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Tytuł :
Desertification Glassland Classification and Three-Dimensional Convolution Neural Network Model for Identifying Desert Grassland Landforms with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images
Autorzy :
Pi, W.
Du, J.
Liu, H.
Zhu, X.
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Źródło :
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. :1-10
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Tytuł :
miR-519d-3p Overexpression Inhibits P38 and PI3K/AKT Pathway via Targeting VEGFA to Attenuate the Malignant Biological Behavior of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Autorzy :
Zhang G
Hu Y
Yuan W
Qiu H
Yu H
Du J
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Temat :
non-small cell lung cancer
a549 cells
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
OncoTargets and Therapy, Vol Volume 13, Pp 10257-10266 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
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Tytuł :
Prognostic Value of Cumulative Score Based on Preoperative Fibrinogen and Albumin Level in Skull Base Chordoma
Autorzy :
Li M
Bai J
Wang S
Zhai Y
Zhang S
Li C
Du J
Zhang Y
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Temat :
skull base chordoma
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
OncoTargets and Therapy, Vol Volume 13, Pp 8337-8346 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
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Tytuł :
Lidocaine Suppresses Cell Proliferation and Aerobic Glycolysis by Regulating circHOMER1/miR-138-5p/HEY1 Axis in Colorectal Cancer
Autorzy :
Du J
Zhang L
Ma H
Wang Y
Wang P
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Temat :
aerobic glycolysis
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
Cancer Management and Research, Vol Volume 12, Pp 5009-5022 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Electroacupuncture Regulates Pain Transition by Inhibiting the mGluR5-PKCϵ Signaling Pathway in the Dorsal Root Ganglia
Autorzy :
Wang S
Du J
Shao F
Wang W
Sun H
Shao X
Liang Y
Liu B
Fang J
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Temat :
pain transition
hyperalgesic priming
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
Journal of Pain Research, Vol Volume 13, Pp 1471-1483 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Sodium Butyrate Selectively Kills Cancer Cells and Inhibits Migration in Colorectal Cancer by Targeting Thioredoxin-1
Autorzy :
Wang W
Fang D
Zhang H
Xue J
Wangchuk D
Du J
Jiang L
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Temat :
anti-tumor effects
colorectal cancer
short-chain fatty acid
sodium butyrate
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
OncoTargets and Therapy, Vol Volume 13, Pp 4691-4704 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
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Tytuł :
The Analysis of the Anti-Tumor Mechanism of Ursolic Acid Using Connectively Map Approach in Breast Cancer Cells Line MCF-7
Autorzy :
Guo W
Xu B
Wang X
Zheng B
Du J
Liu S
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Temat :
ursolic acid
connectivity map
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
Cancer Management and Research, Vol Volume 12, Pp 3469-3476 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
miRNA-221-3p in Endothelial Progenitor Cell-Derived Exosomes Accelerates Skin Wound Healing in Diabetic Mice
Autorzy :
Xu J
Bai S
Cao Y
Liu L
Fang Y
Du J
Luo L
Chen M
Shen B
Zhang Q
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Temat :
endothelial progenitor cells
wound healing
Specialties of internal medicine
Źródło :
Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity : Targets and Therapy, Vol Volume 13, Pp 1259-1270 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Enhancing Antitumor Efficacy of Nucleoside Analog 5-Fluorodeoxyuridine on HER2-Overexpressing Breast Cancer by Affibody-Engineered DNA Nanoparticle
Autorzy :
Zhang C
Han M
Zhang F
Yang X
Du J
Zhang H
Li W
Chen S
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Temat :
targeting therapy
breast cancer
dna nanoparticle
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
International Journal of Nanomedicine, Vol Volume 15, Pp 885-900 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Antidepressant Drugs Correct the Imbalance Between proBDNF/p75NTR/Sortilin and Mature BDNF/TrkB in the Brain of Mice with Chronic Stress
Autorzy :
Yang, C. R.Aff1, Aff3
Zhang, X. Y.
Liu, Y.
Du, J. Y.
Liang, R.
Yu, M.
Zhang, F. Q.
