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Tytuł :
Cover ImageReport and Abstracts of the 14th Meeting of IIM, the Interuniversity Institute of Myology, - Assisi (Italy), October 12-15, 2017
LECTURE 1: Breaking news on the regulation of striated muscle contraction: thick filament participates!
LECTURE 2: The role of endogenous signals in cellular reprogramming and programming
LECTURE 3: Transcriptional regulation of skeletal muscle function: local and systemic impact
LECTURE 4: Effect of exercise on cellular senescence and systemic mitochondrial function
1.1 SH3BP2 as a novel scaffold protein regulating muscle postsynaptic machinery
1.2 Identification of a novel FoxO-dependent regulator of muscle mass
1.3 The physiopathological role of mitochondrial calcium uptake in skeletal muscle homeostasis
1.4 Mitochondria and Cytoskeleton rearrangement in Drp1 overexpressing skeletal muscle
1.5 Unravelling MYO9A pathophysiology in CMS
1.6 Organelle pathology affecting protein processing and clearance in Myotonic Dystrophy type 1
1.7 Lacking of Nfix in macrophages induces a defect of muscle regeneration through failed phenotypical switch
1.8 Signaling pathways controlling Nfix expression in prenatal and postnatal skeletal muscle progenitors
2.1 Mechanisms underlying aerobic training as a strategy to prevent episodes related to heat stress
2.2 Exercise prevents formation of Tubular Aggregates in ageing skeletal muscle fibers
2.3 New Biomarkers in Amiotrophyc Lateral Sclerosis Etiopathogenesis: Analysis of the Biophysical Properties and Gene Expression in Skeletal Muscle of SOD-1 Mouse Models and Repurposing of Acetazolamide as a New Therapeutic Approach
2.4 Physiological and structural properties of the Octopus vulgaris arm hydrostatic muscles
3.1 HDAC4 regulates satellite cell proliferation and differentiation by targeting P21 and Sharp1 genes
3.2 A first look at Acid Sphingomyelinase in the pathophysiology of Duchenne muscular dystrophy
3.3 Muscle perivascular stem cells for advanced skeletal muscle tissue regenerative approaches
3.4 Mitochondrial bioenergetic profile in correlation with ROS production in young and elderly human satellite cells
3.5 Molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating satellite cell quiescence and growth arrest
3.6 Tissue engineering of skeletal muscle for regenerative medicine strategies
3.7 Macrophages as regulators of skeletal muscle regeneration: factors secreted by murine J774 cells affect proliferation, differentiation and survival of muscle stem cells and fibro-adipogenic progenitors
3.8 Loss of MMP13 impedes satellite cell migration and delays muscle regeneration
4.1 Histone H3 Lysine 9 methyltransferases G9a and GLP as potential pharmacological targets in skeletal muscle regeneration and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
4.2 Investigating pathophysiological mechanisms of the heart in DMD
4.3 The Polycomb Ezh2 chromatin modifier modulates chronic muscle fibrosis by repressing fibro-adipogenic progenitors’ expansion
4.4 Gene editing of DMPK mutated gene in myotonic dystrophy type 1
4.5 HDAC4 preserves skeletal muscle structure following long-term denervation mediating the activation of catabolic pathways
4.6 An in vitro model of FSHD based on human pluripotent stem cell-derived skeletal myotubes and its application in drug discovery
4.7 Novel zebrafish models of sarcoglycanopathy
5.1 Cynidin enriched diet delays muscular dystrophy in alpha-sarcoglycan null mice
5.2 High intensity exercise induced muscle remodelling requires histone modifications and increased MRTF-SRF signaling
