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Tytuł :
Utilization, financial outcomes and stakeholder perspectives of a re-organized adult sickle cell program.
Autorzy :
Rousseau, Robert (AUTHOR)
Weisberg, Daniel F. (AUTHOR)
Gorero, Jack (AUTHOR)
Parwani, Vivek (AUTHOR)
Bozzo, Janis (AUTHOR)
Kenyon, Kathleen (AUTHOR)
Smith, Constance (AUTHOR)
Cole, Joanna (AUTHOR)
Curtis, Susanna (AUTHOR)
Forray, Ariadna (AUTHOR)
Roberts, John D. (AUTHOR)
Pokaż więcej
Źródło :
PLoS ONE. 7/24/2020, Vol. 15 Issue 7, p1-21. 21p.
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
24th Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research/24e Congrès Annuel Canadien de Recherche sur le VIH/sida CAHR Committees / Comités de l’ACRV
Message from the CAHR President
Message du Président de l’ACRV
Message from the Conference Co-Chairs
Message des Coprésidents du Congrès
O001: CD161-Expressing CD8+ T Cells are also Enriched in IL-17 and IL-22 Producing Cells at the Female Genital Tract and are Severely Reduced in HIV-Infected Female Sex Workers from Nairobi, Kenya
O002: Assessment of T-Cell Distribution in Testicular Tissue of ART-Treated HIV-Infected Subjects
O003: IL-7 Negatively Regulates the IL-7R at the Level of Transcription Through Induction of c-Myb and at the Level of Surface Protein Through Induction of CIS
O004: HIV-1-Triggered Release of Type-I Interferon by Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Induces Baff Production in Monocytes
O005: Protease-Mediated Mucosal Barrier Disruption and an Accumulation of HIV Target Cells is a Characteristic of Cervicovaginal Inflammation: A Proteomic Analysis
O006: Molecular Signatures of Immune Activation and Epithelial Barrier Remodeling are Enhanced During the Luteal Phase of`Menstrual Cycle: Implications for Hormone-Associated HIV Susceptibility Mechanisms
O007: Asymptomatic Neurocognitive Impairment (ANI) is Associated with Progression to Symptomatic HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND) in People with HIV: Results from the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) Cohort Study
O008: No Impact of Early Intensified Antiretroviral Therapy on Gut Immune Reconstitution
O009: Soluble ST2 as a New Marker of Gut Mucosal Integrity and Inflammation: Relevance for HIV Infection
O010: Prevalence and Awareness of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in HIV-Infected Patients
O011: Trends in Admissions to the HIV/AIDS Ward at St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia from 2005–2014
O012: Trends in Late HIV Diagnosis in a Clinical Cohort of Persons in HIV Care (1996–2013): Results from the Ontario HIV Treatment Network Cohort Study (OCS)
O013: Trends Over Time in HIV & HCV Risks Among People who Inject Drugs in Ontario
O014: A Population-Based Examination of Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections Testing and History Prior to HIV Diagnosis Among HIV Cases and HIV-Negative Controls: The Missed Opportunity for Diagnoses Epidemiological Study (MODES)
O015: The Cango Lyec Project – Healing the Elephant”: Experiences of HIV, PTSD, and Depression Among Former Abductees in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda Compared to their Non-Abducted Counterparts
O016: Optimizing Antenatal Care: A 20-Year Clinical Case Series of Adverse Obstetrical Outcomes Among Women Living with HIV in the Ottawa Area
O017: Cocaine Use and Chronic Kidney Disease in A HCV-HIV Co-Infected Cohort
O018: Low Incidence of Reinfection with Hepatitis C Virus After Successful Treatment in Montreal
O019: Risk-Reduction Strategies Among Men who Have Sex with Men: A Latent Class Analysis of Participants Tested for HIV at Spot, a Community-Based Rapid Testing Intervention in Montreal
