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Tytuł :
Developing stand transpiration model relating canopy conductance to stand sapwood area in a Korean pine plantation
Autorzy :
Park J
Cho S
Moon M
Ryu D
Kim HS
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Temat :
Sapwood Area
Canopy Conductance
Stand Transpiration
Empirical Model
Źródło :
iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry, Vol 14, Iss 1, Pp 186-194 (2021)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
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Tytuł :
Effect of Switching from Linagliptin to Teneligliptin Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitors in Older Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Autorzy :
Han E
Lee M
Lee YH
Kim HS
Lee BW
Cha BS
Kang ES
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Temat :
dipeptidyl peptidase 4 inhibitor
type 2 diabetes mellitus
older patients
chronic kidney disease
Specialties of internal medicine
Źródło :
Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity : Targets and Therapy, Vol Volume 13, Pp 4113-4121 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Species-specific morphological and physiological characteristics and progressive nitrogen limitation under elevated CO2 concentration
Autorzy :
Song WK
Byeon SY
Lee HT
Lee MS
Ryu D
Kang JW
Han SH
Kim HS
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Temat :
elevated co2
photosynthetic properties
progressive nitrogen limitation
carbon dioxide
Źródło :
iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry, Vol 13, Iss 1, Pp 270-278 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Foretinib Inhibits Cancer Stemness and Gastric Cancer Cell Proliferation by Decreasing CD44 and c-MET Signaling
Autorzy :
Sohn SH
Kim B
Sul HJ
Choi BY
Kim HS
Zang DY
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Temat :
gastric cancer
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
OncoTargets and Therapy, Vol Volume 13, Pp 1027-1035 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Advantages of the Combination of Conscious Sedation Epidural Anesthesia Under Fluoroscopy Guidance in Lumbar Spine Surgery
Autorzy :
Kang SY
Kashlan ON
Singh R
Rane R
Adsul NM
Jung SC
Yi J
Cho HS
Kim HS
Jang IT
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Temat :
fluoroscopy-guided epidural anesthesia
conscious sedation
endoscopic decompressive lumbar spine surgery
capnogram monitoring.
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
Journal of Pain Research, Vol Volume 13, Pp 211-219 (2020)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Dulaglutide as an Add-on to Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes; Clinical Efficacy and Parameters Affecting the Response in Real-World Practice
Autorzy :
Lee J
Cho YK
Kim HS
Jung CH
Park JY
Lee WJ
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Temat :
glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist
insulin therapy
glycemic control
diabetes mellitus
Specialties of internal medicine
Źródło :
Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity : Targets and Therapy, Vol Volume 12, Pp 2745-2753 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Poly(γ-Glutamic Acid)/Chitosan Hydrogel Nanoparticles For Effective Preservation And Delivery Of Fermented Herbal Extract For Enlarging Hair Bulb And Enhancing Hair Growth
Autorzy :
Kim HS
Kwon HK
Lee DH
Park HJ
Kim MI
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Temat :
Hair growth
