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Tytuł :
Experience of patients and practitioners with a team and technology approach to chronic back disorder management
Autorzy :
Lovo S
Harrison L
O'Connell ME
Trask C
Bath B
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Temat :
interprofessional relations
low back pain
physical therapy
patient-centered care
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, Vol Volume 12, Pp 855-869 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
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Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Biopsychosocial predictors of short-term success among people with low back pain referred to a physiotherapy spinal triage service
Autorzy :
Bath B
Lovo Grona S
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Temat :
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
Journal of Pain Research, Vol 2015, Iss default, Pp 189-202 (2015)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
A physiotherapy triage assessment service for people with low back disorders: evaluation of short-term outcomes
Autorzy :
Bath B
Pahwa P
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Temat :
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
Patient Related Outcome Measures, Vol 2012, Iss default, Pp 9-19 (2012)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Patient and referring health care provider satisfaction with a physiotherapy spinal triage assessment service
Autorzy :
Bath B
Janzen B
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Temat :
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, Vol 2012, Iss Volume 1, Pp 1-15 (2011)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
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Tytuł :
Autorzy :
Mehta, SP
MacDermid, JC
Butcher, SJ
Pikaluk, BJ
Heynen, NM
Chura, RL
Farthing, JP
Marciniuk, DD
MacKay-Lyons, M
Doyle, L
MacDonald, T
Law, M
Burgos-Martinez, G
Fleet, A
Che, M
MacKenzie, D
Page, S
Boe, S
Woznowski-Vu, A
Preuss, R
Shaw, JA
Connelly, DM
McWilliam, CL
Shaw, J
Sidhu, K
Kearney, C
Keeber, M
McKay, S
Hopkins-Rosseel, D
Bergsma, K
Van Bavel, C
Fricke, M
Swinamer, J
Winn, CS
Tryssenaar, J
Chisholm, BA
Hummelbrunner, JA
Kandler, LS
Jasper, L
Daniels, J
Haennel, RG
Johnson, R
Martin, B
Norman, KE
Booth, R
Chisholm, B
Ellerton, C
Jelley, W
MacPhail, A
Mooney, P
Mori, B
Taipalus, L
Thomas, B
Duval, G
Ghali, S
Nasirian, A
Santillo, G
Yang, XL
Thomas, A
McKinley, P
Kaizer, F
Desveaux, L
Nanavaty, G
Howell, P
Sundar, R
Ryan, J
Verrier, M
Dutton, TL
Langendoen, T
Marshall, J
Coghill, C
Pederson, C
Blechinger, C
Marshall, M
Hamilton, CB
Chesworth, BM
Styles-Tripp, F
Sheps, D
Bury, J
Bouliane, M
Glasgow, R
Otto, D
Luciak-Corea, C
Beaupre, L
Balyk, R
Carson, S
Graham, J
Hopman, W
Parsons, T
Sawant, A
Overend, T
Prasanna, SS
Korner-Bitensky, N
Ahmed, S
O’Donovan, MJ
Driver, H
Randhawa, BK
Farley, BG
Boyd, LA
Henderson, R
Najafi, B
Bansberg, J
Druja, G
Hinch, S
Sikkema, A
Subramanian, SK
LourenÇo, CB
Chilingaryan, G
Sveistrup, H
Levin, MF
King, J
Chamberland, P
Agar,, A
Leger, R
Michaels, R
Poitras, R
Rawji, A
Skelton, D
Warren, M
Lavallée, L
LeBlanc, C
McKim, D
Woolnough, A
Cockburn, L
Wango, J
Benuh, E
Cleaver, S
Madill, SJ
Pontbriand-Drolet, S
Prud’homme-Delage, A
Tang, A
Dumoulin, C
Hiemstra, LA
Lafave, M
Kerslake, S
Heard, M
Buchko, G
Hiemstra,, LA
Mohtadi, N
Auais, M
Eilayyan, O
Mayo, N
Otfinowski, C
Fung, J
Smallhorn, P
Diez, d’Aux N
Shan, He F
Li, L
Ren, Y
Perez, C
Spahija, J
Sadeghi, M
Ebrahimi, S
Maroufi, N
Jamshidi, AA
Chepeha, JC
Magee, DJ
Warren, S
Storey, AST
Brinkman, DM
Bauck, RA
Myrah, AM
Friess, SN
Webber, SC
Taphorn, A
Magnus, CRA
Arnold, CM
Johnston, G
Dal-Bello, Haas V
Basran, J
Krentz, JR
Berardi, D
Brizard, M
Brière, H
Charron, M
Gagnon, I
Tran, T
Kasymjanova, G
Grossman, M
Xenopoulos, T
Jagoe, T
Agulnik, J
Small, D
Kinlin, C
Marlow, T
Donald, LA
Tiessen, S
Cooper, N
Pryse-Phillips, S
Yoshida, K
