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Tytuł :
Seasonal effect on the chemical composition, insecticidal properties and other biological activities of Zanthoxylum leprieurii Guill. & Perr. essential oils
Autorzy :
Tanoh, Amenan Evelyne
Blanchard Boué, Guy
Nea, Fatimata
Genva, Manon
Esse, Leon Wognin
Ledoux, Allison
Martin, Henri
Tonzibo, Zahani Félix
Frederich, Michel
Fauconnier, Marie-Laure
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Temat :
essential oil
saisonal variation
Entomology & pest control [Life sciences]
Entomologie & lutte antiravageur [Sciences du vivant]
Phytobiology (plant sciences, forestry, mycology...) [Life sciences]
Biologie végétale (sciences végétales, sylviculture, mycologie...) [Sciences du vivant]
Chemistry [Physical, chemical, mathematical & earth Sciences]
Chimie [Physique, chimie, mathématiques & sciences de la terre]
Źródło :
Seasonal effect on the chemical composition, insecticidal properties and other biological activities of Zanthoxylum leprieurii Guill. & Perr. essential oils. Foods., SwitzerlandMDPI AG. (2020).
Tytuł :
Flavonoid Analysis and Antioxidant Activities of the Bryonia alba L. Aerial Parts
Autorzy :
Ielciu, Irina
Frédérich, Michel
Hanganu, Daniela
Angenot, Luc
Olah, Neli-Kinga
Ledoux, Allison
Crișan, Gianina
Păltinean, Ramona
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Temat :
Pharmacie, pharmacologie & toxicologie [Sciences de la santé humaine]
Therapeutics. Pharmacology
Pharmacy, pharmacology & toxicology [Human health sciences]
Źródło :
Antioxidants, Vol 8, Iss 4, p 108 (2019)
Flavonoid Analysis and Antioxidant Activities of the Bryonia alba L. Aerial Parts. Antioxidants, 8(4 108)., SwitzerlandMDPI AG. (2019).
Opis pliku :
Tytuł :
Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of the Iuliu Haţieganu, University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Beneficial effects of two species of thymus marshallianus on in vitro and in vivo models
Neuroprotective effects of memantine in combination with hypothermia in experimental hypoxic brain injury
Apoptosis induced by silver and gold nanoparticles on oral dysplastic keratinocytes - in vitro study
3D imaging and anatomical study of the rat cochlea
Effects of curcumin on blood pressure and ECG changes on induced myocardial infarction in rats
Choosing a speciality in medicine - undergraduate students’ opinion
Is scientific medical literature evidence-based? A case study on randomized clinical trials
The ability of a new Schiff base to modulate oxidative stress
Social media usage among Romanian health care providers
Allergic rhinitis to Ragweed pollen (Ambrosia Artemisifoliia) in Transylvania
The changes of inflammatory markers and irisine level in the first year of insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes patients
A plot twist in the analysis of students’ sleeping habits and academic performance
Platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio – a predictor of survival in ovarian cancer patients
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of mountain garlic (allium senescens ssp. montanum) extracts
The effects of hypericum capitatum extract on experimental inflammation
Minors’ rights to confidentiality and derogations: ethical scenarios in every-day medical practice
Medication errors - a cause for major cardiovascular events in Emergency Department
Interobserver variability of various sonoelastographic techniques - an in vitro study
ANA “Nuclear Rim” pattern influences progression of severity in primary biliary cholangitis
Angiotensin gene polymorphism M235T and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, dyslipidemia, carotid atheromatosis, increased body mass index in patients with systemic arterial hypertension
Phenolic composition and antioxidant capacity of the medicinal mushrooms Trametes versicolor and Trametes gibbosa
Influence of a cocoa drink product on physical training in sedentary persons
Influence of noise and music on acute physical stress in sedentary persons
