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Title :
Trend in varicella patients 4 years after implementation of universal two-dose varicella vaccination in Japan
Authors :
Hattori, Fumihiko
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Source :
In Vaccine 27 October 2020 38(46):7331-7336
Academic Journal
Title :
Human herpesvirus‐6B infection in pediatric allogenic hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients: Risk factors and encephalitis.
Authors :
Miura, Hiroki (AUTHOR)
Kawamura, Yoshiki (AUTHOR)
Hattori, Fumihiko (AUTHOR)
Tanaka, Makito (AUTHOR)
Kudo, Kazuko (AUTHOR)
Ihira, Masaru (AUTHOR)
Yatsuya, Hiroshi (AUTHOR)
Takahashi, Yoshiyuki (AUTHOR)
Kojima, Seiji (AUTHOR)
Sakaguchi, Hirotoshi (AUTHOR)
Yoshida, Nao (AUTHOR)
Hama, Asahito (AUTHOR)
Yoshikawa, Tetsushi (AUTHOR)
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Source :
Transplant Infectious Disease. Feb2020, Vol. 22 Issue 1, p1-9. 9p.
Academic Journal
Title :
Frequency of subclinical herpes zoster in pediatric hematology‐oncology patients receiving chemotherapy: A retrospective cohort analysis.
Authors :
Kozawa, Kei
Miura, Hiroki
Kawamura, Yoshiki
Tanaka, Makito
Kudo, Kazuko
Higashimoto, Yuki
Ihira, Masaru
Yoshikawa, Tetsushi
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Subject Terms :
SHINGLES (Disease)
COHORT analysis
ENTERIC nervous system
VARICELLA-zoster virus
POLYMERASE chain reaction
Source :
Journal of Medical Virology; Aug2020, Vol. 92 Issue 8, p1260-1265, 6p
Academic Journal

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