Teachman, G
Wright, V
Fehlings, D
Young, N
McKeever, P
Parent, EC
Breitkreitz, R
Ladd, J
McIntosh, K
Pauls, D
Urhbach, S
Koppenhaver, S
Alderdice, C
Evans, J
Feldman, S
Robinson, S
White, L
Long, A
McDougall, M
Bonnet, F
Brososky, C
Hopcroft, L
Bester, L
Clement, D
Quigley, A
Sachdeva, M
Rourke, S
Nixon, S
Mendes, P
Robles, P
Mathur, S
Warmington, K
Kennedy, C
Lundon, K
Rozmovits, L
Lineker, S
Shupak, R
Schneider, R
Kennedy, CA
Warmington,, K
Soever, L
Passalent, L
Katie, Lundon K
Roots, RK
Bainbridge, L
Brown, H
Li, LC
Gillis, K
Augruso, A
Coe, T
O’Neill, A
Radford, L
Gibson, BE
O’Callaghan, L
Bath, B
Janzen, B
Lovo, Grona S
Bourassa, R
Reilly, J
Prendergast, M
Derbyshire, M
Anderson, CM
Friedman, D
Gilbert, G
Lazowski, D
Hurtubise, K
Cote, N
Emery, C
Woodhouse, L
Jones, A
Dickinson, D
Torrance, G
Landry, MD
Murphy, SM
Rivard, LM
Levac, D
Aisen, M
French, EH
Barclay-Goddard, R
Dubouloz, CJ
Schwartz, CE
Jam, B
Manns, PJ
McDonald, A
Ploughman, M
Evans, C
Zhan, J
Stevens, M
Asmundson, Gordon
Yardley, D
Funk,, S
Yeung, E
Sinclair, L
Damp, Lowery C
Denehy, L
Ziegler, T
LaRocque, D
Clarke, L
Edge-Hughes, LM
Budiselic, S
Berney, S
Rankin, A
Juricic, M
Peddie, E
Johnson, A
Seminowicz, DA
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Temat :
Innovation in Education
Abstracts, CPA Congress 2012
Practice Models and Policy
Physiotherapy Research: Basic Science through Population Health
Best Practice
Źródło :
Physiotherapy Canada. 64
Tytuł :
Abstracts of scientific papers and sessions, CPA Congress 2010
A004 – The effect of aquatic exercise and education on decreasing fall risk in older adults with hip osteoarthritis: A randomized controlled clinical trial
A032 – Health, lifestyle and aging with Multiple Sclerosis: A qualitative study
A033 – The complexity of dual-tasking affects gait variability in people with mild cognitive impairment
A052 – Nintendo Wii™ as a cardiovascular training mode for people post-stroke
A059 – More exercise—A health quandary for seniors
A062 – A systematic review of preoperative rehabilitation for patients undergoing total hip or knee arthroplasty
A063 – A Population Base approach to monitoring the physical function of persons with chronic disease in primary care
A067 – Reaching consensus on the feasibility and importance of recommendations for the physiotherapy management of obesity
A072 – Functional electrical stimulation assisted cycling: Experiences of individuals with Spinal Cord Injury
A076 – The development of bone fit—A training program for health professionals on exercise and Osteoporosis
A084 – The presence of upper extremity musculoskeletal impairments in patients with Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)
P005 – CanWell: A community partnership to deliver exercise programming for people with cancer
P007 – Choices, benefits and risks related to physiotherapy treatment modalities for patients with past or present diagnosis of cancer
P011 – Evidence-informed exercise prescription
P015 – Fibromyalgia: Movement for the trepidatious
P016 – Implementing a community-based exercise program for people with neurological conditions: A step by step toolkit
P022 – Physiotherapists role in the development of a women-only weight management program
P023 – Physiotherapy in a primary prevention program
P026 – Staying on your feet: Community based balance and education project aimed at fall prevention in older adults
A011 – Physiotherapy models of service delivery, staffing, and caseloads: A profile of Level I Trauma Centres across Canada
A013 – A standardized clinical coverage system for absences of physiotherapy staff in a program-managed environment
A014 – The optimization of the full extended physiotherapy scope of practice in the Canadian Forces: A success story
A017 – Physiotherapists and electronic documentation: The love-hate relationship
A022 – Factors affecting recruitment and retention of rehabilitation professionals in Northern Ontario
