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Title :
Understanding the effects of climate change via disturbance on pristine arctic lakes—multitrophic level response and recovery to a 12‐yr, low‐level fertilization experiment.
Authors :
Budy, Phaedra (AUTHOR)
Pennock, Casey A. (AUTHOR)
Giblin, Anne E. (AUTHOR)
Luecke, Chris (AUTHOR)
White, Daniel L. (AUTHOR)
Kling, George W. (AUTHOR)
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Source :
Limnology & Oceanography. Aug2021, p1. 18p. 5 Illustrations, 4 Charts.
Academic Journal
Title :
Investigating the morphological and genetic divergence of arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) populations in lakes of arctic Alaska.
Authors :
Klobucar, Stephen L. (AUTHOR)
Rick, Jessica A. (AUTHOR)
Mandeville, Elizabeth G. (AUTHOR)
Wagner, Catherine E. (AUTHOR)
Budy, Phaedra (AUTHOR)
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Subject Terms :
Arctic char
Lake trout
Competition (Biology)
Source :
Ecology & Evolution (20457758). Apr2021, Vol. 11 Issue 7, p3040-3057. 18p.
Geographic Terms :
Academic Journal
Title :
Dynamic Habitat Disturbance and Ecological Resilience (DyHDER): Modeling Population Responses to Habitat Condition
Authors :
Murphy, Brendan P.
Walsworth, Timothy E.
Belmont, Patrick
Conner, Mary M.
Budy, Phaedra
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Subject Terms :
Climate Change
habitat Disturbance
population model
population viability analysis
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Source :
Ecology Center Publications
File Description :

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