Rhodiola Rosea influence on heart rate and salivary pH in physical stress
Brief analysis of the Citruses - Stress relationship, from the perspective of PubMed publications
Efficacy of unique dose chlorogenic acid (100 mg/kg/day) in carrageenan-induced rat paw oedema
The Influence of GSTT1/GSTM1 polymorphic variants on the occurrence and impact of psoriasis
Evaluation of optimization strategy for anti-TNF alpha treatment in patients with spondylartritis. Data from Registrul Român de boli Reumatice (RRBR) [Romanian Registry of Rheumatic Diseases]
A retrospective study of invasive fungal infections in hospitalized patients in the “Prof. Dr. O. Fodor” Regional Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology of Cluj - Napoca
Retrospective study of polymicrobial bloodstream infections involving bacteria and Candida species in hospitalized patients from the “Prof. Dr. O. Fodor” Regional Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Cluj-Napoca
The prognostic value of some immunological markers in malignant melanoma
Serum biomarkers for the assessment of inflammation in overweight or obese subjects
SNPs in genetic association studies: single locus versus multilocus analyses
Effect of sleep apnea syndrome on glycemic variability in patients with type 2 diabetes
The importance of early diagnosis in amiotrophic lateral sclerosis
Carfilzomib efficacy and safety in relapse/refractory multiple myeloma – single center experience
Hyperimmunoglobulin E syndrome – rare in pediatric practice, but still a diagnostic to consider
Severe heart failure due to Galen malformations – case report
Effects of weight loss on epicardial fat after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy - a 2D echocardiographic study
Prognostic value of serum albumin on the intrahospital evolution of patients with unstable angina
Cause of death among people living with HIV Infection: Cluj-Napoca AIDS Center Experience
Diverticular disease: a systematic review
Analysis of the left atrial appendage function by intracardiac echocardiography in patients with atrial fibrillation
The right ventricular coronary venous system in patients undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy: A high speed rotational venography study
Hyperammonemic crisis – metabolic disease or the consequence of valproic acid treatment
Differential susceptibility before birth: genetic moderators in the relation between maternal affect during pregnancy and infant stress reactivity and temperament
Particularities of acute liver failure in neonates and infants
A newborn with subcutaneous fat necrosis
An infant with sepsis and infected urachal cyst – case report
Cerebral oxygen saturation in preterm newborns under 33 weeks - useful marker of neonatal transition
Reclassify the type of diabetes mellitus-clinical case
Intravenous administration of levodopa + carbidopa in advanced Parkinson’s disease. Associated comorbidities and their impact on the quality of life. Case presentation
The relationship between insulin resistance, visceral fat thickness and subclinical atherosclerosis in patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
Granulocitic sarcoma - a rare form of acute myeloid leukemia
Floppy infant, severe hypercalcemia and genetic link
Chronic myeloid leukemia associated with hypothyroidism and QT prolongation syndrome
Henoch–Schönlein purpura – neurological involvement
The predictive value of immunological markers in breast cancer patients
Psycho-social analysis regarding patients with chronic kidney disease
Autorzy :
Sevastre - Berghian, Alexandra
Hanganu, Daniela
Benedec, Daniela
Oniga, Ilioara
Baldea, Ioana
Olteanu, Diana
Clichici, Simona
Filip, Gabriela Adriana
Toader, Alina
Mitrea, Daniela
Szel, Monika
Hoteiuc, Oana
Bidian, Cristina
Florea, Adrian
David, Luminita
Moldovan, Bianca
Filip, Adriana
Blebea, Cristina
Ujvary, Peter
Necula, Violeta
Maniu, Alma
Sevastre, Bogdan
Dindelegan, Maximilian
Boarescu, Paul-Mihai
Chirilă, Ioana
Bulboacă, Adriana Elena
Bocşan, Ioana Corina
Pop, Raluca Maria
Gheban, Dan
Uifălean, Ana
Bolboacă, Sorana D.
