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6 versus 12 months of adjuvant trastuzumab for HER2-positive early breast cancer (PERSEPHONE): 4-year disease-free survival results of a randomised phase 3 non-inferiority trial
Earl, Helena M
Hiller, Louise
Vallier, Anne-Laure
Loi, Shrushma
McAdam, Karen
Hughes-Davies, Luke
Harnett, Adrian N
Ah-See, Mei-Lin
Simcock, Richard
Rea, Daniel
Raj, Sanjay
Woodings, Pamela
Harries, Mark
Howe, Donna
Raynes, Kerry
Higgins, Helen B
Wilcox, Maggie
Plummer, Chris
Mansi, Janine
Gounaris, Ioannis
Mahler–Araujo, Betania
Provenzano, Elena
Chhabra, Anita
Abraham, Jean E
Caldas, Carlos
Hall, Peter S
McCabe, Christopher
Hulme, Claire
Miles, David
Wardley, Andrew M
Cameron, David A
Dunn, Janet A
Agarwal, Roshan
Algurafi, Hafiz
Allerton, Rozenn
Archer, Caroline
Armstrong, Anne
Bale, Catherine
Barraclough, Lisa
Barthakur, Urmila
Bedi, Carolyn
Benstead, Kim
Bloomfield, David
Bowen, Rebecca
Bradley, Chris
Brown, Jane
Butt, Mohammad
Churn, Mark
Cleator, Susan
Cliff, Joanne
Crellin, Perric
Daly, Margaret
De Silva-Minor, Shiroma
Dhadda, Amandeep
Din, Omar
Down, Sue
Earl, Helena
Eaton, David
Eichholz, Andrew
Epurescu, Daniel
Goh, Chee
Goodman, Andrew
Grieve, Robert
Hadaki, Maher
Harper-Wynne, Catherine
Harries, Mark
Hayward, Larry
Humphreys, Alison
Innes, Helen
Jafri, Mariam
Jegannathen, Apurna
Kelleher, Muireann
Kristeleit, Hartmut
Lee, Daniela
Lupton, Susan
MacGregor, Carol
Malik, Zafar
Mansi, Janine
Marshall, Jennifer
McAdam, Karen
McGolick, Trevor
Mehra, Rakesh
Miles, David
Mithal, Natasha
Moss, Charlotte
Moss, Aian
Mukesh, Mukesh
Neal, Anthony
Nelmes, Daniel
Neville-Webbe, Helen
Newby, Jacqueline
O'Reilly, Susan
Ostler, Peter
Persic, Mojca
Pettit, Laura
Raj, Sanjay
Raja, Fharat
Rea, Daniel
Reed, Catherine
Rigg, Anne
Roe, Helen
Shah, Nihal
Simmonds, Peter
Sims, Eliot
Smith, Sarah
Storey, Nicola
Taylor, Wendy
Thanvi, Narottam
Tipples, Karen
Vaidya, Jayant
Varughese, Mohini
Vinayan, Anup
Walji, Nawaz
Waters, Simon
Woodings, Pamela
Wright, Kathryn
Yahya, Sundus
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The Lancet; June-July 2019, Vol. 393 Issue: 10191 p2599-2612, 14p
    Showing 1-3 from 3 results

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