O020: Substance Use, Sexual Behaviour, and Sero-Adaptive Strategies of Vancouver Gay and Bisexual “Group Sex Event (GSE)” Attendees
O021: Optimizing Combination HIV Prevention: Differential Reasons for Condom Use and Non-Use at Last Anal Sex Encounter Among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men who use the Internet to Seek Sex with Men (MISM) in Ontario
O022: Providing Online and Mobile Outreach for MSM in Ontario: Findings from Ontario’s Community-Based Cruising Counts Study
O023: Scenes as Micro-Cultures: Use of Latent Class Analysis Approach to Examine Heterogeneity Among Gay, Bisexual and Men who have Sex with Men Frequenting Multiple Scenes in Toronto, Canada
O024: Human Papillomavirus Vaccination for Gay and Other Men who have Sex with Men: Advancing Policy and Practice
O025: A Novel Host Protein Complex Regulates HIV Gene Expression Through Core Promoter Specific Recognition: A Key to Latency
O026: Genomic Non-B DNA is a New Factor that Influences Retroviral Integration: Implications for HIV Latency and Cure-Focused Antiretrovirals
O027: Modulation of HIV-Infected T Cell Motility by Nef In Vivo
O028: Identification of a Host Cell Factor, PICH-115, that Couples the Tat/TAR Axis to the HIV Core Promoter
O029: HIV-1 Nef Induced CD4+T Cell Death is Associated with the Inhibition of Proteins Activating the AKT Pathway
O030: Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Employs the Cellular Dynein Light Chain 1 Protein for Viral Uncoating and Reverse Transcription
O031: Loss of Splenic TFH Cells in SIV-Infected Rhesus Macaques
O032: Differences in Nef-Mediated Downregulation of MHC I, CD28 and CD4 Between Major HIV-1 Subtypes
O033: Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir for 12 Weeks in Patients Co-Infected with HCV and HIV-1
O034: Favourable IFNL3 Genotypes and Liver Fibrosis in HIV-Hepatitis C (HCV) Co-Infected Individuals from the Canadian Co-Infection Cohort
O035: Advanced Fibrosis in HIV/Hepatitis C (HCV) Co-Infected Patients is Associated with Increased Prevalence of HIV Drug Resistance in British Columbia, Canada
O036: Identifying HCV Treatment Barriers as Part of Community Portable Pop-Up Clinics
O037: Prevalence and Distribution of Oncogenic Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Types in HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in Toronto, Canada: Implications for Anal Cancer Screening and Vaccine Coverage
O038: Cervical Cytopathology in HIV Positive Women Vaccinated with the Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine
O039: Pap Cytology Testing Among HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Women in Ontario, 2008–2013: Suboptimal for Cervical Cancer Prevention
O040: Effect of Intercurrent Infections and Vaccinations on Immune and Inflammatory Biomarkers Among HIV-Infected Adults on Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy
O041: Transmission Clustering Fuelling the Men-Having-Sex-with-Men (MSM Epidemic) in Quebec is Driven by Viral Dynamics Rather than Sexual Networks
O042: Enhanced Surveillance of HIV and Risk Behaviours Among Montrealers of Sub-Saharan African and English-Speaking Caribbean Origin – Results of the First E-Track Survey in Canada
O043: The Role of Interpersonal Factors in Shaping Sexual HIV Risk Among Sex Workers and Their Non-Paying Partners
O044: The Cedar Project: Psychological Distress and HIV Vulnerability Among Young Indigenous People who use Drugs in Three Canadian Cities
O045: Developing Best Practices for Clinical Policies and Procedures for Supervised Injection Services Within Integrated Health Care Settings in Canada
