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Notes of a Pianist (Classic Reprint)

Tytuł :
Notes of a Pianist (Classic Reprint)
Autorzy :
Louis Moreau Gottschalk
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Kategorie :
MUSIC / History & Criticism
Książka elektroniczna
Excerpt from Notes of a Pianist (Classic Reprint)His obedience was remarkable, and his affection for his mother amounted almost to idolatry. His father, although kind, was what is called strict, and brought up his little child in the most elevated ideas, and never permitted him the indulgence of any weakness. At three years of age, he en aged in conversation pertaining to a child of seven, and a ready seemed to understand the extent and import ance of the duties which his father placed before him. When Moreau shall have brothers and sisters, he would say, papa counts upon his working for them, and he must think beforehand that they will have a father in Moreau. The little child understood all, and seemed in advance to adopt the prospective family which his father at a later period bequeathed to him. Summer passed, and when autumn came it was decided that the whole family should return to New Orleans. As long as the summer lasted, Madam Gottschalk was sorry at the prospect of quitting so charming a spot, but, when the first approach of winter brought the Indians from the depths of the forest to the neighbourhood of the dwelling, her regrets were lessened, particularly so, as one day, when greatly occupied in making cakes for dessert, her beautiful white arms being exposed, a passing Indian stopped in admi ration of her beauty and made an attempt to kiss them. She called for help, and the man of the woods went laugh in away.

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