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Impact of hypothermia during craniosynostosis repair surgery

Title :
Impact of hypothermia during craniosynostosis repair surgery
Authors :
González-Cárdenas, Víctor Hugo
Vanegas-Martínez, María Victoria
Rojas-Rueda, María Elvira
Burbano-Paredes, Claudia Cecilia
Pulido-Barbosa, Nadya Tatiana
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Source :
Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology; July-September 2016, Vol. 44 Issue: 3 p235-241, 7p
Hypothermia is recognized as a risk factor for perioperative complications in paediatric patients. High surgical risk procedures serve as a model of exposure to that risk factor. In particular, surgical correction of craniosynostosis serves as a model for measuring the impact of hypothermia.

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