Cioca, Lucian Ionel
Drugan, Tudor Cătălin
Buzoianu, Anca Dana
Capraş, Roxana-Denisa
Login, Cristian Cezar
Tiperciuc, Brindusa Georgeta
Decea, Nicoleta
Suciu, Soimita Mihaela
Cordoş, Ariana-Anamaria
Muntean, Ioana Adriana
Neag, Maria
Deleanu, Diana
Crăciun, Cristian-Ioan
Crăciun, Anca-Elena
Vesa, Ştefan Cristian
Bocşan, Corina Ioana
Brumboiu, Maria Irina
Alsharoh, Hasan
Hurdiel, Remy
Peze, Thierry
Zunquin, Gautier
Porrovecchio, Alessandro
Cazacu, Irina
Mogosan, Cristina Ionela
Calinici, Tudor
Tavolacci, Marie-Pierre
Ladner, Joel
Vlaicu, Iulia-Alexandra
Stoia, Petruţa Viorica
Zubaşcu, Patriciu Gheorghiţă
Goadă, Dragoş
Bălăcescu, Loredana
Lisencu, Cosmin
Puscas, Emil
Burz, Claudia
Stoeber, Leander
Parvu, Marcel
Uifalean, Ana
Parvu, Alina Elena
Ţicolea, Mădălina
Fărcaş, Anca
Moţ, Augustin
Kulak, Muhittin
Pârvu, Alina Elena
Aluas, Maria
Neag, Maria Adriana
Prunea, Dan Mihai
Bocsan, Ioana Corina
Dudea-Simon, Marina
Schiau, Calin
Dudea, Sorin
Feier, Diana
Ciortea, Razvan
Malutan, Andrei
Mihu, Dan
Mocan, Oana
Procopciuc, Lucia Maria
Cristea, Anca
Rădulescu, Dan
Buzdugan, Elena
Cozma, Angela
Coman, Alexandru
Pop, Raluca M.
Puia, Ion C.
Puia, Aida
Chedea, Veronica S.
Boca, A.N.
Bocsan, Corina I.
Buzoianu, Anca D.
Seillier, Marie
Jurcău, Ramona
Jurcău, Ioana
Colceriu, Nicolae
Vanheesbeke, Marie-Caroline
Lambinet, Marie
Sekkal, Malak
Mitrea, Daniela-Rodica
Toader, Alina-Mihaela
Malkey, Ronny
Hoteiuc, Oana-Alina
Bâldea, Ioana
Moldovan, Remus
Ilieş, Roxana Flavia
Pop, Dana Alexandra
Cătană, Andreea
Popp, Radu Anghel
Schiotis, Ruxandra Elena
Filipescu, Ileana
Rednic, Simona
Pandrea, Stanca-Lucia
Tompa, Manuela
Ciontea, Monica Ioana
Pandrea, Stanca-Maria
Tompa, Ronald
Pepelea, Lia Sorina
Matroş, Luminiţa
Stache-Ciucanu, Otilia-Maria
Puşcaş, Emil
Oniţiu, Nadia Gherman
Ţaranu, Ioana
Drugan, Cristina
Cătană, Cristina-Sorina
Drugan, Tudor C.
Chis, Adina
Vulturar, Romana
Bunea, Ioana
Miu, Andrei C.
Rusu, Adriana
Craciun, Anca
Bala, Cornelia
Roman, Gabriela
Maierean, Anca
Todea, Doina
Zsoldos, Iulia Andrea
Bojan, Anca
Parvu, Andrada
Tomşa, Anamaria Magdalena
Răchişan, Andreea Liana
Blaga, Ligia
Lazea, Cecilia
Oprita, Simona
Abrudan, Gabriela
Matyas, Melinda
Hasmasanu, Monica
Zaharie, Gabriela
Grosu, Alin
Crisan, Dana
Radulescu, Dan
Dudric, Vlad
Constantea, Nicolae
Avram, Lucretia
Miclaus, Dan
Chiorescu, Roxana Mihaela
Barta, Anamaria
Mare, Codruta
Jianu, Cristian
Filipescu, Irina
Topan, Adriana V.
Itu-Mureşan, Corina
Sabo, Cristina Maria
Dumitrascu, Dan Lucian
Blendea, Dan
Pop, Sorin
Pop, Dana
Mocan, Mihaela
Mansour, Moussa
McPherson, Craig
Stoia, Mirela
Anton, Florin
Chevalier, Jianping
Singh, Jagmeet
Dobra, Iulia
Popa, Oana
Roşu, Olivia Verişezan
Blesneag, Alina
Andreica, Sorin
Chiş, Adina
Miu, Andrei
Grama, Alina
Burac, Lucia
Cainap, Simona
Pacurar, Diana
Bodea, Laura
Militaru, Mihai
Maris, Alexandra
Sirbe, Claudia
Grigore, Madalina
Pop, Tudor L.
