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Title :
Impact of perioperative chemotherapy on survival in patients with advanced primary urethral cancer: results of the international collaboration on primary urethral carcinoma
Authors :
Gakis, G.
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Source :
In Annals of Oncology August 2015 26(8):1754-1759
Academic Journal
Title :
Reproductive Factors and Subtypes of Breast Cancer Defined by Estrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor, and Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2: A Register-Based Study From Korea
Authors :
Ahn, S.H.
Bae, J.W.
Bae, Y.T.
Baek, J.W.
Bong, J.G.
Cha, K.H.
Chang, E.S.
Chang, I.T.
Chang, S.S.
Cho, J.W.
Cho, S.H.
Cho, Y.U.
Choi, J.W.
Choi, K.J.
Choi, M.S.
Choi, S.I.
Choi, S.Y.
Goo, G.S.
Han, S.H.
Han, W.
Hong, S.J.
Hwang, J.Y.
Hyun, T.I.
Jegal, Y.J.
Im, M.G.
Joh, Y.G.
Jun, S.Y.
Jung, B.W.
Jung, J.
Jung, J.H.
Jung, K.H.
Jung, P.J.
Jung, S.H.
Jung, S.S.
Jung, Y.H.
Jung, Y.S.
Kang, D.H.
Kang, H.J.
Kang, Y.I.
Kang, Y.J.
Keum, J.H.
Kim, D.Y.
Kim, H.J.
Kim, J.G.
Kim, J.H.
Kim, J.S.
Kim, J.S.
Kim, K.C.
Kim, S.C.
Kim, S.H.
Kim, S.I.
Kim, S.J.
Kim, S.W.
Kim, S.W.
Kim, S.Y.
Kim, S.Y.
Kim, Y.S.
Ko, B.K.
Ko, S.S.
Koh, S.H.
Koo, B.H.
Koo, J.Y.
Kwak, B.S.
Lee, C.H.
Lee, C.H.
Lee, D.H.
Lee, D.S.
Lee, E.S.
Lee, G.S.
Lee, H.D.
Lee, H.S.
Lee, J.C.
Lee, J.H.
Lee, J.K.
Lee, J.S.
Lee, J.Y.
Lee, K.M.
Lee, K.P.
Lee, K.S.
Lee, K.Y.
Lee, M.H.
Lee, R.A.
Lee, S.C.
Lee, S.J.
Lee, S.K.
Lee, W.
Lee, Y.H.
Leu, J.W.
Lim, C.H.
Lim, C.W.
Moon, B.I.
Nam, Y.S.
Nam, S.J.
Noh, D.Y.
Noh, W.C.
Oh, S.J.
Oh, S.S.
Pae, W.K.
Paik, I.W.
Paik, N.S.
Park, B.G.
Park, B.W.
Park, C.H.
Park, H.B.
Park, H.Y.
Park, J.H.
Park, K.H.
Park, S.J.
Park, S.T.
Park, S.W.
Park, W.C.
Park, Y.K.
Park, Y.K.
Seo, H.S.
Seo, K.H.
Seo, Y.J.
Sin, Y.S.
Son, B.H.
Son, G.S.
Song, B .J.
Song, K.H.
Song, Y.J.
Suh, Y.J.
Won, J.M.
Woo, D.H.
Yang, D.H.
Yang, J.H.
Yoo, K.Y.
Yoo, S.Y.
Yoon, H.S.
Yoon, J.H.
Yoon, S.O.
Lee, Jung Sun
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Source :
In Clinical Breast Cancer December 2014 14(6):426-434
Academic Journal

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