Mu, X. F.
Li, F.
Zhou, L.
Zhou, F. H.
Meng, F. J.
Wang, S.
Ming, D.
Zhou, X. F.
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Źródło :
Neurotoxicity Research: Neurodegeneration, Neuroregeneration, Neurotrophic Action, and Neuroprotection. 37(1):171-182
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Tytuł :
Influence of process variables on spray agglomeration process in a continuously operated horizontal fluidized bed
Autorzy :
Du, J.
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Źródło :
In Powder Technology 1 March 2020 363:195-206
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Tytuł :
Up-Regulated CCDC34 Contributes to the Proliferation and Metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Autorzy :
Lin Z
Qu S
Peng W
Yang P
Zhang R
Zhang P
Guo D
Du J
Wu W
Tao K
Wang J
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Temat :
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
OncoTargets and Therapy, Vol Volume 13, Pp 51-60 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
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Tytuł :
MicroRNA-497-5p Induces Cell Cycle Arrest Of Cervical Cancer Cells In S Phase By Targeting CBX4
Autorzy :
Chen Y
Du J
Wang Y
Shi H
Jiang Q
Zhang H
Wei Y
Xue W
Pu Z
Gao Y
Li D
Feng Y
Yan J
Zhang J
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Temat :
cervical cancer
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
OncoTargets and Therapy, Vol Volume 12, Pp 10535-10545 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Structural–Acoustic Modeling and Analysis for a Flexible Partition Panel in Three-Dimensional Acoustic Cavity
Autorzy :
Zhang, Y. F.
Du, J. T.
Liu, Y.
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Źródło :
Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies. 7(4):335-345
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Research on the establishment of a TPM3 monoclonal stable transfected PANC-1 cell line and the experiment of the EMT occurrence in human pancreatic cancer
Autorzy :
Zhou S
Ma X
Wang ZJ
Zhang WY
Jiang H
Zhang TZ
Du J
Lu Z
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Temat :
pancreatic Cancer
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
OncoTargets and Therapy, Vol Volume 12, Pp 5577-5587 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
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Tytuł :
MicroRNA-206 inhibits metastasis of triple-negative breast cancer by targeting transmembrane 4 L6 family member 1
Autorzy :
Fan C
Liu N
Zheng D
Du J
Wang K
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Temat :
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
Cancer Management and Research, Vol Volume 11, Pp 6755-6764 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
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Tytuł :
Evaluation of a simple off-the-shelf bi-layered vascular scaffold based on poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone)/silk fibroin in vitro and in vivo
Autorzy :
Jin D
Hu J
Xia D
Liu A
Kuang H
Du J
Mo X
Yin M
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
silk fibroin
vascular remodeling
hybrid strategy
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
International Journal of Nanomedicine, Vol Volume 14, Pp 4261-4276 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
MicroRNA-143-3p suppresses tumorigenesis by targeting catenin-δ1 in colorectal cancer
Autorzy :
Ding X
Du J
Mao K
Wang X
Ding Y
Wang F
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
colorectal cancer
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
OncoTargets and Therapy, Vol Volume 12, Pp 3255-3265 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Dihydrodiosgenin inhibits endothelial cell-derived factor VIII and platelet-mediated hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis
Autorzy :
Zhuang M
Xin G
Wei Z
Li S
Xing Z
Ji C
Du J
Niu H
Huang W
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
hepatocellular carcinoma
endothelial cell
tumor microenvironment
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
Cancer Management and Research, Vol Volume 11, Pp 4871-4882 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Intensive blood pressure reduction with intravenous thrombolysis therapy for acute ischaemic stroke (ENCHANTED): an international, randomised, open-label, blinded-endpoint, phase 3 trial
Autorzy :
Anderson, Craig S.
Huang, Yining
Lindley, Richard I.
Chen, Xiaoying
Arima, Hisatomi
Chen, Guofang
Li, Qiang
Billot, Laurent
Delcourt, Candice
Bath, Philip M.
Broderick, Joseph P.
Demchuk, Andrew M.
Donnan, Geoffrey A.
Durham, Alice C.