Gheorhe, Popa
Asavoaie, Carmen
Cosarca, Mihaela
Pop, Tudor L
Lamy, Edgar
Morariu, Diana
Goron, Andrei
Tohanean, Nicoleta
Popa, Luminita
Zebreniuc, Flavia
Perju-Dumbrava, Lacramioara
Leach, Nicoleta Valentina
Răcătăianu, Nicoleta
Para, Ioana
Negrean, Vasile
Sâmpelean, Dorel
Nechifor, Oana
Török, Tünde
Racz, Orsolya
Emma, Francesco
Konrad, Martin
Fufezan, Otilia
Bulata, Bogdan
Bungardi, Adriana
Pop, Vlad
Zsoldos, Andrea
Stanciu, Silvia
Asafti, A
Mako, L
Roşu, P
Isip, O
Mureşanu, DF
Vulcu, Sebastian
Faur, D. M.
Răchişan, A. L
Tomşa, A.
Chezan, C.
Borzan, C.
Cherecheş-Panţa, Paraschiva
Dudilă, Sabina
Puşcaş, Lorena
Rachisan, Andreea Liana
Dubois, Valerie
Ranchin, Bruno
Leclerc, Anne Laure Sellier
Thomas, Aurelia Bertholet
Cochat, Pierre
Bacchetta, Justine
Dumitru-Ionescu, Georgiana
Coste, Sorina Cezara
Breaban, Iulia
Stefan, Andreea Maria
Popovici, Ionela
Taut, Adela Sitar
Sarlea, Simina Tarmure
Orasan, Olga
Sampelean, Dorel
Şerban, Oana
Papp, Iulia
Bădărînză, Maria
Fodor, Daniela
Kalesis, Nikolaos
Vlad, Cristina
Roşu, R
Florea, C
Istratoaie, S
Pop, D
Cismaru, G
Puiu, M
Guşetu, G
Simu, G
Bian, A
Spânu, M
Zdrenghea, D
Motoc, Nicoleta Stefania
Man, Milena Adina
Pop, Carmen Monica
Rajnoveanu, Ruxandra
Gergely-Domokos, Bianca
Gluhovschi, Adrian
Magdau, Cosmina
Leşan, A.
Todea, Doina Adina
Chiş, Ana Florica
Pasca, Anamaria
Zirbo, Ligia
Dumbrava, Lacramioara Perju
Aioanei, Casian-Simon
Damian, Ioana
Nicoara, Simona
Baltoaica, Razvan Lucius
Poienar, Alexandra Andreea
Malutan, Andrei Mihai
Clinciu, Delia
Mirescu, Stefan Claudiu
Mocan-Hognogi, Radu
Dudea, Marina
Bucuri, Carmen Elena
Măluţan, Andrei
Iuhas, Cristian
Oancea, Mihaela
Rada, Maria
Pintican, Daniela
Pop, Miana Gabriela
Fiţ, Ana Maria
Bartoş, Dana
Puia, Cosmin Ion
Nadim, Al-Hajjar
Iancu, Cornel
Iuhas, Cristian-Ioan
Ciortea, Răzvan
Cherecheş, Raul
Bucuri, Carmen
Diculescu, Doru
Nechita, Vlad I.
Leucuţa, Daniel C.
Dragotă, Mihaela
Cosma, Ana M.
Al-Hajjar, Nadim
Graur, Florin
Oltean-Dan, Daniel
Dogaru, Gabriela Bombonica
Apostu, Dragos
Mester, Alexandru
Benea, Horea Rares Ciprian
Paiusan, Mihai Gheorghe
Dan, Cristian Paul
Bardas, Ciprian Alin
Popa, Catalin Ovidiu
Jianu, Elena Mihaela
Berce, Cristian
Toader, Alina Mihaela
Tomoaia, Gheorghe
Ujváry, László Péter
Potârniche, Adrian Valentin
Blebea, Cristina-Maria
Dindelegan, Maximilian George
Chirilă, Magdalena
Araniciu, Cătălin
Oniga, Smaranda Dafina
Stoica, Cristina Ioana
Chifiriuc, Mariana Carmen
Popa, Marcela
Vlase, Laurian
Palage, Mariana
Oniga, Ovidiu
Coman, Fana-Maria
Mbaveng, Armelle T.
