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Standing Out in a Big Crowd: High Cultural and Economic Value of Naso unicornis in the Insular Pacific

Title :
Standing Out in a Big Crowd: High Cultural and Economic Value of Naso unicornis in the Insular Pacific
Authors :
Brett M. Taylor
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Subject Terms :
coral-reef fisheries
Naso unicornis
commercial value
Pacific Islands
Biology (General)
Source :
Fishes, Vol 4, Iss 3, Pp 40-0 (2019)
Publisher :
MDPI AG, 2019.
Publication Year :
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File Description :
electronic resource
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Academic Journal
Hundreds of fish species are harvested in coral-reef fisheries in the Indo-Pacific region using a variety of fishing gears. This diversity makes the economics, ecology, and management of reef-associated fisheries inherently complex. However, across insular fisheries spanning the tropical Pacific, one species consistently dominates contemporary fisheries catch: the bluespine unicornfish (Naso unicornis, Acanthuridae). I evaluated the relative contribution of N. unicornis to commercial fisheries in the insular Pacific region from long-term (>1 year) fishery surveys across various jurisdictions and provide evidence of the contemporary cultural value of this species. Overall, evidence suggests that N. unicornis is the most commercially-valuable reef-associated fish species across the insular Pacific. This notion, coupled with a diverse representation of N. unicornis across Pacific cultures, suggests that the species is presently underappreciated in its role in coastal fisheries across Pacific Island nations.

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