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Tytuł :
Variability in stroke motor outcome is explained by structural and functional integrity of the motor system
Autorzy :
Lam, Timothy K.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3
Binns, Malcolm A.Aff4, Aff5
Honjo, KieAff1, Aff2
Dawson, Deirdre R.Aff1, Aff3, Aff4, Aff6
Ross, BernhardAff4, Aff7
Stuss, Donald T.Aff4, Aff8, Aff9
Black, Sandra E.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3, Aff4, Aff9
Chen, J. JeanAff4, Aff7
Fujioka, TakakoAff4, Aff10
Chen, Joyce L.Aff1, Aff2, Aff3, Aff11
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Źródło :
Scientific Reports. 8(1)
Czasopismo naukowe
Tytuł :
Poster Presentations at the 10th Canadian Conference on Dementia (CCD), Québec City, October 3, 2019
Enhancing knowledge and skill amongst dementia care staff using the updated ‘Behavioural Education and Training Support Inventory’
WIZARD to support caregivers in maintaining elderly’s home independence: usability tests
Geriatric dementia care at Ontario Shores: A new model of care
Towards co-designing of a clinical demonstration unit: Staff and family perspectives on improving quality of life and recovery on a geriatric dementia unit using technology
Primary Care Collaborative Memory Clinics: Outcomes in rural, remote, and underserved communities in Ontario
Nutrition care for residents with dementia in long-term care homes: Umbrella review of care aide and registered dietitian services
Exploring the needs and gaps in dementia care on Vancouver Island
Correlation between amyloid reduction and clinical outcomes: exploratory analyses from the Gantenerumab Scarlet Road and Marguerite Road open-label extension studies
Attitudes and perceptions towards dementia in the workplace
Continued large amyloid PET reductions at 36 months in the gantenerumab open-label extension studies
Specialized care unit reduces severe behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) in patients dementia: a retrospective study
Nurses’ experiences in caring for older adults with responsive behaviours of dementia in acute care and perceptions of P.I.E.C.E.S. education
Use of a Dementia Care Pathway: Transferable Lessons
Adapting the environment of Alzheimer residents: principles and issues
Safety or freedom in long-term care facilities for people with Alzheimer disease: what are the preferences of citizens, health care managers, family caregivers and other interested parties
A cross-cultural investigation of Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) interventions on cognitive improvement in patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment: a perspective study
Conclusion: Who cares: A pilot study on caregiver stress of family caregivers for persons with dementia in an immigrant population
Translating research into practice: Investigating the impact of Alzheimer’s diagnostics in Canada (IMPACT-AD)
Multiple object tracking training can enhance selective attention and cognitive flexibility in older adults
End-of-life care for people living with dementia in rural areas: a scoping review
Factor analysis and psychometric properties of the Brief Symptom Inventory-18 Item in rural caregivers of persons with dementia
Project ECHO care of the elderly - the need for a dementia focused ECHO
Dementia prevention in front line care: feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of the Brain Health and Wellness project approach
Providing and promoting quality care for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Dementia
Defining dementia-friendly research: engaging people with lived experience as collaborators and advisers
Towards Dementia Friendly Emergency Departments: A mixed method exploratory study identifying opportunities to improve the quality and safety of care for people with dementia in emergency departments
Five Top Tips for partnering with people with dementia in research
What do caregivers and care providers want from care partnerships? Co-creating user friendly tools and processes to support a person-centered, relationship-building, team approach to care
Brain gray matter volume associations with abnormal gait imagery in patients with mild cognitive impairment: results of a cross-sectional study
Written and oral language impairment in PCA (Posterior Cortical Atrophy): review of literature and description of 3 cases
Predictors of cholinesterase inhibitor and memantine use in newly admitted nursing home residents with dementia and/or cognitive impairment: impact of drug policies in Saskatchewan and Ontario, Canada
Classification system for electronic medication adherence products
Electronic medication adherence products: A clinician tool to guide use
Cholinesterase inhibitor use in dementia: effect on cardiovascular conduction
The paradox of dementia and driving cessation
Interdisciplinary primary health care approaches to dementia and chronic conditions: a case study
The Annual Summit of the Knowledge Network in Rural and Remote Dementia Care: An Example of an Integrated Knowledge Translation (iKT) Approach
Caregiving in secrecy: The journey of being a caregiver for a person with dementia
Crossing the Culture Divide between a Tertiary Care Psychiatric Hospital and a Community Geriatric Mental Health Clinic
Digital tools for delivery of dementia education for healthcare providers: A systematic review
Digital tools for delivery of dementia education for informal caregivers of persons with dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Applied Behaviour Analysis for Dementia Care: Welcoming Behaviour Therapy into Geriatric Psychiatry
Evaluation of interdisciplinary team-based dementia assessment and diagnosis in rural primary health care: Patient and family perspectives
ArtOnTheBrain: Promoting cognitive training in older adults with low vision with an arts-based mobile health solution
The onset of new sensory impairments is associated with worsening cognitive status and difficulties with communication among older home care clients in Ontario
Hearing loss is associated with hippocampal atrophy in older adults at risk for dementia
Sensory loss and cognitive function in older adults at different stages of cognitive impairment
The association of anxio-depressive disorders and depression with motoric cognitive risk syndrome: Results from the baseline assessment of the Canadian longitudinal study on aging
From Pencil to Pixel How iTAV (It Takes A Village) went from a paper based solution to an app while retaining its value and maximizing the benefits of going digital
Design and evaluation of an ecological momentary assessment tool for assessing depression in dementia
Behaviour assessment tools currently used in long term care in Canada: a survey
Evaluation of the adoption and the validity and reliability of the Dementia Observation System (DObs) web application in long-term care
Using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to identify barriers and facilitators to implementation of a rural primary health care intervention for dementia
Examining the Numbers: The Continued Examination the Treatment Pathways and Frequency of Risk of Harm to Others of Individuals Referred to the Ontario Shores Long-term Care Outreach Team
Histopathological staging of salient cerebrovascular lesions associated with normal aging
An Evaluation of the Alzheimer Society of Canada Resource Guide to Support Research Recruitment
APOE-ɛ4, white matter hyperintensities, and cognition in Alzheimer’s and Lewy body dementia
The N400 effect as a measure of semantic processing in healthy and pathological aging
Virtual Reality therapy for inpatients with dementia: Learnings from a pilot study introducing a non-pharmacological intervention to an acute-care hospital
Autorzy :
Viau, Katelynn
Yaddaden, Amel
Lussier, Maxime
Bier, Nathalie
Earle, Julie
Duff-Woskosky, Andra
Bartfay, Wally
Desai, Chaitali
Zavitz, Karen
Horsburgh, Sheri
Gamble, Brenda
Lee, Linda
Hillier, Loretta M.
