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Tytuł :
Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma: A Novel Form of Composite Lymphoma Potentially Mimicking Richter Syndrome.
Autorzy :
Trimech, Mounir
Letourneau, Audrey
Missiaglia, Edoardo
De Prijck, Bernard
Nagy-Hulliger, Monika
Somja, Joan
Vivario, Manuela
Gaulard, Philippe
Lambert, Frédéric
Bisig, Bettina
de Leval, Laurence
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Źródło :
American Journal of Surgical Pathology; Jun2021, Vol. 45 Issue 6, p773-786, 14p
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Vgll3 operates via Tead1, Tead3 and Tead4 to influence myogenesis in skeletal muscle
Autorzy :
Missiaglia, Edoardo
Vargesson, Neil
Zammit, Peter S.
Figeac, Nicolas
Mohamed, Abdalla D.
Sun, Congshan
Schönfelder, Martin
Matallanas, David
Garcia-Munoz, Amaya
Collie-Duguid, Elaina
De Mello, Vanessa
Pobbati, Ajaybabu V.
Pruller, Johanna
Jaka, Oihane
Harridge, Stephen D. R.
Hong, Wanjin
Shipley, Janet
Wackerhage, Henning
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Temat :
Stem cells
Research Article
Cell Biology
Skeletal muscle
Źródło :
Journal of cell science, vol. 132, no. 13
Figeac, N, Mohamed, A, Sun, C, Schonfelder, M, Matallanas, D, Garcia-Munoz, A, Missiaglia, E, Collie-Duguid, E, De Mello, V, Pobbati, A, Prueller, J, Jaka Irizar, O, Harridge, S D R, Hong, W, Shipley, J, Vargesson, N, Zammit, P S & Wackerhage, H 2019, ' Vgll3 operates via Tead1, Tead3 and Tead4 to influence myogenesis in skeletal muscle ', Journal of Cell Science, vol. 132, no. 13, 225946 .
Opis pliku :
Tytuł :
Genetic drivers of oncogenic pathways in molecular subgroups of peripheral T-cell lymphoma
Autorzy :
Heavican, Tayla B
Bouska, Alyssa
Yu, J
Lone, Waseem G
Amador, Catalina
Gong, Qiang
Zhang, Weiwei
Li, Yuping
Dave, Bhavana J
Nairismägi, Maarja-Liisa
Greiner, Timothy C
Vose, J
Weisenburger, Dennis D
Lachel, C
Wang, C
Fu, Kai
Stevens, J
Lim, Soon Thye
Ong, Choon Kiat
Gascoyne, Randy D
Missiaglia, Edoardo
Lemonnier, Francois
Haioun, Corinne
Hartmann, S
Pedersen, Martin Bjerregård
Laginestra, MA
Wilcox, R
The, BT
Yoshida, N
Ohshima, K
Seto, Masao
Rosenwald, Andreas
Ott, German
Campo, Elias
Rimsza, Lisa M
Jaffe, Elaine S.
Braziel, R M
d'Amore, Francesco Annibale
Inghirami, Giorgio
Bertoni, F
de Leval, Laurence
Gaulard, Philippe
Staudt, Louis M
McKeithan, Timothy W
Pileri, Stefano A
Chan, Wing C
Iqbal, Javeed
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Temat :
[SDV.CAN]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Cancer
Źródło :
Heavican, T B, Bouska, A, Yu, J, Lone, W G, Amador, C, Gong, Q, Zhang, W, Li, Y, Dave, B J, Nairismägi, M-L, Greiner, T C, Vose, J, Weisenburger, D D, Lachel, C, Wang, C, Fu, K, Stevens, J, Lim, S T, Ong, C K, Gascoyne, R D, Missiaglia, E, Lemonnier, F, Haioun, C, Hartmann, S, Pedersen, M B, Laginestra, MA, Wilcox, R, The, BT, Yoshida, N, Ohshima, K, Seto, M, Rosenwald, A, Ott, G, Campo, E, Rimsza, L M, Jaffe, E S, Braziel, R M, d'Amore, F A, Inghirami, G, Bertoni, F, de Leval, L, Gaulard, P, Staudt, L M, McKeithan, T W, Pileri, S A, Chan, W C & Iqbal, J 2019, ' Genetic drivers of oncogenic pathways in molecular subgroups of peripheral T-cell lymphoma ', Blood, vol. 133, no. 15, pp. 1664-1676 .