poly(γ-glutamic acid)
hydrogel nanoparticle
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
International Journal of Nanomedicine, Vol Volume 14, Pp 8409-8419 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Impact Of Underlying Pulmonary Diseases On Treatment Outcomes In Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated With Definitive Radiotherapy
Autorzy :
Kim H
Yoo H
Pyo H
Ahn YC
Noh JM
Lee W
Park B
Kim JM
Kang N
Shin SH
Chung MP
Shin S
Kim HS
Park M
Park HY
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Temat :
non-small cell lung cancer
pulmonary disease
Diseases of the respiratory system
Źródło :
International Journal of COPD, Vol Volume 14, Pp 2273-2281 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
A first-in-human study to investigate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of KM-819 (FAS-associated factor 1 inhibitor), a drug for Parkinson’s disease, in healthy volunteers
Autorzy :
Shin W
Lim KS
Kim MK
Kim HS
Hong J
Jhee S
Kim J
Yoo S
Chung YT
Lee JM
Cho DY
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Temat :
Therapeutics. Pharmacology
Źródło :
Drug Design, Development and Therapy, Vol Volume 13, Pp 1011-1022 (2019)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Comparison of efficacy and safety between two different irbesartan, generic vs branded, in the treatment of Korean patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension: an 8-week, multicenter, randomized, open-label, Phase IV clinical study
Autorzy :
Han SH
Kwon HM
Park CG
Kim IJ
Hwang GS
Yoo BS
Park SH
Lee KJ
Kim HS
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Temat :
generic medicine
Therapeutics. Pharmacology
Źródło :
Drug Design, Development and Therapy, Vol Volume 12, Pp 4217-4229 (2018)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Anatomical analysis of the distribution patterns of occipital cutaneous nerves and the clinical implications for pain management
Autorzy :
Kwon HJ
Kim HS
Kang HJ
Won JY
Yang HM
Kim SH
Choi YJ
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Temat :
Greater occipital nerve
Lesser occipital nerve
Third-occipital nerve
Sihler's stain
Whole mount nerve staining
Occipital neuralgia
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
Journal of Pain Research, Vol Volume 11, Pp 2023-2031 (2018)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Tytuł :
Tumor-specific delivery of therapeutic siRNAs by anti-EGFR immunonanoparticles
Autorzy :
Kim JS
Kim MW
Kang SJ
Jeong HY
Park SI
Lee YK
Kim HS
Kim KS
Park YS
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
siRNA delivery
Anti-EGFR immunonanoparticles
Anti-EGFR immunoviroplexes
Combinatorial therapy
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
International Journal of Nanomedicine, Vol Volume 13, Pp 4817-4830 (2018)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Efficacy and tolerability of two different formulations of atorvastatin in Korean patients with hypercholesterolemia: a multicenter, prospective, randomized clinical trial
Autorzy :
Lee JH
Kim SH
Choi DJ
Tahk SJ
Yoon JH
Choi SW
Hong TJ
Kim HS
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Temat :
Low density lipoprotein cholesterol
Therapeutics. Pharmacology
Źródło :
Drug Design, Development and Therapy, Vol Volume 11, Pp 2277-2285 (2017)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
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Tytuł :