Leonte, Denisa
Bencze, László Csaba
Imre, Silvia
Kuete, Victor
Efferth, Thomas
Zaharia, Valentin
Iacoviţă, Cristian
Topală, Tamara
Dudric, Roxana
Pop, Anca
Fizeşan, Ionel
Scoruş, Lavinia
Tetean, Romulus
Ştiufiuc, Rareş
Loghin, Felicia
Lucaciu, Constantin Mihai
Blidar, Adrian
Feier, Bogdan
Tertiş, Mihaela
Cristea, Cecilia
Pusta, Alexandra
Carciuc, Paula
Drăgoiu, Raluca
Drăgan, Ana-Maria
Gliga, Laura-Elena
Bodoki, Andreea Elena
Iacob, Bogdan-Cezar
Oprean, Luminiţa
Bodoki, Ede
Oprean, Radu
Hosu, Oana
Selvolini, Giulia
Băjan, Ioana
Săndulescu, Robert
Marrazza, Giovanna
Cernat, Andreea
Györfi, Szabolcs János
Irimes, Maria-Bianca
Bodoki, Andreea
Suciu, Maria
Melinte, Gheorghe
Ciui, Bianca
Şimon, Ioan
Curean, Teodora
Oroian, Monica
Marcovici, Adriana
Bhardwaj, Sandeep
Nagy, Katalin
Palmieri, Claudio
Duez, Pierre
Oniga, Smaranda
Marc, Gabriel
Stoica, Cristina
Uncu, Livia
Stoian, Adrian Ioan
Prates Ramalho, João P.
Vedeanu, Nicoleta
Voica, Cezara
Magdas, Alina
Kiss, Béla
Ştefan, Maria-Georgia
Simedrea, Ramona
Georgiu, Carmen
Voştinaru, Oliviu
Rusu, Marius
Grozav, Adriana
Popa, Daniela-Saveta
Moldovan, Cadmiel
Mocan, Andrei
Diuzheva, Alina
Carradori, Simone
Bădărău, Sabin
Locatelli, Marcello
Crişan, Gianina
Soković, Marina
Toma, Alexandra
Crişan, Ofelia
Barbălată, Cristina-Ioana
Porfire, Alina Silvia
Boşca, Adina Bianca
Tomuţă, Ioan
Casian, Tibor
Borbás, Enikő
Démuth, Balázs
Farkas, Attila
Farkas, Balázs
Ilyés, Kinga
Marosi, György
Nagy, Zsombor K.
Apan, Bogdan-Horia
Safta, Diana Antonia
Somotecan, Aurelian Dorin
Mogoşan, Cristina
Brumboiu, Irina
Pop, Cristina
Ghibu, Steliana
Scurtu, Iuliu
Pop, Diana
Gheldiu, Ana-Maria
Khuroo, Arshad
Kochhar, Ravi
Epure, Alexandra
Colobăţiu, Liora
Gâvan, Alexandru
Bogdan, Cătălina
Mirel, Simona
Hurubă, Mădălina
Farcaş-Călugăr, Andreea
Kovács, Norbert-Krisztián
Balogh, Attila
Nagy, Zsombor-Kristóf
Cambier, Sébastien
Moschini, Elisa
Chary, Aline
Nelissen, Inge
Ziebel, Johanna
Audinot, Jean-Nicolas
Wirtz, Tom
Kruszewski, Marcin
Serchi, Tommaso
Gutleb, Arno C.
Abrudan, Maria Bianca
Muntean, Dana Maria
Şipoş, Mariana
Farcaş, Andreea
Iurian, Sonia
Roman, Cecilia
Moldovan, Mirela
Rusu, Marius Emil
Ielciu, Irina
Angenot, Luc
Păltinean, Ramona
Ledoux, Allison
Frédérich, Michel
Băbţan, Anida-Maria
Ilea, Aranka
Petrescu, Nausica
Boşca, Bianca
Crişan, Maria
Lenghel, Manuela
Ionel, Anca
Buhatel, Dan
Sava, Arin
Pop, Andreea
Uriciuc, Willi
Mirica, Codruta
Feurdean, Claudia
Câmpian, Radu Septimiu
Lucaciu, Ondine
Sirbu, Adina
Babtan, Anida
Mester, Alex
Bordea, Roxana
Campian, Radu
Manea, Avram
Comsa, Dan-Sorin
Pop, Dumitru
Buiga, Ovidiu
Vacaras, Sergiu
Armencea, Gabriel
Bran, Simion
Dinu, Cristian
Baciut, Mihaela
Baciut, Grigore
Buhăţel, Dan
Sarbu, Adina
Mirică, Codruţa
Cosma, Lavinia
Suhani, Raluca
Mesaros, Anca
Badea, Mindra
Vlas, Ioana
Gasparik, Cristina
Aghiorghiesei, Alexandra
Manziuc, Manuela
Dudea, Diana
Lazar (Moldovan), Madalina Anca
Rotar, Alexandru Horatiu
Prejmerean, Cristina
Moldovan, Marioara
Prodan, Doina
Balc, Nicolae
Bere, Paul
Aluaş, Maria
Fluerasu, Mirela
Buduru, Smaranda
Iacob, Simona
Zaharia, Alina
Popa, Daniela
Bocsan, Corina
Mirica, Ioana-Codruta
Campian, Radu-Septimiu
Moga, R.A.