O046: Condom Use During Anal Intercourse and Other Prevention Strategies Among HIV-Positive MSM in Vancouver, British Columbia
O047: Challenges to Providing HIV Risk and Prevention Information Online to Gay, Bisexual and Other Men who have Sex with Men: Preliminary Findings from an Environmental Scan of Canadian Agency Websites
O048: Frontline Measures: What Can Evaluation at ASOs Tell Us About HIV Prevention Knowledge and Evidence – Results from a Case Study
O049: The Cedar Project: Resilience in the Face of HIV Vulnerability Among Young Indigenous People who use Drugs in Three Canadian Cities
O050: The Seven Paths of Resilience: Findings from the Two-Spirit HIV/AIDS Wellness and Longevity Study (2SHAWLS)
O051: What Should all Canadian Healthcare Students Learn to Increase Health Equity for Aboriginal Peoples Living with HIV: Perspectives on Postcolonialism and Health
O052: Condom Use Among African, Caribbean, and Black Youth in Windsor, Ontario
O053: HIV/AIDS Related Stigma Among African, Caribbean, and Black Youth
O054: HIV Risk Within Marriage: Gendered Perspectives of Indian Immigrants in Canada
O055: “It’s for US – Newcomers, LGBTQ Persons and HIV-Positive Persons. You Feel Free to be”: Social Support Groups as an HIV Prevention Strategy with LGBTQ African, Caribbean and Black Newcomers and Refugees in Toronto, Canada
Autorzy :
Hogg, Robert
Hart, Trevor
Tan, Darrell
Boily-Larouche, Geneviève
Lajoie, Julie
Omollo, Kenneth O
Cheruiyot, Julianna
Njoki, Jane
Kimani, Makubo
Oyugi, Julius
Kimani, Joshua
Fowke, Keith R
Jenabian, Mohammad-Ali
Vyboh, Kishanda
Brassard, Pierre
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Chomont, Nicolas
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Dunphy, Laura
Shahabi, Kamnoosh
Abou, Max
Westmacott, Garrett
McCorrister, Stuart
Kwatampora, Jessie
Nyanga, Billy
Masson, Lindi
Liebenberg, Lenine
Karim, Salim
Passmore, Jo-Ann
Lauffenburger, Douglas
Kaul, Rupert
McKinnon, Lyle
Novak, Richard
Ball, Terry B
Lauffenburger, Doug
Rourke, Sean B
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Arbess, Gordon
Brunetta, Jason
Carvalhal, Adriana
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Atkinson, Maggie
Rosenes, Ron
Cysique, Lucette
Marcotte, Thomas
Burchell, Ann N
Bekele, Tsegaye M
Kim, Connie J
Rousseau, Rodney
Kandel, Gabor
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Ostrowski, Mario
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Quashie, Peter
Moisi, Daniela
Sandstrom, Paul A
Huang, Billy
Hoque, Md Tozammel
Jenabian, Mohammed-Ali
Sheehan, Nancy
Bendayan, Reina
Tang, David
La, David
Capina, Rupert
Yuan, Xin-Yang
Correia-Pinto, Jorge
Prego, Cecilia
Alonso, Maria
Barry, Christina
Pilon, Richard
Daniuk, Christina
Nykoluk, Mikaela
Pillet, Stephane
Bielawny, Tomasz
Tuff, Jeff
Czarnecki, Chris
Wong, Gary
Tyler, Shaun
Liang, Ben
Sandstrom, Paul
Kobinger, Gary
Mesplède, Thibault R
Singhroy, Diane N
Spira, Bonnie
Belanger, Kasandra
Langlois, Marc-André
Chen, Alex
Cabral, Tyler
Dirk, Brennan S
Cavanagh, Peter C
Pawlak, Emily N
Van Nynatten, Logan
Silvestre, Ricardo
Campillo-Guimenez, Laure
Mouhamad, Shahul
Senik, Anna
Silvestri, Guido
Daniels, Sylvanne M
Sinck, Lucile
Melendez-Peña, Carlos E
Scarborough, Robert J
Azar, Ibrahim
Rance, Elodie
Daher, Aïcha
Pang, Ka M
Rossi, John J
Gatignol, Anne
Kozlowski, Hannah N
Lai, Eric
McCarthy, Stephen D
Branch, Donald R
Liu, Zhenlong
Pan, Qinghua
Wang, Zhen
Liang, Chen
Torresilla, Cythia
Xiao, Yong
Caté, Clément
Barbeau, Benoît
Renner, Tyler M
Bélanger, Kasandra
Lam, Cindy
Aydin, Halil
Gerpe, María Carla Rosales
Rosenfeld, Paul
Shen, David
Moffat, Jason
Yin, Wen Chi
Stilla, Alana M
Tep, Tévy-Suzy
Wacleche, Vanessa Sue
