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Tytuł :
Highlights of the Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) Highly Qualified Personnel Poster Session
Advance Care Planning: Building Capacity in Interprofessional Primary Care Teams
The Effects of the Serious Illness Care Program (SICP) on Health Care Resource Utilization (HRU)
Anticipatory Long-Term Care Resident Triage (ALERT) Tool: Lessons Learned from Trial of Implementation of e-INTERACT in 4 Canadian Long-Term Care Homes
Implementation of the Clinical Frailty Scale into the Alberta Intensive Care Unit Electronic Medical Record
Strategies for Sustaining and Spreading Improved Nutrition Care in Hospital
Resistance Training to Improve Physical Function in Pre-Frail Adults: A Randomized Trial
Assessing Quality of Goals of Care Conversations During SICP QI Initiative
Engaging Primary Health-Care Providers in Advance Care Planning: Recommendations from Stakeholder Dialogues
Advance Care Planning with Older Gay Men Living with HIV: Challenges and Opportunities
Pilot Study of an Automated One-Year Mortality Prediction Tool to Trigger Advance Care Planning
Using an Automated Mortality Prediction Tool to Focus Advance Care Planning Efforts for Inpatients: What are the Unmet Palliative Care Needs of Those Identified by the HOMR Application
Identifying Older Patients at High Risk of Poor Outcomes After Major Elective Surgery
Understanding the Role of the Public in Reducing Low- Value Care: A Scoping Review
Training Practitioners in the Use of the CSNAT Approach—Adapted for Canadian Context
The eDosette: Improving Medication Adherence and Reduce Regime Complexity in Community Dwelling Seniors
How Robust are Frailty Assessments? A Systematic Review of the Application of Frailty in the Surgical Population
Feeling Heard and Understood Within a Hospital Setting: Assessing Patient and Family Member’s Perception of Communication Before and After a Serious Illness Conversation
More-2-Eat Phase 2: Developing a Self-Serve Registry to Track Nutrition Care in Hospitals
Diarrhea During Mechanical Ventilation: A Multicenter Study
The Association Between Physician Intensity of Episodic Antibiotic Prescribing and the Prescribing of Opioids, Benzodiazepines and Proton Pump Inhibitors: A Window for Improving Physician Prescribing Behavior to Frail Adults
The Role of Body Composition in Predicting Outcomes in the Elderly Following Acute Abdominal Surgery
Implementing the ‘Frailty Portal’ in Community Primary Care Practice: Evaluating Feasibility, Effects and Expansion Needs
Setting the Stage for a Co-design Process: A Scoping Study of mHealth Tools to Support Care Coordination
Paradoxical Relationship of Muscle Fibre Cross-Sectional Area in Older Emergency Surgery Patients
Pre-morbid Characteristics of Home Care Clients Predict Delayed Discharge in Acute Hospitals: Results from a Retrospective Cohort Study
The NORC Index: A Tool to Identify and Prioritize Naturally-Occurring Retirement Communities
A Protocol for the Fit-Joint Pilot RCT of A Multi-modal Intervention in Frail Patients with Osteoarthritis
Exploring Factors Associated with Burden of Care Among Caregivers of Cognitively-Impaired Frail Elderly People Facing Housing Decisions
Exploring the Differences Between Pre-ICU and 1-Year CFS Scores: A Follow-Up Study of ICU Survivors
Sedentary Behaviour in Long-Term Care
Is Duration of Exercise Associated with Greater Physical Function in Older Adults
Physician Perspectives of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD): A Scoping Review
Preoperative Cardiac Surgery Frailty Assessment: Alberta Provincial Prospective Cohort Results
Frail older People with Fragmented Rural Care
Exploring the Needs and Associated Out-of-Pocket Expenses of Older People Living with Frailty who Wish to Age in Place
Critical Care’s Impact on the Gut Microbiome in Frailty: A Study on Cognitive Outcomes
Exploring Understanding of Illness to Improve End-of- Life Communication in Older Adults with Heart Failure and Their Family Caregivers
Consideration of Psychosocial Factors in Frailty Screening: A Scoping Review Protocol
Care Provision to the Older Adult Living with Frailty in Primary Health Care Team-Based Models in Ontario: An Exploratory Multiple Case Study
Dementia, Frailty and the Alternate Level of Care Experience
Caring Ahead: Developing a Questionnaire to Measure Caregiver Death Preparedness in Dementia
GERAS Dancing for Cognition and Exercise (DANCE): A Feasibility Study
10 Minutes of Aerobic Exercise Benefits Executive Function in Older Adults
Storage and Disposal of Opioids: Medication Challenges with End-of-Life Care in the Home
Caring for the Caregiver: Use of Employee and Family Assistance Programs within NB Nursing Homes
