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Farrell, E E
Birnholz, J C
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Pediatric Research; April 1985, Vol. 19 Issue: 4 p403A-403A, 1p
The fetal lung may be visualized ultrasonically. Lung hypoplasia can be recognized antenatally from relative measurements of the lung, heart, and upper abdomen.We have studied the changing dynamic behavior of the lung by grading lingular or right middle lobe movements during diastole with a large aperture, magnification imaging system. The lungs appear to he “stiff” initially (en block movement) and become “compressible” abruptly in the majority of cases around 36 weeks (cross sectional survey of 250 cases of known gestational age, p<.001). “Compressibility” can occur earlier in the third trimester. A group of 21 cases with “compressibility,” normal lung volume, and premature delivery within 36 hours of the ultrasound examination were without respiratory distress syndrome, independent of gestational age or amniotic fluid L/S values. Conversely, four fetuses with “stiff” lungs were delivered prematurely for maternal reasons and all developed respiratory distress syndrome.We believe these ultrasonically observable features of lung mechanics can be correlated with the thickness of the interstitium and may be an indicator of fetal lung maturation.

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