A023 – Shoulder soft tissue injuries: a collaborative management model
A024 – System level evaluation of the ACPAC (Advanced Clinician Practitioner in Arthritis Care) trained practitioner in Ontario
A031 – Taking issue with community rehabilitation: Results of a provincial rehabilitation needs and gaps assessment
A036 – Relative attractiveness of employment settings for physical therapists (1999–2007): Assessing ‘stickiness’ and ‘inflow’ across the care continuum in Ontario, Canada
A040 – Physiotherapists: Captains of the inpatient rehabilitation ship
A042 – Bringing accountability and passion to waitlist management
A045 – Creative Knowledge Translation Strategy: Partnership between the university, professional association and clinical practice to develop a shared knowledge broker position
A046 – The Advanced Clinician Practitioner in Arthritis Care (ACPAC) Program: Impact on community practice (A pilot study)
A049 – Kotter's model: A tool for clinical education
A050 – Evaluation of an educational video on airway clearance techniques for patients with cystic fibrosis
A051 – Physical therapists working in expanded roles in Orthopaedic Clinics: Impact on non-surgical patients
A055 – Development of the physiotherapy role in pediatric eating disorders: Taking action in mental health with a Best Practice Approach
A058 – The experiences and challenges of Canadian Forces Physiotherapy Officers deployed to Afghanistan
A068 – Considering the culture of customer service in the public health sector
A073 – Tele-Rehab: Feasibility of using telemedicine to deliver interprofessional stroke rehabilitation consultations in rural and remote communities
A074 – Introducing rehabilitation services to a health care organization in rural Haiti
A078 – Best Practice Guidelines for the interprofessional management of hypertonicity
A083 – Leading by example—Inspiring future client-centered inter-professional teams
A090 – Performance and injury in relation to specific acrobatic circus disciplines
A098 – Digital ‘storytelling’ within a social network: A blended learning appraoch to clinical reasoning in paediatrics
A100 – Draping education to promote patient dignity: canadian physiotherapy student and instructor perceptions
P002 – Benefits and harms of international clinical placements in entry-level physiotherapist education
P003 – Canada's physiotherapists and the New Veterans Affairs Canada Rehabilitation Program
P008 – Collegial conversations—A framework for those ‘hard to talk through’ moments
P017 – Interdisciplinarity: Strength through diversity
P020 – Patient safety: Putting safety into practice
P027 – Struggling with using outcome measurement? Current strategies underway in BC to win the outcome measurement battle
P030 – The annual performance appraisal: Addressing more than just performance
P031 – The emerging role of physiotherapist support personnel in home care settings: Implications for physiotherapy practice and education
P035 – Why is the security of your practice so critical? Practical knowledge and approaches to avoiding security breaches
P036 – Working collaboratively with physiotherapist support personnel
A002 – Spine motion on the elliptical trainer: Should we be concerned
A006 – Conservative management for osteoarthritis: Does a Hip and Knee Arthritis Assessment Centre visit make a difference
A008 – From continuing education to personal digital assistants: What do physical therapists need to support evidence-based practice in stroke management
A009 – The use of the P4 Pain Intensity Measure in patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis
Autorzy :
Arnold, Catherine M.
Faulkner, Robert A.
Ploughman, Michelle
Austin, Mark
Kearney, Anne
Murdoch, Michelle
Stefanelli, Mark
Godwin, Marshall
Muir, Susan W
Speechley, Mark
Borrie, Michael
Montero-Odasso, Manuel
MacKay-Lyons, M
Creaser, G
Macdonald, A
McKenna, J
Murphy, S
O'Neill, VR
Nilsson, T
Begley, L
Ikert, Kathy M.
