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Title :
Lowering the Energy Threshold of the CUORE Experiment: Benefits in the Surface Alpha Events Reconstruction: Comparison Between Optimum Trigger and Derivative Trigger Performance in the Search for 0νββ
Authors :
Campani, AliceAff1, Aff2
Adams, D. Q.
Alduino, C.
Alfonso, K.
Avignone, III, F. T.
Azzolini, O.
Bari, G.
Bellini, F.Aff7, Aff8
Benato, G.
Biassoni, M.
Branca, A.Aff10, Aff11
Brofferio, C.Aff10, Aff11
Bucci, C.
Caminata, A.
Canonica, L.Aff12, Aff13
Cao, X. G.
Capelli, S.Aff10, Aff11
Cappelli, L.Aff9, Aff12, Aff15
Cardani, L.
Carniti, P.Aff10, Aff11
Casali, N.
Chiesa, D.Aff10, Aff11
Chott, N.
Clemenza, M.Aff10, Aff11
Copello, S.Aff12, Aff16
Cosmelli, C.Aff7, Aff8
Cremonesi, O.
Creswick, R. J.
D’Addabbo, A.
D’Aguanno, D.Aff12, Aff17
Dafinei, I.
Davis, C. J.
Dell’Oro, S.
Di Domizio, S.Aff1, Aff2
Dompè, V.Aff12, Aff16
Fang, D. Q.
Fantini, G.Aff12, Aff16
Faverzani, M.Aff10, Aff11
Ferri, E.Aff10, Aff11
Ferroni, F.Aff8, Aff16
Fiorini, E.Aff10, Aff11
Franceschi, M. A.
Freedman, S. J.Aff9, Aff15
Fujikawa, B. K.
Giachero, A.Aff10, Aff11
Gironi, L.Aff10, Aff11
Giuliani, A.
Gorla, P.
Gotti, C.Aff10, Aff11
Gutierrez, T. D.
Han, K.
Heeger, K. M.
Huang, R. G.
Huang, H. Z.
Johnston, J.
Keppel, G.
Kolomensky, Yu. G.Aff9, Aff15
Ligi, C.
Ma, Y. G.
Ma, L.
Marini, L.Aff9, Aff15
Maruyama, R. H.
Mei, Y.
Moggi, N.Aff6, Aff24
Morganti, S.
Napolitano, T.
Nastasi, M.Aff10, Aff11
Nikkel, J.
Nones, C.
Norman, E. B.Aff26, Aff27
Novati, V.
Nucciotti, A.Aff10, Aff11
Nutini, I.Aff10, Aff11
O’Donnell, T.
Ouellet, J. L.
Pagliarone, C. E.Aff12, Aff17
Pagnanini, L.Aff10, Aff11
Pallavicini, M.Aff1, Aff2
Pattavina, L.
Pavan, M.Aff10, Aff11
Pessina, G.
Pettinacci, V.
Pira, C.
Pirro, S.
Pozzi, S.Aff10, Aff11
Previtali, E.
Puiu, A.Aff10, Aff11
Rosenfeld, C.
Rusconi, C.Aff3, Aff12
Sakai, M.
Sangiorgio, S.
Schmidt, B.
Scielzo, N. D.
Sharma, V.
Singh, V.
Sisti, M.Aff10, Aff11
Speller, D.
Taffarello, L.
Terranova, F.Aff10, Aff11
Tomei, C.
Vignati, M.
Wagaarachchi, S. L.Aff9, Aff15
Wang, B. S.Aff26, Aff27
Welliver, B.
Wilson, J.
Wilson, K.
Winslow, L. A.
Zanotti, L.Aff10, Aff11
Zimmermann, S.
Zucchelli, S.Aff6, Aff24
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Source :
Journal of Low Temperature Physics. 200(5-6):321-330
Academic Journal
Title :
The CUORE Cryostat
Authors :
D’Addabbo, A.Aff1, Aff2
Alduino, C.
Bersani, A.
Biassoni, M.
Bucci, C.
Caminata, A.
Canonica, L.Aff1, Aff6, Aff7
Cappelli, L.Aff1, Aff8, Aff9
Ceruti, G.
Chott, N.
Copello, S.Aff1, Aff2
Cremonesi, O.
Cushman, J. S.
D’Aguanno, D.Aff1, Aff11
Davis, C. J.
Dell’Oro, S.
Di Domizio, S.Aff4, Aff13
Drobizhev, A.Aff8, Aff9
Faverzani, M.Aff5, Aff14
Ferri, E.Aff5, Aff14
Franceschi, M. A.
Gladstone, L.
Gorla, P.
Ligi, C.
Marini, L.Aff1, Aff8, Aff9
Napolitano, T.
Nucciotti, A.Aff5, Aff14
Nutini, I.Aff1, Aff2
Ouellet, J. L.
Pagliarone, C. E.Aff1, Aff11
Pattavina, L.Aff1, Aff2, Aff16
Rusconi, C.Aff1, Aff3
Santone, D.Aff1, Aff17
Schmidt, B.
Singh, V.
Speller, D.
Taffarello, L.
Terranova, F.Aff9, Aff14
Wallig, J.
Welliver, B.
Wise, T.Aff10, Aff19
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Source :
Journal of Low Temperature Physics. 193(5-6):867-875
Academic Journal

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