5.3 The differentiation of fibro adipogenic progenitors of a mouse model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is insensitive to negative regulation by Notch
5.4 Lamin A/C is crucial for skeletal muscle plasticity
5.5 Monitoring oxygen-sensors in cardiac hypertrophy using a non-pressure overload animal model
5.6 A MICU1 splice variant confers high sensitivity to the Ca2+ uptake machinery of skeletal muscle
6.1 The voice of patients and their families – Parent Project6.2 Improving the myogenic regenerative capacity of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived mesodermal progenitors
6.3 Sarcoglycanopathy: from the molecular mechanism to new therapeutic perspectives
6.4 Human dental pulp pluripotent-like stem cells promote tissue regeneration through paracrine signaling and direct contribution
6.5 Strengthening the neuromuscular junction as a new concept for the treatment of congenital myasthenic syndromes and motor neuropathies with synaptic dysfunction
6.6 Autologous intramuscular transplantation of engineered satellite cells induces exosome-mediated systemic expression of Fukutin-Related Protein and rescues disease phenotype in a murine model of Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2I
7.1 Inhibition of glutathione peroxidase 4 primes mouse C2C12 myoblasts and rhabdomyosarcoma cell lines to ferroptosis
7.2 Micro-computed tomography for non-invasive evaluation of muscle atrophy in mouse models of neuromuscular disease and cancer cachexia
7.3 Musclin: an exercise-induced myokine useful to contrast muscle wasting during cancer
7.4 Elderly human mesoangioblasts are impaired in proliferation and in differentiation potential
7.5 Role of MICAL2 in adult myogenic differentiation
7.6 25(OH) Vitamin D3 protects from atrophy in vitro
P.01 Evaluation of anti-atrophic activity of anamorelin in models of muscle wasting
P.02 Glycosylation stabilizes IGF-1Ea pro hormone and regulates its secretion
P.03 2D and 3D Disease Modeling of Becker and Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophies
P.04 Role of IGF-1 in sarcopenia
P.05 PGC-1α overexpression in the skeletal muscle: effects on myogenesis
P.06 In early stages of cancer-cachexia, loss of mass of fast-twitch fibers results from mitochondria and SR reduction.
P.07 Caveolin-3, MURC and Trim72 predict myogenic differentiation in the human embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma RD cell line
P.08 Physical preconditioning prior to hindlimb unloading preserves gastrocnemius mass
P.09 Exercise role on myotendinous junction modulation: a morphofunctional study
P.10 Electrical pulse-stimulation of myotubes induces extracellular vesicle release
P.11 RAGE and its ligands, S100B and HMGB1, are molecular determinants of cancer-induced muscle wasting
Autorzy :
Gabellini, Davide
Musarò, Antonio
Linari, Marco
Elvassore, Nicola
Ruas, Jorge
Tarnopolsky, Mark
Bernadzki, Krzysztof Marian
Gawor, Marta
Niewiadomski, Paweł
Pradhan, Bhola Shankar
Prószyński, Tomasz Jacek
Franco-Romero, Anaïs
Milan, Giulia
Romanello, Vanina
Sartori, Roberta
Sandri, Marco
Gherardi, Gaia
Stefani, Diego De
Rizzuto, Rosario
Mammucari, Cristina
Giovarelli, Matteo
Zecchini, Silvia
Brucoli, Martina
Palma, Clara De
O’Connor, Emily
Phan, Vietxuan
Cordts, Isabell
Cairns, George
Roos, Andreas
Lochmüller, Hanns
Isham, Angus
Bowers, Charlie
O´Connor, Emily
Hathazi, Denisa
Jimenez-Moreno, Aura Cecilia
Pogoryelova, Oksana
Furling, Denis
Verhaart, Ingrid
Nikolenko, Nikoletta
Saclier, Marielle
Rossi, Giuliana
Antonini, Stefania
Lapi, Michela
Bonfanti, Chiara
Messina, Graziella
Taglietti, Valentina
Monteverde, Stefania
Guarnier, Flávia A.