Long, Kristin M.
Bittner, Darren R.
Birmingham, Trevor B.
Bryant, Dianne M.
Richardson, Julie
Letts, Lori
Chan, David
Stratford, Paul
Hand, Carri
Price, David
Hilts, Linda
Coman, Liliana
Edwards, Mary
Baptiste, Sue
Law, Mary
Alexander, Elliot
Rosenthal, Stephanie
Guilcher, Sara
Evans, Cathy
Gattey, M
Hydomako, R
McLean, B
O'Leary, J
Shkopich, K
Klassen, L
Laprade, Judi
Roy, Marla
Laing, M
Di Nicolantonio, L
Goncharova, K
Pui, M
Vas, H
House, R
Switzer-McIntyre, S
Cheifetz, O
Serediuk, F
Park Dorsay, J
Hladysh, G
Woodhouse, L
Dalzell, MA
Shallwani, S
Preuss, RA
Patterson, Debbie
Ptak, Janice
Howe, JA
Brunton, K
Salisbury, K
Sharma, SK
Childerhose, DE
Sharma, S
WalkerJohnston, JA
Barnes, JL
Fisher, Megan E.
Aristone, Martha N.
Young, Katrina K.
Waechter, Laurie E.
Landry, Michel D.
Taylor, Leslie A.
Cooper, Nicole S.
Wong, S
Hébert, Luc J.
Rowe, Peter
Debouter, Kelly
Lai, Denise
Winn, CS
Chisholm, BA
Hummelbrunner, JA
Wasson, Pamela
Passalent, L
Soever, L
Kennedy, C
Warmington, K
Shupak, R
Thomas, R
Linekar, S
Lundon, K
Morgan, Dale
Kelly, Larry
Hastie, Robyn
Deber, Raisa B.
Verrier, Molly C.
O'Callaghan, L
Alexander, E
Titus, D
MacDougall, P
Hoens, AM
Garland, SJ
Tunnacliffe, R
Lineker, S
Varatharasan, N
Schneider, R
MacKay, C
Murphy, SM
Wu, Kenneth
Fox, Patricia
Tullis, Elizabeth
Stephenson, Anne L.
Davis, AM
Mahomed, N
Badley, EM
Scott, Lisa
Carpenter, Christine
Brander, Rosemary R.
Paterson, Margo L.
Chan, Yolande E.
Reinikka, KJE
French, E
Huijbregts, M
Cleaver, SR
Paulenko, T
Hebert, D
Creaser, GA
MacKenzie, D
Barkhouse-McKeen, C
Shrier, Ian
Freeman, K
Davidson, L
Pelland, L
Wilson, Nicole
Hopkins-Rosseel, Diana
Fraser, M
Wainwright, G
MacCormack, B
Basque Godin, C
Mori, B
Evans, C
Gibson, BE
Thornton, M
Dutton, T
King, J
Lawrence, PJ
Duggan, M
Hoens, A
Geddes, E Lynne
Gill, Caroline
Fong-Lee, Dianna
Lindsay, Jane
McPhail, Stacey
McIntosh, Karen
Marken, Suri L.
Dutton, Tanya
Hopkins-Rosseel, DH
Kasdan, P
Fong-Lee, D.
Marken, Siri
Moreside, JM
McGill, SM
Juma, S
Winter Di Cola, JL
Kennedy, DM
Dickson, P
Denis, S
Robarts, S
Gollish, J
Salbach, NM
Veinot, P
Jaglal, SB
Bayley, M
Rolfe, D
Dogra, M
Woodhouse, LJ
Spadoni, GF
Stratford, PW
Fox, P
Sessford, J
Beaton, D
Harniman, E
Inrig, T
Baxter, K
Portanova, A
Smuck, L
Connelly, DM
Shaw, J
Adkin, A
Jog, M
Hollway, D
Earl, M
Murphy, A
MacDonald, E
Overend, TJ
Brooks, D
Anderson, CM
Cicutto, L
Keim, M
McAuslan, D
Nonoyama, M
Levac, D.