Blood, American Society of Hematology, 2019, 133 (15), pp.1664-1676. ⟨10.1182/blood-2018-09-872549⟩
Tytuł :
Collection of the Abstracts of the 2019Sp PMD: Translational Myology and Mobility Medicine
March 28, 2019 –Hotel Augustus, Euganei Hills (Padova), Italy
The future of Restorative Neurology in SCI: Driving Translational pipeline from basic research to clinical rehabilitation
Two-year h-bFES improves structure and function of muscles in complete thoracic-level SCI
The influence of electrode configuration and pulse shape on neural activation
h-bFES of DDM SCI patients and muscle co-activation countermeasures
SESSION II: Muscle epigenetics in aging and myopathies
Epigenetics of endurance exercise
Targeting BET proteins prevents skeletal muscle loss during cancer cachexia
Session III: Experimental approaches in animal models
Vgll3 interacts with Yap/Taz-Tead1-4-dependent gene expression in skeletal muscle
Genes whose gain or loss-of-function increases endurance performance in mice: a systematic literature review
High intensity exercise induces muscle remodeling through chromatin modifications and increased MRTF-SRF signaling
Polyglutamine-expanded androgen receptor in SBMA leads to altered excitation-contraction coupling and muscle force production before motor nerve dysfunction
Mitochondrial adaptation in parvalbumin knockout muscle fibres
Novel zebrafish models of Sarcoglycanopathy
Neutral Lipid Storage Disease with Myopathy: functional study to clarify pathogenic effect of ATGL mutations
March 29, 2019 – Botanical Garden, University of Padova, Italy Three Physiology Lectures Na Channel Activation and Inactivation: Role of Domain 4
Bench to bedside research on Critical Illness Myopathy and Ventilator Induced Diaphragm Muscle Dysfunction
Measuring mitochondrial calcium in muscle fibers at rest and during contraction
Session IV – Face & Voice Rejuvenation
Surface Electrostimulation of Facial Muscles: Tolerability of triangular and rectangular pulses of different lengths in subjects and patients with facial palsy
Functional electrical stimulation for ageing laryngeal muscles: Results from a prospective randomized human trial
A fast de-staining protocol after Lugol’s iodine-contrasted micro-CT scan of laryngeal muscle tissue
Evidence that shortening of stimulus duration can alter the stimulation threshold of neuron types in peripheral nerves
Session V – Muscle Imaging
Store Operated Ca2+ entry in skeletal muscle: where
Exercise prevents formation of Tubular Aggregates in ageing skeletal muscle fibers
Structure and Function Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to Study Muscle Atrophy in UniLateral Limb Suspension (ULLS)
Structure and Function Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to Study Muscle Atrophy in Uni-Lateral Limb Suspension (ULLS)
Human muscle fascicle behavior during drop jumping in conditions of normal, hypo- and hyper-gravity
In-vivo ultrasound assessment of biceps femoris: architecture heterogeneity and region-specific changes in Shear Wave Elastography modulus
Ultrasound and electromyographic assessment of the multifidus spinae muscle: Reliability, function and relevance for sarcopenia
Dynamic Echo Imaging of FES muscle activation and perfusion in SCI
March 30, 2019 Hotel Augustus, Euganei Hills (Padova), Italy
Senior fitness program in Bratislava: age related training, assessments
Literature overview in seniors: training methods, outcome, cost effectiveness
EU Center of Active Aging (CCA) CAA Project overview
New trainings and assessments of CAA
Physical Conditioning Interventions in Older Adults: Literature Review with the Focus on Training Program Description, Study Design and Statistical Analysis
Neurophysiological aspects of CAA
Insights into muscle atrophy and sarcopenia: mechanisms and countermeasures
Exercise induces structural remodeling of intracellular organelles deputed to Ca2+ handling and aerobic ATP production in muscle of mice and human seniors
Home-based Functional Electrical Stimulation recovers epidermis from atrophy and flattening induced by Spinal Cord Injury
Early Rehabilitation after knee and hip replacement Early Rehabilitation Project Overview
Literature review of rehabilitation methods after knee/hip TEP
Sweat and saliva analyses of Myokines in training and rehabilitation
Adaptations of dermal collagen and microvessels to aging, exercise and h-bFES
Muscle mass and nuclear density in atrophy, recovery from atrophy, and hypertrophy after resistance training
2019SpPMD POSTER SESSION Always on display
New animal models of sarcoglycanopathy
Orthodontic treatment on lip, masseter and tongue pressure in children
Home based Functional Electrical Stimulation for Denervated Degenerating Muscle: Training parameters optimized for denervation time and age
Quantitative light morphometry of elastic fibers and vessels in skin of DDM SCI persons
Analysis of EMG signals from the triceps surae muscle in Achilles tendon tests by stroke patients in tSCS treatment
Autorzy :
Carraro, Ugo
Angeli, Claudia A.
Cerrel-Bazo, Humberto
C, Hofer
S, Loefler
B, Ravara
G, Albertin
S, Zampieri
A, Pond
H, Cerrel-Bazo
H, Kern
U, Carraro
Eickhoff, Steffen
Jarvis, Jonathan C
Moresi, Viviana
Benati, Marco
Segatto, Marco
Fittipaldi, Raffaella
Pin, Fabrizio
Sartori, Roberta
Ko, Kyung Dae
Zare, Hossein
Fenizia, Claudio
Zanchettin, Gianpietro
Pierobon, Elisa Sefora
Hatakeyama, Shinji
Sperti, Cosimo
Merigliano, Stefano
Sandri, Marco
Filippakopoulos, Panagis
Costelli, Paola
Sartorelli, Vittorio
Caretti, Giuseppina
Pond, Amber L.
Whitmore, Clayton
Pratt, Evan E.