Pietrangelo, Laura
Serano, Matteo
Boncompagni, Simona
Protasi, Feliciano
Pecorai, Claudia
Michelucci, Antonio
Fonzino, Adriano
Conte, Elena
Camerino, Giulia Maria
Liantonio, Antonella
Bellis, Michela De
Mele, Antonietta
Tricarico, Domenico
Dobrowolny, Gabriella
Pierno, Sabata
Maiole, Federica
Benfenati, Fabio
Zullo, Letizia
Bertin, Marco
Marroncelli, Nicoletta
Bianchi, Marzia
Consalvi, Silvia
Saccone, Valentina
Bardi, Marco De
Puri, Pier Lorenzo
Palacios, Daniela
Adamo, Sergio
Moresi, Viviana
Renzo, Ilaria Di
Clementi, Emilio
Perrotta, Cristiana
Fornetti, Ersilia
Testa, Stefano
Fuoco, Claudia
Cesareni, Gianni
Cannata, Stefano
Gargioli, Cesare
Marrone, Mariangela
Rovere, Rita Maria Laura La
Guarnieri, Simone
Fulle, Stefania
Bultynck, Geert
Mancinelli, Rosa
Relaix, Frederic
Urciuolo, Anna
Serena, Elena
Urbani, Luca
Perin, Silvia
Vitiello, Libero
Blaauw, Bert
de Coppi, Paolo
Elavassore, Nicola
Galletta, Eva
Majo, Federica De
Tibaudo, Lucia
Giacomazzi, Giorgia
Madaro, Luca
Mandla, Serena
Gilbert, Penney
Smith, Lucas
Kok, Hui Jean
Barton, Elisabeth
Bianconi, Valeria
Biferali, Beatrice
Mozzetta, Chiara
Carr, Stephanie
Ritso, Morten
Brand, Theresa
Krebs, Stefan
Graf, Alexander
Blum, Helmut
Lorenz, Kristina
Lochmϋller, Hanns
Pasut, Alessandra
Manilla, Marcella Low
Perdiguero, Eusebio
Muñoz-Cánoves, Pura
Rossi, Fabio
Sartorelli, Vittorio
Provenzano, Claudia
Cappella, Marisa
Valaperta, Rea
Cardani, Rosanna
Meola, Giovanni
Martelli, Fabio
Cardinali, Beatrice
Falcone, Germana
Pigna, Eva
Greco, Emanuela
Simonazzi, Elena
Rickard, Amanda Marie
Arjomand, Jamshid
Kiselyov, Alex
Schmidt, Uli
Soardi, Michela
Carotti, Marcello
Fecchio, Chiara
Sacchetto, Roberta
Sandonà, Dorianna
Caruso, Enrico
Petroni, Katia
Tonelli, Chiara
Solagna, Francesca
Nogara, Leonardo
Dyar, Kenneth A.
Chemello, Francesco
Uhlenhaut, Henriette
Vissing, Kristian
Kruger, Marcus
Marinkovic, Milica
Petrilli, Lucia Lisa
Spada, Filomena
Sacco, Francesca
Rosina, Marco
Mann, Matthias
Castagnoli, Luisa
Owens, Daniel
Mésséant, Julien
Herledan, Gaelle
Ferry, Arnaud
Bertrand, Anne
Bonne, Gisèle
Coirault, Catherine
Belotti, Giulia
Ceccarelli, Gabriele
Benedetti, Laura
Mulas, Francesca
Bellazzi, Riccardo
Angelis, Maria Gabriella Cusella De
Sampaolesi, Maurilio
Ronzoni, Flavio Lorenzo
Reane, Denis Vecellio
Vallese, Francesca
Checchetto, Vanessa
Acquasaliente, Laura
Butera, Gaia
Filippis, Vincenzo De
Szabò, Ildikò
Zanotti, Giuseppe
Raffaello, Anna
Breuls, Natacha
Costamagna, Domiziana
Holvoet, Bryan
Duelen, Robin
Sahakyan, Vardine
Gobbo, Valerio
Germinario, Elena
Martínez-Sarrà, Ester
Montori, Sheyla
Gil-Recio, Carlos
Núñez-Toldrà, Raquel
Rotini, Alessio
Atari, Maher
Luttun, Aernout
Spendiff, Sally
Howarth, Rachel
McMacken, Grace
Cipriani, Silvia
Horvath, Rita
Frattini, Paola
Villa, Chiara
Santis, Francesca De
Meregalli, Mirella
Belicchi, Marzia
Erratico, Silvia
Bella, Pamela
Raimondi, Manuela Teresa
Lu, Qilong
Torrente, Yvan
Codenotti, Silvia
Poli, Maura
Asperti, Michela
Fanzani, Alessandro
Pasetto, Laura
Olivari, Davide
Nardo, Giovanni
Bendotti, Caterina
Piccirillo, Rosanna
Bonetto, Valentina
Cecconi, Andrea David Re
Martinelli, Giulia Benedetta
Previdi, Sara
Marchini, Sergio
Beltrame, Luca
Filippo, Ester Sara di
Nefele, Giarratana
Sustova, Hana
Feudis, Marilisa De
Reano, Simone
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Agosti, Emanuela