Chouikh, Younes
Venner, Colin M
Arts, Eric J
Ostrowski, Mario A
Lingwood, Clifford A
Sanchez Vidales, Maria del Mar
Konarski, Yulia
Ghoneim, Ragia H
Piquette-Miller, Micheline
Kao, Chia-Ching A
Wu, Chiping
Karimian Pour, Navaz
Kellman, Carol
Price, Roberta
Benson, Elizabeth
Paul (Xele’milh), Doris
Ranville, Flo
Wong, Hoi
O’Brien-Teengs, Doe
Murphy, Daniel
Junod, Patrice
Charest, Louise
Parashar, Surita
Zhu, Julia
Collins, Evan
Nosyk, Bohdan
Sanche, Stephen
Tsoukas, Christos
Green, Diane
Tseng, Alice
Bayoumi, Ahmed
Naccarato, Mark
Yoong, Deborah
Kim, Angela
Pagarigan, Hannah
Stuber, Michael
Brisebois, J
Margot, Nicolas
Fordyce, Marshall
McCallister, Scott
Gibson, Richard M
Kyeyune, Fred
Mehta, Samar
Akao, Juliet
Ndashimye, Emma
Salata, Robert
Mugyenyi, Peter
Quinones-Mateu, Miguel
Lapointe, Hope R
Lee, Guin Q
Kirkby, Don
Pittman, Elliot
Li, Emily
Foisy, Michelle M
Robinson, Linda J
Kalaria, Dipen
Pozniak, A
Arribas, J
Gupta, S
Post, F
Ramgopal, M
Chetchotisakd, P
Avihingsanon, A
Crofoot, G
Lichtenstein, K
Allen, Vanessa G
Grewal, Ramandip
Moravan, Veronika
Gartner, Kali
Dias Lima, Viviane
Guillemi, Silvia
Calzavara, Liviana
Cavanagh, Alice
Severini, Alberto
Salit, Irving
Hsieh, Yu Li
Ganase, Bruce
Larsen, Gerene
Kozai, Tsubasa
Moghadam, Aida
Marotta, Paul
Bailey, Robert
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Farley, John
Feinman, Saya Victor
Peltekian, Kevor
Robert, Jean
Scully, Linda
Witt-Sullivan, Helga
Rampakakis, Emmanouil
Drolet, Martine
Chowdhury, Fahad
Thorne, Anona
Fowke, Keith
Lemire, Benoit
Legault, Mario
Thomas, Rejean
Baril, Jean-Guy
LeBlanc, Roger
Lebouche, Bertrand
Mann, Jamie F
Biru, Tsigereda
Wille, Paul T
Nam, Seungwon
Patocs, Audrey
Mayo, Nancy E
Brouillette, Marie Josee
Fellows, Lesley
Murphy, Cara
Sota, Teresa
Silverbrook, Max
Yuen, Tracy
Brouillette, Marie-Josee
Scott, Susan
Heaton, Robert K
Letendre, Scott
Ellis, Ronald
Mayo, Nancy
Szabo, Eva
Hu, Hanxian
Wong, Queenie
Cheung, Angela
Ghadaki, Bahareh
Kronfli, Nadine
Haider, Shariq
Banko, Nicole S
Mohammadi, Hakimeh
Gatov, Evgenia
Ion, Allyson
Margolese, Shari
Mwalwanda, Mary
Lindsay, Joanne
Bertozzi, Breklyn
Arisz, Angela
Goondi, Daman
Foisy, Michelle
Stadnyk, Maria
Houston, Stan
Robinson, Joan
Singh, Ameeta
Keshmiri, Reyhaneh
Rennie, Monique
Yu, Lisa
Sled, John
Yudin, Mark H
Caprara, Daniela
MacGillivray, Jay
Urquia, Marcelo
Hawkes, Michael
Smith, Mary Lou
Sehra, Ramandeep
Arneson, Cheryl
Fernandes-Penney, Alda
Renaud, Christian
Lamarre, Valerie
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MacDougall, Georgina
Louch, Debra
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Nantamu, Peter D
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Ahmed, Rabia
Huang, Domina
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Sloan, Kory
MacKenzie, Lauren J
Hull, Mark W
Lima, Viviane D
Lourenco, Lillian
Lepik, Katherine J
Benoit, Anita C
Masching, Renee
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Sivachandran, Nirojini
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Placido, Tania
Bogoch, Isaac
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Gonzalez-Serna, Alejandro
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Martinez-Cajas, Jorge
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dela Cruz, Aniela
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Tangsubutra, Romyen
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Vankoeverden, Piyarat
Narushima, Miya
Wong, Josephine Pui-Hing
Sharvendiran, Ramraajh
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Calvez, Stryker S
Daniels, Tiegan
Langlois, Andrea
Duddy, Janice
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Murphy, Alka
Hernandez, Andrea
