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The history wars.

Tytuł :
The history wars.
Autorzy :
Evans, Richard J. ()
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Temat :
BLACK Lives Matter movement
Źródło :
New Statesman. 6/19/2020, Vol. 149 Issue 5525, p22-27. 6p. 2 Color Photographs, 1 Black and White Photograph.
Articles When I was a child, in the early 1950s, much of the world map displayed on the classroom wall was still painted pink, depicting the "British empire, on which the sun never sets". Britain's cultural memory at the height of its imperial power - the late Victorian era, when so many of the statues now attracting attention were made - is not appropriate for Britain in the 21st century - a second-rank player on the world stage, a parliamentary democracy, and an advanced urban-industrial economy. This has been most obvious in the case of Winston Churchill, who as wartime prime minister rallied Britain in the fight against Hitler. To draw an obvious parallel, just because the Germans have put up memorials to the victims of the Nazi regime that ruled the country from 1933 to 1945, that doesn't mean they hate Germany, simply that they have a different vision of what Germany is from that of Hitler and his fellow-mass murderers, and want to proclaim this publicly. [Extracted from the article]
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