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New technology and completion trends applicable on Underground gas storage

Tytuł :
New technology and completion trends applicable on Underground gas storage
Autorzy :
Kozar, P.
Free, A. C. W.
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Temat :
podziemne magazyny gazu
nowe technologie
underground gas storage
new technology
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Prace Naukowe Instytutu Nafty i Gazu.
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Baker Hughes delivers state-of-the-art technologies that advance reservoir performance. Our products and services portfolio is designed to characterize the reservoir, lower costs, reduce risk, and improve productivity during activities related to oil and gas exploration, development, and production. The following Technology Talking Points present our most important products and services in Underground gas storage “UGS” application, especially completion standards and trends these days. We explain how each of these technologies/products creates value for our customers. Today we will give you a brief overview so you can see the benefits and opportunities for your upcoming projects. From high-rate deep water wells, to multistage shale completions, to solutions for conventional oil and gas applications, Baker Hughes reliable completions systems create value from the pay zone by increasing efficiency, reducing risk, and improving recovery. Our completions technology and services help customers understand their reservoir, connect to the reservoir, enhance productivity, and efficiently conduct hydrocarbons from the pay zone to the surface. Our upper completion solutions include liner hangers, packers, and safety systems as well as workover wellbore intervention products that control flow and ensure well integrity in any operating environment. Lower completion solutions maximize recovery with advanced perforating systems, sand control and frac-pack systems, and inflow control technology. European Underground gas storage standards (functional recommendations) are taken into consideration during Baker Hughes’s development phase for new products, and even upgrade these standards to meet customer requirements. Baker Hughes is intensively implementing ISO 14310 V0-V6 grading qualification for its products which is key norm giving guidance for qualifying particular products (completion and wellbore intervention products portfolio) for particular applications (UGS, HP/HT, H2S, CO2, Deepwaters, Offshores). As the majority of current Underground gas storage portfolio within Europe (especially Central and East part) is built on former depleted oil and gas reservoirs, UGS operators are facing problems related to previous hydrocarbons production as well as obsolete standards in wellbore construction, like sand production, wellbore stability, hydrates building, and well integrity issue and well site location too. We would like to touch on these topics, too introduce our new products, materializing new technology standards, especially applicable in Underground gas storage applications: – Safety valves & Reservoir Isolation valves system (Onyx series valves, HALO Valves, ORBIT Valve based on API, ISO, and other unique requirements), – Production Packers meeting ISO standards from V0-V6 (PremierTM Packer V0), – Sand Face Lower Completion (premium Sand control screens with inflow or selective control devices, unconventional Sand control products including Excluder2000 ICD (Equalizer), Excluder2000 SelectaFlow, GeoFORM, ExPRESS), - Workover well integrity products (rated and tested according to ISO 14310 as CAPSTONE™ V0). - Briefly looking into the current new completion technology trends to be presented by Baker Hughes are going to give you an idea what kind of technology is accessible in these days with regards to combining low risk, higher efficiency, lower cost and high performance in one tool body and still keeping the highest safety and environmental protection standards.

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