Pierrynowski, M.
MacPherson, M
Glassman, L
Jadan, P
MacArthur, L
Landry, M
Frenette, J
Dumont, N
Moreland, JD
DePaul, VG
DeHueck, AL
Musselman, KE
Yang, JF
Tousignant, M
Moffet, H
Boissy, P
Corriveau, H
Cabana, F
Marquis, F
Towns, Megan
Barrett, Lauren
Darling, Catherine
Lee, Michelle
Aganon, Isabel
Hill, Kylie
Brooks, Dina
Robbins, Shawn
Alcock, Greg
Maly, Monica
Jones, Gareth
Birmingham, Trevor
Glazebrook, Cheryl M.
Wright, F. Virginia
Martin, MBA
Norton, B
Ramsaran, KD
Street, ME
Syed, SN
Dang, MT
Barclay-Goddard, R
Stratford, P
Miller, P
Karam, J.
Zettel, M.
Green, K.
Carter, D.
Lam, F.
Evans, C.
Yeung, E.
Lindquist, NJ
Magis, TF
Rispin, JE
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Crowley, A
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Tecante, KE
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Nairn, Lacey
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Roach, Stephanie
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Grewal, R
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Curwin, S
D'Amboise, SN
Héroux, ME
Pari, G
Norman, KE
Lee, Linda-Joy
Coppieters, Michel W.
Hodges, Paul W.
Perreault, Audrey
Tremblay, Louis E.
Thibault-Gagnon, S
Gentilcore-Saulnier, E
McLean, L
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McNeely, ML
Campbell, KL
Peddle, CJ
Courneya, KS
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Levin, MF
Dechman, G
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Levesque, L
Reese, H
Nailer, T
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Schachter, CL
Stalker, CA
Teram, E
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Chiarello, Lisa
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Anastakis, Dimitri J.
Beaton, Dorcas E.
Mackinnon, Susan E.
Katz, Joel
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Finch, L
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DYER, Joseph-Omer
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Feldman, D
Mazer, B
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Bassett, Raewyn
Byrne, Jeannette M.
Prentice, Stephen D.
Carlesso, Lisa
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Nussbaum, EL
Taillon-Hobson, A.
McLean, L.
Aaron, S.
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Taillon-Hobson, Anne
McLean, Linda
Aaron, Shawn
Bilodeau, Martin
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Inness, Liz
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MacKinnon, M
Chesworth, BM
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Crockett, K
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Birmingham, TB
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Giffin, JR
Lourenço, Christiane B.
Subramanian, Sandeep
Sveistrup, Heidi
Levin, Mindy F.
Richards, CL
Schneider, GM
Smith, AD
Bath, B
Bourassa, R
Lovo Grona, S
Schneider, KJ
Emery, Carolyn
Norman, Kathleen
Pearson, Neil
Woodhouse, Linda
Pelland, Lucie
Werstine, Rob
Schneider, Kathryn
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Temat :
Abstracts, CPA Congress 2010
Health Promotion
Leadership in Action
Merging Research with Practice
Neuromusculoskeletal Practice
Special Sessions
Canadian Physiotherapy Association Congress 2010
St. John's
Scientific sessions
public and patient education
injury prevention
determinants of health
role of physiotherapists in primary health care
population health services
exercise prescription
chronic disease prevention
physiotherapy leadership development
innovative models of practice
public, private and independent practice management of physiotherapy services
evolving physiotherapist roles
health human resources management strategies
inter-professional collaboration and education strategies
innovative service delivery models
health system reform
promotion of research, practice and patient/client care in the neuromusculoskeletal area
evidence based practice model
clinical experience
patient and client preference
clinical decision making
assessment and treatment of disability that arises from both spinal and peripheral pathologies
clinical skills and clinical reasoning modules in orthopaedic practice
advances in research related to neuromusculoskeletal practice
Merging Research and Practice
fundamental scientific research
clinical research and the reciprocal transfer of knowledge between clinical practice and research
active transfer strategies for informing clinical practice through information technologies
informing the development of clinical research questions
basic science or clinically focused research on targeted physiotherapy interventions
implementation and management strategies
benchmarking areas of practice
post-operative management of acute care patients
Źródło :
Physiotherapy Canada. 62

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