Skeletal Muscle Radiodensity and Cross-Sectional Area Predicts Functional Outcomes in Elderly Patients Undergoing Emergency Surgery
Prevalence of Sarcopenia Among Active Older Adults and Older Adults Undergoing Joint Replacement
Factors Contributing to a Burden-Free Death: A Cross- Sectional Study in Western Canadian Nursing Homes
Impact of Geriatric Emergency Medicine Nurses on Patient Care in the Emergency Department
An Exploration of End-of-Life Care for Older Adults Identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender
Statin Use Associated with Calcification, Insulin Resistance, Hypoandrogenism and Cognitive Decline
A Community Choir to Facilitate Psychosocial and Cognitive Health for Caregivers and Persons with Dementia
Perceptions of a Home-Based Multi-Faceted Program for Frailty-Risk Seniors
Measuring Cardiac Dysfunction via Frailty Index in Rat Models
The Prognostic Value of CT-Determined Muscle CSA to Identify Frailty States in Critically Ill Patients
Use of Proton-Pump Inhibitors in Elderly Hospitalized Patients: An Interdisciplinary Audit
Falls on Geriatric Hospital Units: What Patient Characteristics are the Culprits
Developing and Implementing a Frailty Index in the Cardiac Surgery Population for Medical Decision-Making
Autorzy :
Muscedere, John
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Temat :
Źródło :
Canadian Geriatrics Journal
Tytuł :
Childhood body mass index and endothelial dysfunction evaluated by peripheral arterial tonometry in early midlife
Autorzy :
Williams, M J A
Milne, B J
Ambler, A
Theodore, R
Ramrakha, S
Caspi, A
Moffitt, T E
Poulton, R
Pokaż więcej
Źródło :
Williams, M J A, Milne, B J, Ambler, A, Theodore, R, Ramrakha, S, Caspi, A, Moffitt, T E & Poulton, R 2017, ' Childhood body mass index and endothelial dysfunction evaluated by peripheral arterial tonometry in early midlife ', International Journal of Obesity, vol. 41, no. 9, pp. 1355–1360 .
Opis pliku :
Tytuł :
Unraveling the intrinsic color of chlorophyll
Autorzy :
Milne, B.
Toker, Y.
Rubio, A.
Nielsen, S.
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
Time-dependent density functional theory
Action spectroscopy
macromolecular substances
Color tuning
Źródło :
Milne, B F, Toker, Y, Rubio, A & Nielsen, S B 2015, ' Unraveling the intrinsic color of chlorophyll ', Angewandte Chemie International Edition, vol. 54, no. 7, pp. 2170-2173 .
Tytuł :
Analgesia, enhancement of spinal morphine antinociception, and inhibition of tolerance by ultra-low dose of the α2A-adrenoceptor selective antagonist BRL44408
Autorzy :
Milne, B
Jhamandas, K
Sutak, M
Grenier, P
Cahill, CM
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
Źródło :
Milne, B; Jhamandas, K; Sutak, M; Grenier, P; & Cahill, CM. (2014). Analgesia, enhancement of spinal morphine antinociception, and inhibition of tolerance by ultra-low dose of the α2A-adrenoceptor selective antagonist BRL44408. European Journal of Pharmacology, 743, 89 - 97. doi: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2014.08.040. UC Irvine: Retrieved from:
Opis pliku :
Tytuł :
Autorzy :
Michèle, Saiah
Alain, Borgeat
Oliver, Wilder-Smith
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Źródło :
Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia. May 1992 39(1):A3-A151
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Alpha-2 agonists and anaesthesia
Autorzy :
Milne, B.
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Źródło :
Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia. October 1991 38(7):809-813
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Maritime Heart Centre
Maritime Heart Centre
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Źródło :
Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia. May 1991 38(1):A3-A172
Czasopismo naukowe
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Amyot, Y.
Tanguay, M.
Pharm, B.
Beique, G.
Sidi, A.
Rush, W.
Clanachan, A. S.
Duke, P. C.
Leroux, M.
Corne, R.
Patton, N.
Greenberg, D.
Parrott, J.
Desjardins, P.
Merchant R. N.
Brown W. F.
Watson B. V.
Burrows, F. A.
Tatman, D. J.
Starr, J. M.
Symreng, T.
Kall, R. I.
Schweiger, I. M.
Finlayson, D. C.
Weisel, R. D.
Ivanov, J.
Mickle, D. A.
Fuller, John
Lu, Grant
Dain, Steven
McLean, R. F.
Noble, W. H.
Kolton, M.
Newfield, A. M.
Lipton, J. M.
Ide, T.
Isono, S.
Kochi, T.
Izumi, Y.
Erian, R. F.
Stafford-Smith, M.
Yamada, M.
Johnson, D.
Hurst, T.
Mayers, I.
Tsuda, Takako
Takeuchi, Mikio
Ishikawa, Kiyoshi
Ando, Hiroshi
Hanamura, Yasunori
Takasu, Hiroe
Hiyama, A.
Cardiac Anaesthesia Research Group
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Źródło :
Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia. May 1990 37(1):S1-S169
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