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Challacombe, Laurel A
Plant, Barry
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Hatchette, Todd
Sharma, Sowmya
Atkinson, Jacqueline
Green, Colin
Banks, Phillip
Hammann, Mark
Trussler, Terry
Yorke, Jan
Watson, James
Harris, Mitch
Matejcic, Andrew
Dos Santos, Suzete
Tatham, Christopher
Osborne, Charles
Kou, Nancy
Djiometio, Joseph N
Agha, Ayda
Huskins, Brian
MacLean, Rachel
Chunduri, Siri
Penney, Greg
Von Bischoffshausen, Otto
Safford, Heidi
Yates, Tammy C
Lero, Donna
MacTavish, John K
Rollins, Robert
Martinez Cajas, Jorge
Bachand-Lauko, Chris
Badge, Pride
Ubdegrove, Colin
Babcock, Joseph
Mahan, Maureen
Siou, Kaitlin
Vijayanathan, Haran
Cartegena, Rod
de Prince, Karen
Murzin, Katherine
Makoroka, Lydia
McCullagh, John
Larsson, John
Brotman, Mara
Lyaruu, Tumaini
Manuel-Smith, Carver
Hernandez, Lydia
Seidu, Fonna
Apong, Kamilah
Bell, Ocean
McWhinney, Proudgoddess
Morshed, Mubnii
Pokaż więcej
Temat :
Combining Strengths in the Struggle Against HIV/Unir nos forces pour gagner la bataille contre le VIH
Message from the CAHR President
Message du Président de l’ACRV
Message from the Conference Co-Chairs
Message des Coprésidents du Congrès
Oral Presentations / Exposés Oraux
Basic Sciences: HIV Immunology/Sciences fondamentales : Immunologie du VIH
Clinical Sciences: Clinical Care and Complications/Sciences cliniques : Soins cliniques et complications
Epidemiology and Public Health: Co-infections, Co-morbidities and Co-factors/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Coinfections, comorbidités et cofacteurs
Social Sciences: The Health of Gay, Bisexual and other Homosexually Active Men/Sciences sociales : Santé des gais, bisexuels et autres hommes homosexuels actifs
Basic Sciences: HIV Virology/Pathogenesis I/Sciences fondamentales : Virologie / pathogénèse du VIH I
Clinical Sciences: Co-Infections/Sciences cliniques : Coinfections
Epidemiology and Public Health: Understanding and Preventing New Infections/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Compréhension et prévention des nouvelles infections
Social Sciences: Experiences of HIV among African, Caribbean, and Black Communities, Aboriginal Peoples and Recent Immigrants/Sciences sociales : Expériences du VIH dans les collectivités africaines, antillaises et noires et chez les Autochtones et les immigrants récents
Social Sciences: Experiences of HIV Among African, Caribbean, and Black Communities, Aboriginal Peoples and Recent Immigrants/Sciences sociales : Expériences du VIH dans les collectivités africaines, antillaises et noires et chez les Autochtones et les immigrants récents
Basic Sciences: HIV Virology / Pathogenesis II/Sciences Fondamentales : Virologie / Pathogénèse Du VIH II
Clinical Sciences: Clinical Predictors/Sciences cliniques : Prédicteurs cliniques
Epidemiology and Public Health: Prevention or Diagnosis of New Infections in Youth/Épidémiologie et sante publique : Prévention ou diagnostic des nouvelles infections chez les jeunes
Social Sciences: Everyday Actualities of Living with HIV/Sciences sociales : Vivre avec le VIH … au quotidien
Basic Sciences: HIV Molecular Epidemiology, Evolution and Vaccines/Sciences fondamentales : Épidemiologie moléculaire du VIH, évolution et vaccins
Clinical Sciences: Children and Pregnancy/Sciences cliniques : Enfants et grossesse
Epidemiology and Public Health: Continuum of HIV Care/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Continuum de soins du VIH
Social Sciences: Health Services for Populations across Axes of Inequity and Stigmatization/Sciences sociales : Services de santé pour les populations entre les axes de l’injustice et de la stigmatisation