A first-in-human, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, dose escalation study of DWP05195, a novel TRPV1 antagonist, in healthy volunteers
Autorzy :
Lee J
Kim BH
Kim HS
Kim JD
Cho JY
Lee S
Gu N
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Temat :
TRPV1 antagonist
pain tolerance
pain threshold
Therapeutics. Pharmacology
Źródło :
Drug Design, Development and Therapy, Vol Volume 11, Pp 1301-1313 (2017)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
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Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Increased localized delivery of piroxicam by cationic nanoparticles after intra-articular injection
Autorzy :
Kim SR
Kim SH
Cho HR
Kim HS
Choi YS
Choi YW
Kang MJ
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
polymeric nanoparticles
electrostatic interaction
intra-articular injection
local delivery
Therapeutics. Pharmacology
Źródło :
Drug Design, Development and Therapy, Vol Volume 10, Pp 3779-3787 (2016)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
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Tytuł :
Efficacy and safety of fixed-dose combination therapy with olmesartan medoxomil and rosuvastatin in Korean patients with mild to moderate hypertension and dyslipidemia: an 8-week, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, factorial-design study (OLSTA-D RCT: OLmesartan rosuvaSTAtin from Daewoong)
Autorzy :
Park JS
Shin JH
Hong TJ
Seo HS
Shim WJ
Baek SH
Jeong JO
Ahn YK
Kang WC
Kim YH
Kim SH
Hyon MS
Choi DH
Nam CW
Park TH
Lee SC
Kim HS
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
Fixed-dose Combination Therapy
Olmesartan medoxomil
Therapeutics. Pharmacology
Źródło :
Drug Design, Development and Therapy, Vol Volume 10, Pp 2599-2609 (2016)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Improved skin permeation of methotrexate via nanosized ultradeformable liposomes
Autorzy :
Zeb A
Qureshi OS
Kim HS
Cha JH
Kim JK
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
Ultradeformable liposomes
Skin permeation
Transdermal delivery
Medicine (General)
Źródło :
International Journal of Nanomedicine, Vol 2016, Iss default, Pp 3813-3824 (2016)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Differences in clinical features between laparoscopy and open resection for primary tumor in patients with stage IV colorectal cancer
Autorzy :
Kim IY
Kim BR
Kim HS
Kim YW
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology. Including cancer and carcinogens
Źródło :
OncoTargets and Therapy, Vol 2015, Iss default, Pp 3441-3448 (2015)
Opis pliku :
electronic resource
Relacje :;
Dostęp URL :
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Study of excited Lambda(0)(b) states decaying to Lambda(0)(b)pi(+)pi(-) in proton-proton collisions at root s=13TeV
Autorzy :
Sirunyan, AM
Tumasyan, A
Adam, W
Ambrogi, F
Bergauer, T
Dragicevic, M
Eroe, J
Del Valle, AE
Flechl, M
Fruehwirth, R
Jeitler, M
Krammer, N
Kraetschmer, I
Liko, D
Madlener, T
Mikulec, I
Rad, N
Schieck, J
Schoefbeck, R
Spanring, M
Waltenberger, W
Wulz, C-E
Zarucki, M
Drugakov, V
Mossolov, V
Gonzalez, JS
Darwish, MR
De Wolf, EA
Di Croce, D
Janssen, X
Kello, T
Lelek, A
Pieters, M
Sfar, HR
Van Haevermaet, H
Van Mechelen, P
Van Putte, S
Van Remortel, N
Blekman, F
Bols, ES
Chhibra, SS
D'Hondt, J
De Clercq, J
Lontkovskyi, D
Lowette, S
Marchesini, I
Moortgat, S
Python, Q
Tavernier, S
Van Doninck, W
Van Mulders, P
Beghin, D
Bilin, B
Clerbaux, B
De Lentdecker, G
Delannoy, H
Dorney, B
Favart, L
Grebenyuk, A
Kalsi, AK
Moureaux, L
Popov, A
Postiau, N
Starling, E
