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Title :
Well-being status and post-traumatic stress symptoms in health workers attending mindfulness sessions during the early stage of the COVID-19 epidemic in Mexico.
Authors :
Real-Ramírez, Janet
Alberto García-Bello, Luis
Robles-García, Rebeca
Martínez, Montserrat
Adame-Rivas, Karime
Balderas-Pliego, Mariana
García-Alfaro, Carolina
Pérez-Cabañas, Elisa
Sierra-Medina, Sandra
Romero-González, Mariajose
Alcocer-Castillejos, Natasha
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Source :
Salud Mental. Nov/Dec2020, Vol. 43 Issue 6, p303-310. 8p.
Academic Journal
Title :
Emotional responses and coping strategies in adult Mexican population during the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic: An exploratory study by sex.
Authors :
Ramos-Lira, Luciana
Raffu, Claudia
Flores-Celis, Karla
Ríos, Jazmín Mora
García-Andrade, Consuelo
Rascón Gasca, María Luisa
Aguilar, Natalia Bautista
Cervantes Muñoz, Consuelo
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Source :
Salud Mental. Nov/Dec2020, Vol. 43 Issue 6, p243-251. 9p.
Academic Journal
Title :
Pilot study of a brief psychological intervention for reducing emotional exhaustion and secondary traumatic stress among physicians of intensive care units in Mexico.
Authors :
Moreno-Jiménez, Jennifer E.
del Carmen Yeo-Ayala, María
Palomera, Andrés
Manuel Blanco-Donoso, Luis
Rodríguez-Carvajal, Raquel
Garrosa, Eva
Moreno-Jiménez, Bernardo
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Source :
Salud Mental. Sep/Oct2020, Vol. 43 Issue 5, p219-226. 8p.
Academic Journal

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