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Title :
Structural analysis of TIFA: Insight into TIFA-dependent signal transduction in innate immunity
Authors :
Nakamura, TeruyaAff1, Aff2
Hashikawa, Chie
Okabe, Kohtaro
Yokote, Yuya
Chirifu, Mami
Toma-Fukai, Sachiko
Nakamura, Narushi
Matsuo, Mihoko
Kamikariya, Miho
Okamoto, Yoshinari
Gohda, Jin
Akiyama, Taishin
Semba, Kentaro
Ikemizu, Shinji
Otsuka, Masami
Inoue, Jun-ichiroAff5, Aff8
Yamagata, Yuriko
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Source :
Scientific Reports. 10(1)
Academic Journal
    Showing 1-4 from 4 results

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