Social Sciences: Health Services for Populations across Axes of inequity and Stigmatization/Sciences sociales : Services de santé pour les populations entre les axes de l’injustice et de la stigmatisation
Special Session: Community Practice Research/Séance spéciale : Recherche en pratique communautaire
Posters / Affiches
Basic Sciences: Co-morbidities, Including HCV/Sciences fondamentales : Comorbidités, dont le VIH-VHC
Basic Sciences: HIV Molecular Epidemiology, Including Host Genetics and HIV Evolution/Sciences fondamentales : Épidémiologie moléculaire du VIH, y compris la génétique des hôtes et l’évolution du virus
Basic Sciences: HIV Virology/Pathogenesis, Including Antiviral Mechanisms/Sciences fondamentales : Virologie/pathogénie du VIH, mécanismes antiviraux compris
Basic Sciences: Other/Sciences fondamentales : Autres
Clinical Sciences: Adherence/Sciences cliniques : Respect du traitement
Clinical Sciences: Clinical Trials and Observational Studies of Antiretrovirals and Other HIV Therapies/Sciences cliniques : Essais cliniques et études d’observation des antirétroviraux et autres thérapies anti-VIH
Clinical Sciences: Resistance/Sciences cliniques : Résistance
Clinical Sciences: Complications of Antiretroviral Therapy/Sciences cliniques : Complications des thérapies antirétrovirales
Clinical Sciences: Co-infections (including HCV, HBV, HPV, Syphilis, TB)/Sciences cliniques : Coinfections (y compris VHC, VHB, papillomavirus, syphilis, tuberculose)
Clinical Sciences: Opportunistic Infections and Malignancies/Sciences cliniques : Infections opportunistes et pathologies malignes
Clinical Sciences: Early Treatment, Reservoirs, and Cure/Sciences cliniques : Traitement anticipé, réservoirs et remède
Clinical Sciences: Mental Health Issues for HIV Positive Persons/Sciences cliniques : Questions de santé mentale pour les personnes séropositives au VIH
Clinical Sciences: HIV and Aging – Including CVD, Osteoporosis, Neurocognitive Effects\Sciences cliniques : VIH et vieillissement, y compris les maladies cardiovasculaires, l’ostéoporose et les effets neurocognitifs
Clinical Sciences: HIV in Women and in Pregnancy/Sciences cliniques : Le VIH chez les femmes et pendant la grossesse
Clinical Sciences: HIV in Children and Adolescents/Sciences cliniques : Le VIH chez les enfants et les adolescents
Clinical Sciences: HIV in Vulnerable Populations and Global Health Issues/Sciences cliniques : Le VIH dans les populations vulnérables et les enjeux sanitaires mondiaux
Clinical Sciences: HIV Prevention/Sciences cliniques : Prévention du VIH
Clinical Sciences: Substance Use and HIV/Sciences cliniques : Toxicomanies et VIH
Clinical Sciences: Other/Sciences cliniques : Autres
Epidemiology and Public Health: Demography of HIV and Estimates of Key Population Sizes/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Démographie du VIH et estimations de la taille des populations clés
Epidemiology and Public Health: Economic Evaluation of Policies, Programs or Interventions/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Évaluation économique des politiques, des programmes ou des interventions
Epidemiology and Public Health: Epidemiology and Surveillance of HIV Co-infections/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Épidémiologie et surveillance des coinfections au VIH
Epidemiology and Public Health: Epidemiology and Surveillance of HIV/AIDS/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Épidémiologie et surveillance du VIH/sida
Epidemiology and Public Health: Evaluations of Public Health Programs and Interventions/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Évaluation des programmes et des interventions en santé publique