Thomas, L
Vander Velde, C
Vanlaer, P
Vannerom, D
Cornelis, T
Dobur, D
Khvastunov, I
Niedziela, M
Roskas, C
Skovpen, K
Tytgat, M
Verbeke, W
Vermassen, B
Vit, M
Bruno, G
Caputo, C
David, P
Delaere, C
Delcourt, M
Giammanco, A
Lemaitre, V
Prisciandaro, J
Saggio, A
Vischia, P
Zobec, J
Alves, GA
Correia Silva, G
Hensel, C
Moraes, A
Belchior Batista Das Chagas, E
Carvalho, W
Chinellato, J
Da Coelho, E
Da Costa, EM
Silveira, GG
De Jesus Damiao, D
De Oliveira Martins, C
Fonseca De Souza, S
Malbouisson, H
Martins, J
Matos Figueiredo, D
Medina Jaime, M
Melo De Almeida, M
Mora Herrera, C
Mundim, L
Nogima, H
Prado Silva, WL
Rebello Teles, P
Rosas, LJS
Santoro, A
Sznajder, A
Thiel, M
Tonelli Manganote, EJ
Torres Da Silva De Araujo, F
Vilela Pereira, A
Bernardes, CA
Calligaris, L
Fernandez Perez Tomei, TR
Gregores, EM
Lemos, DS
Mercadante, PG
Novaes, SF
Padula, SS
Aleksandrov, A
Antchev, G
Hadjiiska, R
Iaydjiev, P
Misheva, M
Rodozov, M
Shopova, M
Sultanov, G
Bonchev, M
Dimitrov, A
Ivanov, T
Litov, L
Pavlov, B
Petkov, P
Petrov, A
Fang, W
Gao, X
Yuan, L
Ahmad, M
Hu, Z
Wang, Y
Chen, GM
Chen, HS
Chen, M
Jiang, CH
Leggat, D
Liao, H
Liu, Z
Spiezia, A
Tao, J
Yazgan, E
Zhang, H
Zhang, S
Zhao, J
Agapitos, A
Ban, Y
Chen, G
Levin, A
Li, J
Li, L
Li, Q
Mao, Y
Qian, SJ
Wang, D
Wang, Q
Xiao, M
Avila, C
Cabrera, A
Florez, C
Gonzalez Hernandez, CF
Segura Delgado, MA
Mejia Guisao, J
Ruiz Alvarez, JD
Salazar Gonzalez, CA
Vanegas Arbelaez, N
Giljanovic, D
Godinovic, N
Lelas, D
Puljak, I
Sculac, T
Antunovic, Z
Kovac, M
Brigljevic, V
Ferencek, D
Kadija, K
Majumder, D
Mesic, B
Roguljic, M
Starodumov, A
Susa, T
Ather, MW
Attikis, A
Erodotou, E
Ioannou, A
Kolosova, M
Konstantinou, S
Mavromanolakis, G
Mousa, J
Nicolaou, C
Ptochos, F
Razis, PA
Rykaczewski, H
Saka, H
Tsiakkouri, D
Finger, M
Kveton, A
Tomsa, J
Ayala, E
Carrera Jarrin, E
Assran, Y
Elgammal, S
Bhowmik, S
De Oliveira, ACA
Dewanjee, RK
Ehataht, K
Kadastik, M
Raidal, M
Veelken, C
Eerola, P
Forthomme, L
Kirschenmann, H
Osterberg, K
Voutilainen, M
Brucken, E
Garcia, F
Havukainen, J
Heikkila, JK
Karimaki, V
Kim, MS
Kinnunen, R
Lampen, T
Lassila-Perini, K
Laurila, S
Lehti, S
Linden, T
Siikonen, H
Tuominen, E
Tuominiemi, J
Luukka, P
Tuuva, T
Besancon, M
Couderc, F
Dejardin, M
Denegri, D
Fabbro, B
Faure, JL
Ferri, F
Ganjour, S
Givernaud, A
Gras, P
De Monchenault, GH
Jarry, P
Leloup, C
Lenzi, B
Locci, E
Malcles, J
Rander, J
Rosowsky, A
Savoy-Navarro, A
Titov, M
Yu, GB
Ahuja, S
Amendola, C
Beaudette, F
Bonanomi, M
Busson, P
Charlot, C
Diab, B
Falmagne, G
De Cassagnac, RG
Kucher, I
Lobanov, A
Perez, CM
Nguyen, M
Ochando, C
Paganini, P
Rembser, J
Salerno, R
Sauvan, JB
Sirois, Y
Zabi, A
Zghiche, A
Agram, J-L
Andrea, J
Bloch, D
Bourgatte, G
Brom, J-M
Chabert, EC
Collard, C
Conte, E
Fontaine, J-C
Gele, D
Goerlach, U
Grimault, C
Le Bihan, A-C
Tonon, N
Van Hove, P
Gadrat, S
Beauceron, S
Bernet, C
Boudoul, G
Camen, C
Carle, A
Chanon, N
Chierici, R
Contardo, D
Depasse, P
El Mamouni, H
Fay, J
Gascon, S
Gouzevitch, M
Ille, B
Jain, S
Laktineh, IB
Lattaud, H
Lesauvage, A
Lethuillier, M
Mirabito, L
Perries, S
Sordini, V
Torterotot, L
Touquet, G
Vander Donckt, M
Viret, S
Toriashvili, T
Tsamalaidze, Z
Autermann, C
Feld, L
Klein, K
Lipinski, M
Meuser, D
Pauls, A
Preuten, M
Rauch, MP
Schulz, J
Teroerde, M
Erdmann, M
Fischer, B
Ghosh, S
Hebbeker, T
Hoepfner, K
Keller, H
Mastrolorenzo, L
Merschmeyer, M
Meyer, A
Millet, P
Mocellin, G
Mondal, S
Mukherjee, S
Noll, D
Novak, A
Pook, T
Pozdnyakov, A
Quast, T
Radziej, M
Rath, Y
Reithler, H