Chiorean, C.G.
Chisnoiu, Radu
Berar, Antonela
Lascu, Liana
Chisnoiu, Andrea
Braitoru, Claudia
Uriciuc, Willi A.
Campian, Radu S.
Rotaru, Doina
Păstrav, Ovidiu
Hrab, Dana
Saroşi, Codruţa
Delean, Ada
Bucur, Alexandra
Feştilă, Dana
Bunta, Olimpia
Ţărmure, Viorica
Băciuţ, Mihaela
Dicu, Diana – Claudia
Florea, Diana-Alexandra
Mocanu, Aurora
Tomoaia-Cotisel, Maria
Greta, D
Gasparik, C
Colosi, H
Dudea, D
Pastrav, Mihaela
Tarmure, Viorica
Simon, I.
Hedesiu, M.
Virag, P.
Salmon, B.
Tarmure, V.
Baciut, M.
Bran, S.
Jacobs, R.
Falamas, A.
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
Basic Sciences
Medical Sciences
Surgical Specialties
Fundamental Research
Pharmaceutical Specialties
Dental Medicine
oxidative stress
physical training
heart rate
physical effort
cycle ergometer
Rhodiola Rosea
physical streiss
salivary pH
PubMed filters
non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
insulin resistance
visceral fat thickness
carotid intima- media thickness
subclinical atherosclerosis
fetal outcome
flowable resin composites
mechanical properties
modulus of elasticity
composite materials
indirect aesthetic reconstruction
shade system
Źródło :
Medicine and Pharmacy Reports
Tytuł :
In Vitro Antiplasmodial and Cytotoxic Activities of Compounds from the Roots of Eriosema montanum Baker f. (Fabaceae).
Autorzy :
Tomani, Jean Claude Didelot
Bonnet, Olivier
Nyirimigabo, Alain
Deschamps, William
Tchinda, Alembert Tiabou
Jansen, Olivia
Ledoux, Allison
Mukazayire, Marie Jeanne
Vanhamme, Luc
Frédérich, Michel
Muganga, Raymond
Souopgui, Jacob
Rakotondraibe, Harinantenaina Liva
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
PLANT extracts
PLASMODIUM falciparum
Źródło :
Molecules; May2021, Vol. 26 Issue 9, p2795-2795, 1p
Terminy geograficzne :
SUB-Saharan Africa
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
In vivo Antimalarial and Antitrypanosomal Activity of Strychnogucine B, a Bisindole Alkaloid from Strychnos icaja.
Autorzy :
Beaufay, Claire
Ledoux, Allison
Jansen, Olivia
Bordignon, Annélise
Zhao, Senzhi
Teijaro, Christiana N
Andrade, Rodrigo B
Quetin-Leclercq, Joëlle
Frédérich, Michel
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
Strychnogucine B
Strychnos icaja
Źródło :
Planta Medica, Vol. 84, p. 881–885 (2018)
Tytuł :
In vitro antiplasmodial and cytotoxic activities of sesquiterpene lactones from Vernonia fimbrillifera Less. (Asteraceae)
Autorzy :
Bordignon, Annélise
Frederich, Michel
Ledoux, Allison
Campos, Pierre Éric
Clerc, Patricia
Hermann, Thomas
Quetin-Leclercq, Joëlle
Cieckiewicz, Ewa
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
[SDV.SP]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Pharmaceutical sciences
[CHIM.THER]Chemical Sciences/Medicinal Chemistry
Źródło :
Natural Product Research, Taylor & Francis, In press, ⟨10.1080/14786419.2017.1350665⟩

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