Epidemiology and Public Health: HIV Program Science/Épidémiologie et santé publique : La science dans l’élaboration des programmes sur le VIH
Epidemiology and Public Health: Interdisciplinary Epidemiology (Biological, Behavioural and Social) or Biopsychosocial Research/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Épidémiologie interdisciplinaire (biologique, comportementale et sociale) ou recherche biospychosociale
Epidemiology and Public Health: Introducing New Data Sources: Cohort Studies, Administrative Databases, Surveys, etc./Épidémiologie et santé publique : Introduction de nouvelles sources de données : études de cohortes, bases de données administratives, enquêtes, etc
Epidemiology and Public Health: Policy Evaluations/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Évaluations des politiques
Epidemiology and Public Health: Process Advances and Lessons Learned in Complex or Community-based Public Health Research/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Progrès des processus et leçons tirées dans les recherches complexes ou communautaires en santé physique
Epidemiology and Public Health: Public Health Ethics/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Éthique en santé publique
Epidemiology and Public Health: Social Determinants of HIV Prevention, Risk, Testing, and Care/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Déterminants sociaux de la prévention, du risque, du dépistage et des soins concernant le VIH
Epidemiology and Public Health: Other/Épidémiologie et santé publique : Autres
Social Sciences: Aboriginal Health/Sciences sociales : Santé des Autochtones
Social Sciences: Combining Prevention Strategies: Social Scientific Perspectives/Sciences sociales : Combinaison des stratégies de prévention : perspectives des sciences sociales
Social Sciences: Critical Social Theory: Applications and Advancements in Understanding the HIV Epidemic/Sciences sociales : Théorie sociale : Applications et progrès dans la compréhension de l’épidémie de VIH
Social Sciences: Engaging (with) Communities in HIV Research/Sciences sociales : Participation des collectivités à la recherche sur le VIH
Social Sciences: Everyday Actualities of Living with HIV/Sciences sociales : Vivre avec le VIH au quotidien
Social Sciences: Gay, Bisexual and other Homosexually Active Men/Sciences sociales : Guais, bisexuels et autres hommes homosexuels actifs
Social Sciences: Organizational Strategies in the Context of Policy and Funding Shifts/Sciences sociales : Stratégies organisationnelles dans le contexte des changements dans la politique et le financement
Social Sciences: Sex, Sexuality and Gender: Populations across Diverse Contexts and Axes of Inequity/Sciences sociales : Sexe, sexualité et genre : Populations dans les contextes et axes divers d’inégalité
Social Sciences: Social, Structural and Systemic Drivers of HIV/Sciences sociales : Moteurs sociaux, structurels et systémiques du VIH
Social Sciences: Substance Use, Transmission Networks and Local Contexts of HIV Risk/Sciences sociales : Toxicomanies, réseaux de transmission et contextes locaux du risque concernant le VIH
Social Sciences: The Health of African, Caribbean and Black Communities/Sciences sociales : La santé des collectivités africaines, antillaises et noires
Social Sciences: Other/Sciences sociales : Autres
Community Practice Research/Recherche en pratique communautaire
HeLa Cells
NFKB pathway
Inflammatory response
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The Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases & Medical Microbiology

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