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Tytuł pozycji:

The possibilities of local stormwater management in the context of its quality and quantity

Tytuł :
The possibilities of local stormwater management in the context of its quality and quantity
Autorzy :
Badowska, E.
Bandzierz, D.
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Temat :
management of rainwater
rainwater quality
zagospodarowanie wód opadowych
jakość ścieków deszczowych
Źródło :
Proceedings of ECOpole.
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On account of the previous attitude to urban land use by means of substantial building development and fast rainwater disposal the quantity of rainwater constitute increasing threat in the form of urban flooding. It results in financial loss connected with the removal of damage caused by cellar flooding in residential and office buildings in city centres. Also climate changes reveals appearing more frequent torrential rainfalls cause an increased frequency of flooding events. The local management of rainwater on site of its occurrence gives the possibility of reducing the amount of storm water discharged to the most overloaded storm and combined sewerage system, therefore the potential effects of flooding in urban areas can be reduced. The most important element in reducing the amount of stormwater from relevant area is the reduction of impervious surface in relation to permeable surface. Nowadays, due to land prices in urban areas, available building area is normally used in one hundred percent. At this point, so called alternative ways of rainwater management may be used. Very important for the selection of an appropriate solution for a given catchment area are soil and water conditions, terrain slope, but also the quality of rainwater that can be used for sanitary purposes and the maintenance of green areas. The surface from which rainwater is collected for its re-use can be contaminated with different types of substances. Water drops are already contaminated in the atmosphere by dust suspended in the air. Then, depending on the surface, metals or petroleum substances may get into rainwater, but mainly pollution in the form of suspended solids is observed. Rainwater runoff may require a preliminary treatment before its re-using or introducing into the ground. All of the methods of stormwater treatment should not be overused due to the fact that it increases the cost of equipment, but also this equipment should not cause a negative impact on humans and the environment. The local management of stormwater can be a way to reduce the amount of waste water discharged from the catchment area. It can cause the reduction of consumption of potable water for sanitary purposes. Therefore, the selection of equipment and care to surface, from which rain water is managed, is very important. Without the change of attitude to the management of rainwater the effects of precipitation will become more severe and costly.

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