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More Than Just a Web Site: Representing Teacher Research through Digital Portfolios.

Title :
More Than Just a Web Site: Representing Teacher Research through Digital Portfolios.
Authors :
Autrey, Tara M.
Edington, Cathy O'Berry
Hicks, Troy
Kabodian, Aram
Lerg, Nicole
Luft-Gardner, Rebecca
Russo, Anne
Stephens, Rebecca
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Subjects :
ENGLISH teachers
LANGUAGE teachers
COLLEGE teachers
Source :
English Journal. Nov2005, Vol. 95 Issue 2, p65-70. 6p.
Academic Journal
The article discusses the benefits gained by a group of English teacher-researchers from the collaborative project called the Cedar Writing Project at Michigan State University. The collaborative project was aimed to explore how digital portfolios could move beyond being standards-based multimedia documents and into documents framed around professional interests, visual rhetoric, and themes or questions. The examination was guided by two frameworks. First, teacher research defined by Marian M. Mohr is an inquiry that is intentional, systematic, public, voluntary, ethical, and contextual that teachers find foundational for their work. Second, the concept of multiliteracies pedagogy was utilized by the authors as a foundation of their learning about technology. A condensed version of their blogging experiences was presented to illustrate the challenges and complications of creating and maintaining a digital portfolio while also highlighting the joys and limitations of teacher research.

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