Roemer, J
Schmidt, A
Schuler, SC
Sharma, A
Wiedenbeck, S
Zaleski, S
Flgge, G
Ahmad, WH
Hlushchenko, O
Kress, T
Mller, T
Nowack, A
Pistone, C
Pooth, O
Roy, D
Sert, H
Stahl, A
Martin, MA
Asmuss, P
Babounikau, I
Bakhshiansohi, H
Beernaert, K
Behnke, O
Martinez, AB
Bin Anuar, AA
Borras, K
Botta, V
Campbell, A
Cardini, A
Connor, P
Rodriguez, SC
Contreras-Campana, C
Danilov, V
De Wit, A
Defranchis, MM
Pardos, CD
Damiani, DD
Eckerlin, G
Eckstein, D
Eichhorn, T
Elwood, A
Eren, E
Banos, LIE
Gallo, E
Geiser, A
Grohsjean, A
Guthoff, M
Haranko, M
Harb, A
Jafari, A
Jomhari, NZ
Jung, H
Kasem, A
Kasemann, M
Kaveh, H
Keaveney, J
Kleinwort, C
Knolle, J
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Lange, W
Lenz, T
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Lohmann, W
Mankel, R
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Meyer, M
Missiroli, M
Mnich, J
Mussgiller, A
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Schwanenberger, C
Shevchenko, R
Singh, A
Ricardo, RES
Tholen, H
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Wen, Y
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Bein, S
Benato, L
Benecke, A
Dreyer, T
Ebrahimi, A
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Froehlich, A
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Garutti, E
Gonzalez, D
Gunnellini, P
Haller, J
Hinzmann, A
Karavdina, A
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Kovalchuk, N
Kurz, S
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Lange, J
Lange, T
Malara, A
Multhaup, J
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Reimers, A
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Baselga, M
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El Morabit, K
Faltermann, N
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Heidecker, C
Husemann, U
Iqbal, MA
Kudella, S
Maier, S
Mitra, S
Mozer, MU
Mueller, D
Mueller, T
Musich, M
Nuernberg, A
Quast, G
Rabbertz, K
Savoiu, D
Schaefer, D
Schnepf, M
Schroeder, M
Shvetsov, I
Simonis, HJ
Ulrich, R
Wassmer, M
Weber, M
Whrmann, C
Wolf, R
Wozniewski, S
Anagnostou, G
Asenov, P
Daskalakis, G
Geralis, T
Kyriakis, A
Loukas, D
Paspalaki, G
Stakia, A
Diamantopoulou, M
Karathanasis, G
Kontaxakis, P
Manousakis-katsikakis, A
Panagiotou, A
Papavergou, I
Saoulidou, N
Theofilatos, K
Vellidis, K
Vourliotis, E
Bakas, G
Kousouris, K
Papakrivopoulos, I
Tsipolitis, G
Zacharopoulou, A
Evangelou, I
Foudas, C
Gianneios, P
Katsoulis, P
Kokkas, P
Mallios, S
Manitara, K
Manthos, N
Papadopoulos, I
Strologas, J
Triantis, FA
Tsitsonis, D
Bartok, M
Chudasama, R
Csanad, M
Major, P
Mandal, K
Mehta, A
Pasztor, G
Suranyi, O
Veres, G
Bencze, G
Hajdu, C
Horvath, D
Sikler, F
Veszpremi, V
Vesztergombi, G
Beni, N
Czellar, S
Karancsi, J
Molnar, J
Szillasi, Z
Raics, P
Teyssier, D
Trocsanyi, ZL
Zilizi, G
Csorgo, T
Lokos, S
Metzger, WJ
Nemes, F
Novak, T
Choudhury, S
Komaragiri, JR
Panwar, L
Tiwari, PC
Bahinipati, S
Kar, C
Kole, G
Mal, P
Bindhu, VKMN
Nayak, A
Sahoo, DK
Swain, SK
Bansal, S
Beri, SB
Bhatnagar, V
Chauhan, S
Dhingra, N
Gupta, R
Kaur, A
Kaur, M
Kaur, S
Kumari, P
Lohan, M
Meena, M
Sandeep, K
Sharma, S
Singh, JB
Virdi, AK
Bhardwaj, A
Choudhary, BC
Garg, RB
Gola, M
Keshri, S
Kumar, A
Naimuddin, M
Priyanka, P
Ranjan, K
Shah, A
Sharma, R
Bhardwaj, R
Bharti, M
Bhattacharya, R
Bhattacharya, S
Bhawandeep, U
Bhowmik, D
Dutta, S
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Pinna, D
Ruggles, T
Savin, A
Smith, WH
Teague, D
Trembath-reichert, S
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