve the problem of self-adaptive routing. A potential redundancy has been recognized in telecommunication network configuration, hidden in the routing method between the user access points and service providers. The main idea presented here is perpetual trans fer adaptation for all requests that are sent from a user to a service location over all the network elements. Self-adaptation is based on the continuous monitoring of the available communication channel capacity between the user and the service. The actions are based on perpetually seeking the optimal throughput via the nodes that maximize exploitation of the communication channel. From the user's point of view, accumulation and exploration of knowledge concerning throughput properties in the network can optimally utilize redundant capacities thus providing service more rapidly. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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