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Investigating the Psychological Resilience of Students in Sports Sciences Faculty

Title :
Investigating the Psychological Resilience of Students in Sports Sciences Faculty
Author(s) :
Onturk, Yavuz; Efek, Engin; Yildiz, Mevlut
Source :
International Journal of Educational Methodology, v6 n2 p393-403 2020. 11 pp.
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Eurasian Society of Educational Research Association. Ataturk District 70.Str. No:15 Gaziantep, Turkey 27260. Tel: +90-342-2116792; Fax: +90-342-2116677; e-mail: ; Web site:
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Descriptors :
Resilience (Psychology), Physical Education, Foreign Countries, College Students, Athletics, Place of Residence, Experience, Student Characteristics
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As Provided
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Education Level :
Higher Education; Postsecondary Education
Publication Type :
Journal Articles; Reports - Research
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Academic Journal
The aim of this research is to examine the psychological resilience levels of students studying in the Faculty of Sports Sciences according to some variables. The sample of the study consisted of Sports Sciences Faculty students of Duzce University, and the population consisted of 200 students from the Sports Sciences Faculty selected through a convenience sampling method. An eight-item personal information form developed by the researcher for demographic characteristics and ''Short form of resilience scale'' to determine resilience levels of participants were used. According to data obtained, while resilience levels, grades, gender, branch, department, age, and income variables of participants did not show a significant difference (p>0,05), it showed a significant difference according to sports age and place of living variables (p<0,05). Besides it was determined that resilience scores of male participants were higher than females, and team athletes had higher scores than individual athletes, lower classes had higher scores than upper classes, sports management students had higher scores than coaching and physical education and sports teaching students, and students who had younger age had higher scores than students who had older age. As a result of research, it was determined that resilience could be differed by class, sports age, residence variables. Also, it was revealed that sports age affects resilience negatively.

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