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Title :
Fine mapping of MHC region in lung cancer highlights independent susceptibility loci by ethnicity
Authors :
Bojesen, S.E.
Wu, X.
Fernandez-Somoano, A.
Rennert, G.
Risch, A.
Woll, P.
Teare, M.D.
van der Heijden, E.H.F.M.
Grankvist, K.
Schabath, M.B.
Arnold, S.
Byun, J.
Amos, C.I.
Brennan, P.
Ferreiro-Iglesias, A.
Lesseur, C.
McKay, J.
Hung, R.J.
Han, Y.
Zong, X.
Christiani, D.
Johansson, M.
Xiao, X.
Li, Y.
Qian, D.C.
Ji, X.
Liu, G.
Caporaso, N.
Scelo, G.
Zaridze, D.
Mukeriya, A.
Kontic, M.
Ognjanovic, S.
Lissowska, J.
Szołkowska, M.
Swiatkowska, B.
Janout, V.
Holcatova, I.
Bolca, C.
Savic, M.
Ognjanovic, M.
Albanes, D.
Aldrich, M.C.
Tardon, A.
Fernandez-Tardon, G.
Le Marchand, L.
Chen, C.
Doherty, J.
Goodman, G.
Bickeböller, H.
Wichmann, H.-E.
Rosenberger, A.
Shen, H.
Dai, J.
Field, J.K.
Davies, M.
Kiemeney, L.A.
Yuan, J.-M.
Hong, Y.-C.
Haugen, A.
Zienolddiny, S.
Lam, S.
Tsao, M.-S.
Andrew, A.
Duell, E.
Melander, O.
Brunnström, H.
Lazarus, P.
Slone, S.
Kamal, A.
Zhu, D.
Landi, M.T.
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Subject Terms :
Asian Continental Ancestry Group/genetics
Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't
Genetic Predisposition to Disease/ethnology
Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide
Institut für Medizinische Informationsverarbeitung, Biometrie und Epidemiologie
Middle Aged
HLA Antigens/genetics
Gene Frequency
Medical Genetics
Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural
European Continental Ancestry Group/genetics
Medicinsk genetik
Chromosome Mapping
Journal Article
Major Histocompatibility Complex/genetics
Lung Neoplasms/ethnology
Source :
Nature Communications, Vol 9, Iss 1, Pp 1-12 (2018)
Ferreiro-Iglesias, A, Lesseur, C, McKay, J, Hung, R J, Han, Y, Zong, X, Christiani, D, Johansson, M, Xiao, X, Li, Y, Qian, D C, Ji, X, Liu, G, Caporaso, N, Scelo, G, Zaridze, D, Mukeriya, A, Kontic, M, Ognjanovic, S, Lissowska, J, Szołkowska, M, Swiatkowska, B, Janout, V, Holcatova, I, Bolca, C, Savic, M, Ognjanovic, M, Bojesen, S E, Wu, X, Albanes, D, Aldrich, M C, Tardon, A, Fernandez-Somoano, A, Fernandez-Tardon, G, Le Marchand, L, Rennert, G, Chen, C, Doherty, J, Goodman, G, Bickeböller, H, Wichmann, H-E, Risch, A, Rosenberger, A, Shen, H, Dai, J, Field, J K, Davies, M, Woll, P, Teare, M D, Kiemeney, L A, van der Heijden, E H F M, Yuan, J-M, Hong, Y-C, Haugen, A, Zienolddiny, S, Lam, S, Tsao, M-S, Johansson, M, Grankvist, K, Schabath, M B, Andrew, A, Duell, E, Melander, O, Brunnström, H, Lazarus, P, Arnold, S, Slone, S, Byun, J, Kamal, A, Zhu, D, Landi, M T, Amos, C I & Brennan, P 2018, ' Fine mapping of MHC region in lung cancer highlights independent susceptibility loci by ethnicity ', Nature Communications, vol. 9, 3927 .
File Description :
Title :
Explorando potencialidades para a criação de rede de apoio social a mulheres lusófonas que vivem com câncer de mama em Toronto, Canadá
Exploring potentialities for the creation of a social support network for Portuguese-Speaking women with breast cancer and who live in Toronto, Canada
Explorando potencialidades para la creación de una red de apoyo social a mujeres de habla portuguesa que viven con cáncer de mama en Toronto, Canadá
Authors :
Zanchetta, Margareth Santos
Maheu, Christine
Garcia, Wilson Galhego [UNESP]
Baku, Lorena
Guruge, Sepali
Secord, Scott
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Subject Terms :
Neoplasias da mama-etnologia
Rede social
Apoio social
Migração internacional
Pesquisa qualitativa
Breast neoplasms-ethnology
Networking social
Social support
Emigration and immigration
Qualitative resource
Neoplasias de la mama-etnología
Red social
Apoyo social
Migración internacional
Investigación cualitativo
Source :
Repositório Institucional da UNESP
Universidade Estadual Paulista
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