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Title :
Development and Validation of a Whole-Genome Screening Strategy.
Authors :
da Silva Antunes, Ricardo
Quiambao, Lorenzo G.
Sutherland, Aaron
Soldevila, Ferran
Dhanda, Sandeep Kumar
Armstrong, Sandra K.
Brickman, Timothy J.
Merkel, Tod
Peters, Bjoern
Sette, Alessandro
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Subject Terms :
BORDETELLA pertussis
T cells
WHOOPING cough vaccines
Source :
Journal of Immunology Research; 4/2/2020, p1-11, 11p, 3 Diagrams, 4 Graphs
Academic Journal
Title :
Multiple Roles of Myd88 in the Immune Response to the Plague F1-V Vaccine and in Protection against an Aerosol Challenge of Yersinia pestis CO92 in Mice.
Authors :
Dankmeyer, Jennifer L.
Fast, Randy L.
Cote, Christopher K.
Worsham, Patricia L.
Fritz, David
Fisher, Diana
Kern, Steven J.
Merkel, Tod
Kirschning, Carsten J.
Amemiya, Kei
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Subject Terms :
YERSINIA diseases
ANTIGENIC variation
IMMUNE response
Source :
Journal of Immunology Research; 2014, p1-13, 13p
Academic Journal
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