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WebObs: The Volcano Observatories Missing Link Between Research and Real-Time Monitoring

Tytuł :
WebObs: The Volcano Observatories Missing Link Between Research and Real-Time Monitoring
Autorzy :
François Beauducel
Didier Lafon
Xavier Béguin
Jean-Marie Saurel
Alexis Bosson
Didier Mallarino
Patrice Boissier
Christophe Brunet
Arnaud Lemarchand
Christian Anténor-Habazac
Alexandre Nercessian
Ahmad Ali Fahmi
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Temat :
Źródło :
Frontiers in Earth Science, Vol 8 (2020)
Wydawca :
Frontiers Media S.A., 2020.
Rok publikacji :
Kolekcja :
Typ dokumentu :
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
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Czasopismo naukowe
Volcanological observatories have common needs and often common practical issues for multi-disciplinary data monitoring applications. Real-time access to integrated data, technical metadata, modeling and estimation of uncertainties are fundamental for an efficient interpretation. But in fact, the heterogeneity of instruments or acquisition systems and the inherent problems to produce rapid models using real-time data lead to difficulties that may hinder crisis management. In an attempt to globally address these questions, the French volcanological and seismological observatories have developed a specific operational software system over the past 19 years. Based on GNU/Linux open source tools and a Web interface, the WebObs system mainly offers: (1) a modular database for equipment network management; (2) a dozen of evolving dedicated periodic tasks for each monitoring technique like seismology, deformations and geochemistry that use standard data formats with automated execution of periodic tasks that produce high-quality graphs on preset moving time intervals, data exports, optional event notifications including e-mail alerting, instruments status controls based on their data validity; (3) web-form interfaces for manual data input/editing and export; (4) a user request form to adjust the tasks parameters for a single execution and to produce customized graphs and data exports. This system hence constitutes a web-based tool that performs integrated, centralized and automated real-time volcano monitoring. It has therefore become a strong support for data analysis and exchange between researchers, engineers, and technicians during periods of unrest as well as periods of long-term quiescence. WebObs is also widely open for development of interdisciplinary modeling and enhanced data processing. This allows scientists to test new methods with real-time data flux and to instantaneously share their results in the community.

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