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Title :
Globally consistent influences of seasonal precipitation limit grassland biomass response to elevated CO2
Authors :
Hovenden, Mark J.
Leuzinger, Sebastian
Newton, Paul C. D.
Fletcher, Andrew
Fatichi, Simone
Lüscher, AndreasAff5, Aff6
Reich, Peter B.Aff7, Aff8
Andresen, Louise C.Aff9, Aff10
Beier, Claus
Blumenthal, Dana M.
Chiariello, Nona R.
Dukes, Jeffrey S.Aff14, Aff15
Kellner, Juliane
Hofmockel, KirstenAff16, Aff17
Niklaus, Pascal A.
Song, Jian
Wan, Shiqiang
Classen, Aimée T.
Langley, J. Adam
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Source :
Nature Plants. 5(2):167-173
Academic Journal
Title :
Climate Change Impacts on Sediment Yield and Debris‐Flow Activity in an Alpine Catchment.
Authors :
Hirschberg, Jacob
Fatichi, Simone
Bennett, Georgina L.
McArdell, Brian W.
Peleg, Nadav
Lane, Stuart N.
Schlunegger, Fritz
Molnar, Peter
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Subject Terms :
*Climate change
*Meteorological precipitation
*Atmospheric temperature
Source :
Journal of Geophysical Research. Earth Surface. Jan2021, Vol. 126 Issue 1, p1-26. 26p.
Geographic Terms :
Alps, Swiss (Switzerland)
Academic Journal
Title :
Downscaling climate projections over large and data sparse regions: Methodological application in the Zambezi River Basin.
Authors :
Peleg, Nadav (AUTHOR)
Sinclair, Scott (AUTHOR)
Fatichi, Simone (AUTHOR)
Burlando, Paolo (AUTHOR)
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Subject Terms :
Downscaling (Climatology)
Atmospheric models
Earth stations
Source :
International Journal of Climatology. Dec2020, Vol. 40 Issue 15, p6242-6264. 23p.
Academic Journal
Title :
Persistent decay of fresh xylem hydraulic conductivity varies with pressure gradient and marks plant responses to injury.
Authors :
Bonetti, Sara
Breitenstein, Daniel
Fatichi, Simone
Domec, Jean‐Christophe
Or, Dani
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Subject Terms :
HYDRAULIC conductivity
PLANT injuries
VASCULAR system of plants
LAND-atmosphere interactions
TREE mortality
Source :
Plant, Cell & Environment; Feb2021, Vol. 44 Issue 2, p371-386, 16p
Academic Journal

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