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Title :
A recessive form of hyper-IgE syndrome by disruption of ZNF341-dependent STAT3 transcription and activity
Authors :
Beziat, Vivien
Li, Juan
Lin, Jian-Xin
Ma, Cindy
Li, Peng
Bousfiha, Aziz
Pellier, Isabelle
Zoghi, Samaneh
Baris, Safa
Keles, Sevgi
Gray, Paul
Du, Ning
Wang, Yi
Zerbib, Yoann
Levy, Romain
Leclercq, Thibaut
About, Frédégonde
Lim, Ai Ing
Rao, Geetha
Payne, Kathryn
Pelham, Simon
Avery, Danielle
Deenick, Elissa
Pillay, Bethany
Chou, Janet
Guery, Romain
Belkadi, Aziz
Guerin, Antoine
Migaud, Melanie
Rattina, Vimel
Ailal, Fatima
Benhsaien, Ibtihal
Bouaziz, Matthieu
Habib, Tanwir
Chaussabel, Damien
Marr, Nico
El-Benna, Jamel
Grimbacher, Bodo
Wargon, Orli
Bustamante, Jacinta
Boisson, Bertrand
Müller-Fleckenstein, Ingrid
Fleckenstein, Bernhard
Chandesris, Marie-Olivia
Titeux, Matthias
Fraitag, Sylvie
Alyanakian, Marie-Alexandra
Leruez-Ville, Marianne
Picard, Capucine
Meyts, Isabelle
Di Santo, James
Hovnanian, Alain
Somer, Ayper
Ozen, Ahmet
Rezaei, Nima
Chatila, Talal
Abel, Laurent
Leonard, Warren
Tangye, Stuart
Puel, Anne
Casanova, Jean-Laurent
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Subject Terms :
MESH: Adolescent
MESH: Adult
MESH: Job Syndrome/genetics
MESH: Job Syndrome/immunology
MESH: Cell Differentiation/genetics
MESH: Loss of Function Mutation
MESH: Lymphocyte Count
MESH: Male
MESH: Middle Aged
MESH: Pedigree
MESH: Promoter Regions, Genetic/genetics
MESH: RNA, Messenger/metabolism
MESH: Gene Expression Regulation/immunology
MESH: STAT3 Transcription Factor/genetics
MESH: STAT3 Transcription Factor/immunology
MESH: STAT3 Transcription Factor/metabolism
MESH: Cell Differentiation/immunology
MESH: Th17 Cells/immunology
MESH: Th17 Cells/metabolism
MESH: Th2 Cells/immunology
MESH: Th2 Cells/metabolism
MESH: Transcription Factors/genetics
MESH: Transcription Factors/immunology
MESH: Genes, Recessive/genetics
MESH: Transcription Factors/metabolism
MESH: Transcription, Genetic/immunology
MESH: Whole Exome Sequencing
MESH: Young Adult
MESH: Cell Nucleus/metabolism
MESH: Zinc Fingers/genetics
MESH: Consanguinity
MESH: Cytokines/immunology
MESH: Cytokines/metabolism
MESH: Exons/genetics
MESH: Genes, Recessive/immunology
MESH: Female
MESH: Homozygote
MESH: Humans
MESH: Immunoglobulin E/blood
MESH: Immunoglobulin E/immunology
MESH: Job Syndrome/blood
[SDV.IMM]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Immunology
Source :
Science Immunology, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2018, 3 (24), pp.eaat4956. ⟨10.1126/sciimmunol.aat4956⟩
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