Anderson, Luke
Rantz, Emily
Salyer, Amy
Wang, Wen-Horng
Weilbaecher, Rod
Davie, Judy K.
Hockerman, Gregory H.
Figeac, Nicolas
Abdalla, Mohamed
Sun, Congshan
Schönfelder, Martin
Gomez, David
Munoz, Amaya Garcia
Missiaglia, Edoardo
Collie-Duguid, Elaina
Mello, Vanessa De
Pobbati, Ajaybabu V.
Jaka, Oihane
Harridge, Stephen DR
Hong, Wanjin
Vargesson, Janet Shipley Neil
Zammit, Pete
Wackerhage, Henning
Nezdad, Fakhreddin Yaghood
Verbrugge, Sander
Becker, Lore
de Angelis, Martin Hrabě
Solagna, Francesca
Nogara, Leonardo
Dyar, Kenneth A.
Uhlenhaut, Henriette
Vissing, Kristian
Kruger, Marcus
Blaauw, Bert
Marco, Pirazzini
Marchioretti, C
Chivet, M
Piol, D
Scaramuzzino, C
Polanco, JM
Nath, S
Zuccaro, E
Nogara, L
Armani, A
Parodi, S
D’Antonio, M
Megighian, A
Sambataro, F
Pegoraro, E
Sorarù, G
Rinaldi, C
Lieberman, AP
Blaauw, B
Sandri, M
Basso, M
Pennuto, M
Butera, Gaia
Canato, Marta
Reane, D Vecellio
Rizzuto, Rosario
Raffaello, A
Reggiani, Carlo
Soardi, Michela
Carotti, Marcello
Bertolucci, Cristiano
Risato, Giovanni
Scano, Martina
Argenton, Francesco
Sacchetto, Roberta
Sandonà, Dorianna
Missaglia, Sara
Angelini, Corrado
Pennisi, Elena Maria
Mora, Marina
Tavian, Daniela
Armstrong, Clay
Larsson, Lars
Marcucci, Lorenzo
Volk, Gerd Fabian
Arnold, Dirk
Thielker, Jovanna
Ruck, Anne
Mothes, Oliver
Mastryukova, Valeria
Mayr, Winfried
Guntinas-Lichius, Orlando
Möller, Martin Christian
Majcher, Daniela
Altmann, Carolin
Gugatschka, Markus
Feiner, M
Kirsch, Andrijana
Gerstenberger, Claus
Perkins, Justin D
Kast, Christoph
Luna, José L. Vargas
Hofer, Christian
Aszmann, Oskar C.
Franzini-Armstrong, Clara
Lavorato, Manuela
Protasi, Feliciano
Boncompagni, Simona
Sinha, Shantanu
Sinha, Usha
Narici, Marco
E, Monti
Ritzmann, R
Freyler, K
Albracht, K
Waldvogel, J
Helm, M
Staudle, B
Cesare, N
Pavan, P
Gollhofer, A
Franchi, Martino V
DP, Fitze
BJ, Raiteri
D, Hahn
J, Spörri
Elena, Monti
Brogi, M
Tagliaferri, S
Ticinesi, A
Maggio, M
Narici, MV
Kern, Helmut
Cvecka, Jan
Tirpakova, Milan Sedliak Veronika
Loefler, Stefan
Hamar, Dusan
Sarabon, Nejc
Sajer, Sascha
Kabas, Felix
Musarò, Antonio
Albertin, Giovanna
Ravara, Barbara
Guidolin, Diego
Porzionato, Andrea
Rambaldo, Anna
Caro, Raffaele De
Zampieri, Sandra
Pond, Amber
Alaibac, Mauro
Guardiero, Giulio Sauro
Viggars, Mark R
Fisher, Andrew
Jarvis, Jonathan C.
Dorianna, Sandonà
Messina, Giuseppe
Giustino, Valerio
Petrigna, Luca
Lakicevic, Nemania
Scoppa, Fabio
Pirino, Alessio
Iovane, Angelo
Bianco, Antonino
Palma, Antonio
Löfler, Stefan
Mayr4, Winfried
Kern5, Helmut
Helgason, Thordur
Karason, Halldor
Gudmundsdottir, Vilborg
Magnusdottir, Gigja
Chenery, Belinda
Ludwigsdottir, Gudbjorg
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Temat :
Translational Myology and Mobility Medicine
Źródło :
European Journal of Translational Myology
Tytuł :
Macrofollicular Variant of Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma: A Rare Underappreciated Pitfall in the Diagnosis of Thyroid Carcinoma.
Autorzy :
Bongiovanni, Massimo
Sykiotis, Gerasimos P.
La Rosa, Stefano
Bisig, Bettina
Trimech, Mounir
Missiaglia, Edoardo
Gremaud, Magali
Salvatori Chappuis, Vilma
De Vito, Claudio
Sciarra, Amedeo
Foulkes, William D.
Pusztaszeri, Marc
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Temat :
THYROID cancer
NUCLEAR structure
PAPILLARY carcinoma
NUCLEOTIDE sequencing
Źródło :
Thyroid; Jan2020, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p72-80, 9p
Czasopismo naukowe

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