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Overgeneral Autobiographical Memory and Depressive Disorder in Children

Title :
Overgeneral Autobiographical Memory and Depressive Disorder in Children
Author(s) :
Vrielynck, Nathalie; Deplus, Sandrine; Philippot, Pierre
Source :
Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, v36 n1 p95-105 2007. 11 pp.
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Memory, Depression (Psychology), Autobiographies, Correlation, Children, Early Adolescents, Clinical Diagnosis, Mental Disorders, Predictor Variables
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Journal Articles; Reports - Research
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Academic Journal
Overgeneral autobiographical memory seems to be a stable cognitive marker in depressed adults and may predict persistence of depression. This study investigated whether depressive disorders in children are associated with overgeneral memory. Sixty children (ages 9 to 13 years) participated; 15 were diagnosed with lifetime depressive disorder, 25 had other lifetime psychiatric disorders, and 20 had no history of psychiatric disorder. Depressed children gave fewer specific memories compared to children with no or other psychiatric disorders, even after controlling for depressive mood, potential traumatic life events, verbal IQ, and verbal memory.

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