Lavados, Pablo M.
Lee, Tsong-Hai
Levi, Christopher
Martins, Sheila O.
Olavarria, Veronica V.
Pandian, Jeyaraj D.
Parsons, Mark W.
Pontes-Neto, Octavio M.
Ricci, Stefano
Sato, Shoichiro
Sharma, Vijay K.
Silva, Federico
Song, Lili
Thang, Nguyen H.
Wardlaw, Joanna M.
Wang, Ji-Guang
Wang, Xia
Woodward, Mark
Chalmers, John
Robinson, Thompson G.
Kim, Jong S.
Stapf, Christian
Simes, R. John
Hankey, Graeme J.
Sandercock, Peter
Bousser, Marie-Germaine
Wong, K.S. Lawrence
Scaria, Anish
Hirakawa, Yoichiro
Moullaali, Tom J.
Carcel, Cheryl
Gordon, Penny
Fuentes-Patarroyo, Sully X.
Benito, Dino
Chen, Ruiqi
Cao, Yongjun
Kunchok, Amy
Winters, Stephen
Coutts, Shelagh
Yoshimura, Sohei
You, Shoujiang
Yang, Jie
Wu, Guojun
Zhang, Shihong
Manning, Lisa
Mistri, Amit
Haunton, Victoria
Minhas, Jatinder
Malavera, Alejandra
Lim, Joyce
Liu, Leibo
Kumar, Namrata N.
Tay, Nicole
Jenson, Kerry
Richtering, Sarah
Tucker, Sharon
Knight, Elizabeth
Ivanova, Elizaveta
Thembani, Emma
Odgers, Elizabeth
Sanders, Elizabeth
Small, Sabrina
Vaghasiya, Ruchita
Armenis, Manuela
Donnelly, Paul
Baig, Merza A.
Blacklock, Nick
Naidu, Bala
Monaghan, Helen
Smith, Phillipa
Glass, Parisa
Bai, Xuejie
Li, Qiancheng
Zhu, Pingping
Kong, Liang
He, Ruihong
Zhao, He
Lv, Jiajie
Jia, Haijing
Xi, Zhen
Cong, Yuhan
Cui, Buliang
Deng, Hua
Guo, Ying
He, Lingyu
Jia, Ruolan
Li, Nan
Li, Wei
Liu, Mengxiao
Zhang, Meng
Xu, Ziwei
Zhang, Ting
Zhao, Yan
Gregory, Philip
In, Yunjeong
Kim, Su J.
Ahn, Jung E.
Kim, Sul H.
Hong, Young L.
González-McCawley, Francisca
Martins, Magda C.O.
Portales, Bernardita
Wang, Ching-Yi
Ryu, Shan-Jen
Aujla, Hardeep
Lewin, Sue
Kumar, Tracy
Barrows, Sara
Ebraimo, Ahtasam
Uyen, Hong H.
Giang, Nguyen A.
Linh, Le T.M.
An, Le T.T.
Phuong, Do M.
Ngoc, Pham V.B.
Hang, Nguyen M.
Tran, Nguyen T.B.
Hien, Ha T.T.
Yen, Mai B.
Tram, Ngo T.B.
Truc, Tran T.T.
Hoa, Nguyen A.
Thuan, Nguyen T.B.
Oanh, Ha T.K.
Arora, Deepti
Verma, Shweta J.
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Priglinger, M.
Day, S.
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Ng, G.
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Anjum, T.
Krishnan, M.
Nguyen Huy, T.
Le Tuan, A. Truong
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Nguyen, B. Pham
Dat, A. Nguyen
Van, C. Nguyen
Duy, T. Mai
Viet, P. Dao
Tien, D. Nguyen
Van, T. Vo
Le Kim, K.