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Ferrara, Michele
Angelino, Elia
Graziani, Andrea
Annibalini, Giosuè
Santi, Mauro De
Contarelli, Serena
Saltarelli, Roberta
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Bursac, Nenad
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Nicoletti, Carmine
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Ballarò, Riccardo
Iannuzzi, Ambra
Penna, Fabio
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Blegniski, Fernanda Paschoal
Cecchini, Rubens
Guarnier, Flávia Alessandra
Bonazza, Francesca
Gavazzi, Sara
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Bottinelli, Roberto
Pellegrino, Maria Antonietta
Burini, Debora
Salucci, Sara
Battistelli, Michela
Burattini, Sabrina
Gobbi, Pietro
Falcieri, Elisabetta
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Ceccaroli, Paola
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Chiappalupi, Sara
Riuzzi, Francesca
Salvadori, Laura
Sagheddu, Roberta
Donato, Rosario
Sorci, Guglielmo
Gervasi, Marco
Marini, Carlo Ferri
Fardetti, Francesco
Grassi, Eugenio
Benelli, Piero
de Winter, Josine
Molenaar, Joery
Marabita, Manuela
van Willigenburg, Menne
Conijn, Stefan
Joureau, Barbara
Stienen, Ger
Lassche, Saskia
Irving, Thomas
Campbell, Ken
van Engelen, Baziel
Voermans, Nicol
Ottenheijm, Coen
Filippo, Ester Sara Di
Huylebroeck, Danny
Feno, Simona
Munari, Fabio
Viola, Antonella
Forcina, Laura
Pelosi, Laura
Miano, Carmen
Forino, Monica
Santis, Julie De
Steikuhler, Christian
Caprini, Gianluca
Fossati, Gianluca
Protasiuk, Anna
Rędowicz, Maria Jolanta
González-Coraspe, José Andrés
Freier, Erik
Buchkremer, Stephan
Zahedi, René
Brauer, Eva
Michels, Hannah
Sunada, Yoshihide
Weis, Joachim
Zeynab, Koumaiha
Périou, Baptiste
Rigolet, Muriel
Gherardi, Romain
Lafuste, Peggy
Bastoni, Mattia
Innocenzi, Anna
Pinardi, Luca
Faggi, Fiorella
Ronca, Roberto
Petrillo, Sara
Piemonte, Fiorella
Travaglini, Lorena
Catteruccia, Michela
Petrini, Stefania
Verardo, Margherita
D’Amico, Adele
Bertini, Enrico
Ferrar, Michele
Rossi, Francesca
Legnini, Ivano
Megiorni, Francesca
Camero, Simona
Dominici, Carlo
Sthandier, Olga
Timoteo, Gaia Di
Dattilo, Dario
Bozzoni, Irene
Luca, Giovanni
Mancuso, Francesca
Calvitti, Mario
Arato, Iva
Full, Stefania
Calafiore, Riccardo
Calcabrini, Cinzia
Fimognari, Carmela
Sestili, Piero
Tucciarone, Luca
Lugarini, Francesca
Wyart, Elisabeth
Bindels, Laure
Porporato, Paolo E
Zampieri, Sandra
Fusella, Arianna
Höfer, Christian
Löfler S, Stefan
Sarabon, Nejc
Cvecka, Jan
Carraro, Ugo
Kern, Helmut
Baraldo, Martina
Meacci, Elisabetta
Fortunato, Angelo
Matteini, Francesca
Pierucci, Federica
Frati, Alessia
Battistini, Chiara
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
muscle development
stem cells
muscle wasting
proof of concept
translational myology
ex-vivo and in-vivo studies
clinical trials
Źródło :
European Journal of Translational Myology
Tytuł :
The miR-223 host non-coding transcript linc-223 induces IRF4 expression in acute myeloid leukemia by acting as a competing endogenous RNA
Autorzy :
Mangiavacchi, Arianna
Sorci, Melissa
Masciarelli, Silvia
Larivera, Simone
Legnini, Ivano
Iosue', Ilaria
Bozzoni, Irene
Fazi, Francesco
Fatica, Alessandro
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
hemic and lymphatic diseases
acute myeloid leukemia
long non-coding RNA
Research Paper
Źródło :
Oncotarget. 7

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