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Book Reviews
Index Terms :
Eldersveld, Peter H. Nothing but the Gospel
Edwards, Mary Alice Douty. Leadership development and the workers conference
Bright, John, 1908 September 25-1995. The authority of the Old Testament
Orr, J. Edwin (James Edwin), 1912- . The light of the nations : eangelical renewal and advance in the nineteenth century
Bible. Epistles of John. Greek. 1966. The Epistles of St. John : the Greek text with notes
Rogers, Jack Bartlett. Scripture in the Westminster Confession
Hughes, Philip Edgcumbe. Theology of the English reformers
Laeuchli, Samuel. The serpent and the dove
McIntyre, John, 1916-2005. The shape of christology
Hamilton, Kenneth. In search of contemporary man
Braybrooke, Neville, 1925-2001. T. S. Eliot : a critical essay
Bavinck, J. H. (Johan Herman), 1895-1964. The church between temple and mosque: a study of the relationship between the christian faith and other religions
Hollis, Arthur Michael, 1899-1986. The significance of South India
McDonnell, Kilian. John Calvin, the church, and the eucharist
Ladd, George Eldon, 1911-1982. The New Testament and criticism
Wuellner, Wilhelm H., 1927-2004. The meaning of "Fishers of men"
Harrison, R. K. (Roland Kenneth). Archaeology of the New Testament
Berkhof, H. (Hendrikus), 1914- . Christ : the meaning of history
Althaus, Paul, 1888-1966. The theology of Martin Luther
Heideman, Eugene P. (Eugene Paul), 1929- . The reluctant worker-priest
Clinebell, Howard John, 1922- . Basic types of pastoral counseling
Reist, Benjamin A. Toward a theology of involvement
Kenyon, Frederic G. (Frederic George), Sir, 1863-1952. The story of the Bible : a popular account of how it came to us
Rowley, H. H. (Harold Henry), 1890-1969. Worship in ancient Israel
Helmbold, Andrew K. Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts and the Bible
Cell, Edward, 1928- . Religion and contemporary Western culture
Vos, Catherine F. (Catherine Frances). The child's story Bible
Stewart, Charles William. Adolescent religion
McCord, James I. (James Ill
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Tytuł :
Book Reviews
Index Terms :
Harrisville, Roy A. The Bible in modern culture : theology and historical-critical method from Spinoza to Käsemann
Young, Davis A. The biblical Flood : a case study of the Church's response to extrabiblical evidence
Gunton, Colin E. A brief theology of revelation : the 1993 Warfield Lectures
Sine, Tom. Cease fire : searching for sanity in America's culture wars
Gunton, Colin E. Christ and creation
Schlossberg, Herbert. Christianity & Economics in the Post-Cold War Era
Hunsberger, George R. The church between Gospel and culture : the emerging mission in North America
Hollyday, Joyce. Clothed with the sun : Biblical women, social justice, and us
Vroon Rienstra, Marchiene. Come to the feast : seeking God's bounty for our lives and souls
Bent, A. J. van der (Ans Joachim). Commitment to God's world : a concise critical survey of ecumenical social thought
Klinken, Jaap van. Diakonia : mutual helping with justice and compassion
Arnold, Heini, 1913-1982. Discipleship
Day, Peggy Lynne. Gender and difference in ancient Israel
Oakes, Edward T. German Essays on Religion
Holwerda, David E. (David Earl), 1932- . Jesus and Israel : one covenant or two?
Wilkins, Michael J. Jesus under fire: modern scholarship reinvents the historical jesus
Neusner, Jacob, 1932- . Judaism and Christianity in the age of Constantine : history, Messiah, Israel, and the initial confrontation
Old, Hughes Oliphant. Leading in prayer : a workbook for worship
Vallet, Ronald E., 1929- . The mainline church's funding crisis : issues and possibilities
Vanderzee, John T. (John Thomas), 1948- . Ministry to persons with chronic illnesses : a guide to empowerment through negotiation
Hooker, Morna Dorothy. Not ashamed of the Gospel : New Testament interpretations of the death of Christ
Dawn, Marva J. Reaching out without dumbing down : a theology of worship for the turn-of-the-century culture
Hart, D. G. (Darryl G.). Reckoning with the past : historical essays on American evangelicalism from t
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