Ngoc, T. Bui
Le Thanh, T. Tran
Hoanh, S. Nguyen
Phuoc, S. Pham
Van, T. Tran
Thi, B. Doan
Thu, H. Nguyen Thi
Duy, M. Nguyen
Van, D. Ngo
Anderson, Craig S
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Źródło :
In The Lancet 2-8 March 2019 393(10174):877-888
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Tytuł :
The joint impact of smoking plus alcohol drinking on treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis
Autorzy :
Ma, Y.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Che, N.-Y.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Liu, Y.-H.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Shu, W.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Du, J.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Xie, S.-H.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Li, LiangAff1, Aff2, Aff3
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Źródło :
European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. 38(4):651-657
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Tytuł :
The distinct clinicopathological and prognostic implications of PIK3CA mutations in breast cancer patients from Central China
Autorzy :
Wu H
Wang W
Du J
Li H
Wang H
Huang L
Xiang H
Xie J
Liu X
Lin W
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Temat :
breast cancer
clinicopathological characteristics
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
Cancer Management and Research, Vol Volume 11, Pp 1473-1492 (2019)
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electronic resource
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Tytuł :
Bracing after percutaneous vertebroplasty for thoracolumbar osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures was not effective
Autorzy :
Zhang J
Fan Y
He X
Du J
Hao D
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Temat :
Percutaneous vertebroplasty
Osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures
Źródło :
Clinical Interventions in Aging, Vol Volume 14, Pp 265-270 (2019)
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electronic resource
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Tytuł :
Rivaroxaban or aspirin for patent foramen ovale and embolic stroke of undetermined source: a prespecified subgroup analysis from the NAVIGATE ESUS trial
Autorzy :
Abdelhamid, N
Abdul Rahman, D
Abdul-Saheb, M
Abreu, P
Abroskina, M
Abu Ahmad, F
Accassat, S
Acciaresi, M
Adami, A
Ahmad, N
Ahmed, F
Alberto Hawkes, M
Alemseged, F
Ali, A
Altavilla, R
Alwis, L
Amarenco, P
Amaro, S
Amaya Sanchez, LE
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Amino, T
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Androulakis, M
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Angels Font, M
Anticoli, S
Arauz, A
Arauz Gongora, AA
Araya, P
Arenillas Lara, JF
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Arnold, M
Augustin, S
Avelar, W
Azevedo, E
Babikian, V
Bacellar, A
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Bae, HJ
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Bagelmann, H
Bailey, P
Bak, Z
Baker, M
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Balueva, T
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Bar, M
Baranowska, A
Bardutzky, J
Barker Trejo, S
Barlinn, J
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Bashir, S
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Baumgartner, P
Bazan, R
Bazhenova, O
Beaudry, M
Beer, J
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Beinlich, A
Bejot, Y
Belkin, A
Benavente, OR
Benjamin, A
Berardi, V
Bereczki, D
Berkowitz, SD
Berlingieri, J
Berrios, W
Berrouschot, J
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Bhargavah, M
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Bicsak, T
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Bodiguel, E
Bogdanov, E
Boos, L
Borcsik, L
Bornstein, N
Bouly, S
Braga, G
Bragado, I
Bravi, MC
Brokalaki, C
Brola, W
Brouns, R
Bruce, D
Brzoska-Mizgalska, J
Buck, B
Buksinska-Lisik, M
Burke, J
Burn, M
Bustamante, G
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Cai, K
Cajaraville, S
Calejo, M
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Camps, P
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Candeloro, E
Canepa, C
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Cardoso, F
Carek, M
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Carlos Portilla, J
Caruso, P
Casado-Naranjo, I
Castellini, P
Castro, D
Castro Meira, F
Cavallini, A
Cayuela Caudevilla, N
Cenciarelli, S
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Chaloulos-Iakovidis, P
Chamorro, A
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Chang, DI
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Chen, X
Chen, H
Chen, G
Chen, J
Chen, J
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Chorazy, M
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Rinaldi, C
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Rodriguez, G
Rodriguez Campello, A
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Roine, S
Roldan, A
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Roveri, L
Rozanski, D
Rozniecki, J
Rozsa, C
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Rum, G
Ruuskanen, J
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Sakai, N
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Santiago, P
Santo, G
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Sas, A
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Pokaż więcej
Źródło :
In The Lancet Neurology December 2018 17(12):1053-1060
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
ATR activated by EB virus facilitates chemotherapy resistance to cisplatin or 5-fluorouracil in human nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Autorzy :
Zhang B
Cui B
Du J
Shen X
Wang K
Chen J
Xiao L
Sun C
Li Y
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
chemotherapy resistance
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
Cancer Management and Research, Vol Volume 11, Pp 573-585 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Direct observations of asteroid interior and regolith structure: Science measurement requirements
Autorzy :
Herique, A.
Pokaż więcej
Źródło :
In Past, Present and Future of Small Body Science and Exploration, Advances in Space Research 15 October 2018 62(8):2141-2162
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
The role of ancillary features for diagnosing hepatocellular carcinoma on CT: based on the Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System version 2017 algorithm
Autorzy :
Ren, A.-H.
Pokaż więcej
Źródło :
In Clinical Radiology June 2020 75(6):478-478
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Ovarian tissue cryopreservation and transplantation prevents iatrogenic premature ovarian insufficiency: first 10 cases in China.
Autorzy :
Ruan, X.
Cheng, J.
Korell, M.
Du, J.
Kong, W.
Lu, D.
Wu, Y.
Li, Y.
Jin, F.
Gu, M.
Duan, W.
Dai, Y.
Yin, C.
Yan, S.
Mueck, A. O.
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
PREMATURE ovarian failure
TRANSPLANTATION of organs, tissues, etc.
PREMATURE menopause
OVARIAN hyperstimulation syndrome
Źródło :
Climacteric; Dec2020, Vol. 23 Issue 6, p574-580, 7p
Terminy geograficzne :
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Rasip1 is a RUNX1 target gene and promotes migration of NSCLC cells
Autorzy :
Chen Y
Zhang L
Liu L
Sun S
Zhao X
Wang Y
Zhang Y
Du J
Gu L
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
non-small cell lung cancer
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
Cancer Management and Research, Vol Volume 10, Pp 4537-4552 (2018)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Effects of YuPingFeng granules on acute exacerbations of COPD: a randomized, placebo-controlled study
Autorzy :
Zheng JP
Zhong NS
Bai CX
Wang HY
Du J
Chen YW
Shi Z
Li X
Chen PY
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Diseases of the respiratory system
Źródło :
International Journal of COPD, Vol Volume 13, Pp 3107-3114 (2018)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
The relationship of platelet to lymphocyte ratio and neutrophil to monocyte ratio to radiographic grades of knee osteoarthritis
Autorzy :
Shi, J.
Zhao, W.
Ying, H.
Du, J.
Chen, J.
Chen, S.
Shen, B.
Pokaż więcej
Alternatywny tytuł :
Zusammenhang zwischen Thrombozyten-Lymphozyten-Quotient und Neutrophilen-Monozyten-Quotient sowie radiologischem Grad der Gonarthrose
Źródło :
Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie. 77(6):533-537
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Metformin reduces the relapse rate of tuberculosis patients with diabetes mellitus: experiences from 3-year follow-up
Autorzy :
Ma, Y.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Pang, Y.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Shu, W.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Liu, Y.-H.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Ge, Q.-P.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Du, J.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Li, L.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Gao, W.-W.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Pokaż więcej
Źródło :
European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. 37(7):1259-1263
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Satellite observation of CH4 and CO anomalies associated with the Wenchuan MS 8.0 and Lushan MS 7.0 earthquakes in China
Autorzy :
Cui, Y.
Pokaż więcej
Źródło :
In Progress in the Application of Gas Geochemistry to Geothermal, Tectonic and Magmatic Studies, Chemical Geology 10 October 2017 469:185-191
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Ultrasound molecular imaging of breast cancer in MCF-7 orthotopic mice using gold nanoshelled poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanocapsules: a novel dual-targeted ultrasound contrast agent
Autorzy :
Xu L
Du J
Wan CF
Zhang Y
Xie SW
Yang H
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
ultrasound molecular imaging
gold nanoshell
poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid)
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
International Journal of Nanomedicine, Vol Volume 13, Pp 1791-1807 (2018)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
Czasopismo naukowe

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