Patel, Tejal
Molnar, Frank
Clarke, Jo-Anne
Borrie, Michael
Cammer, Allison
Morgan, Debra
Whiting, Susan
de Vos, Maya
Henri-Bhargava, Alexandre
Votova, Kristine
Delmar, Paul
Kerchner, Geoffrey A
Wang, Guoqiao
Bateman, Randall
Klein, Gregory
Andjelkovic, Mirjana
Abi-Saab, Danielle
Bullain, Szofia
Montoya, Alonso
Fontoura, Paulo
Doody, Rachelle
Tai, Elaine
Harvey, David
Hofmann, Carsten
Ristic, Smiljana
Rehal, Sunita
Voyle, Nicola
Baudler, Monika
Verreault, Phylicia
Rousseau, François
Keller, Evelyn
Simard, Alexandra
Azouaou, Nassima
Jarboui, Manel
Talleria, Lorraine
Duguay, Johanne
Mérette, Chantale
Labbé, Annie
de Arco, Rossana Peredo Nunez
Yous, Marie-Lee
Ploeg, Jenny
Kaasalainen, Sharon
Martin, Lori Schindel
Palumbo, Mary Val
Rambur, Betty
McKenna, Lori
Voyer, Philippe
Allaire, Émilie
Li, Bing
Thaut, Michael
Yogaparan, Thirumagal
Shanmuganathan, Thirunathan
Vickneswaran, Anicha
Sriharan, Sruthy
DeMarco, Mari L.
Hsiung, Ging-Yuek Robin
Best, John R.
Chertkow, Howard
Gauthier, Serge
Karlawish, Jason
Feldman, Howard
Spaner, Caroline
Christie, Brian
Musteata, Stela
Gawryluk, Jodie
Hofer, Scott
Henri-Bhargava, Alex
Kenny, Rebecca
Elliot, Valerie
Kosteniuk, Julie
Chow, Amanda Froehlich
Bayly, Melanie
O’Connell, Megan E.
Kortzman, August
O’Connell, Megan
Kirk, Andrew
Conn, David
Sokoloff, Lisa
Feldman, Sid
Chau, James
Moser, Andrea
Lingum, Navena
Gingrich, Shaen
Shaikh, Salma
Rabheru, Kiran
Cassidy, Keri-Leigh
Checkland, Claire
Parsons, Daria
Massie, Ariane S.
Mitchell, Julie Spence
Aksenchuk, Sophia
Lindsay, Barbara
Howard, Maria
Shaw, Courtney
Armitage, Gerrard
Capstick, Andrea
McNeil, Heather
Holyoke, Paul
Vines, Chanile
Giosa, Justine
Khan, Bilal
Shultz, Mary
Sekhon, Harmehr
Allali, Gilles
Montembeault, Maxime
Brodeur, Catherine
Macoir, Joël
Maxwell, Colleen
Maclagan, Laura
Campitelli, Michael
Yao, Shenzhen
Dharma, Christoffer
Sherin, Tracey
Hogan, David
Bronskill, Susan
Ivo, Jessica
Faisal, Sadaf
McDougall, Aidan
Bauer, Jillian
Pritchard, Sarah
Chang, Feng
Mehta, Deval
Syed, Ali
Carter, Caitlin
Sharma, Shaambhavi
Nagge, Jeff
Naglie, Gary
Stasiulis, Elaine
Yamin, Stephanie
Vrkljan, Brenda
Tuokko, Holly
Sanford, Sarah
Porter, Michelle
Polgar, Jan
Myers, Anita
Moorhouse, Paige
Mazer, Barbara
Marshall, Shawn
Gélinas, Isabelle
Crizzle, Alexander
Byszewski, Anna
Belchior, Patricia
Bédard, Michel
Rapoport, Mark
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Stuss, Donald
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Stuss, Donald T.
Black, Sandra E.
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Hoben, Mathias
Poss, Jeffrey W.
Rachor, Geoffrey S.
Estabrooks, Carole A.
Iroanyah, Ngozi
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Temat :
Abstracts: Posters
Źródło :
Canadian Geriatrics Journal
Tytuł :
2018 Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) Science Day Abstracts (Montréal, Québec - October 1–2, 2018)
Whole Brain Volume Relative to Decade of Birth in Three Cohorts: Alzheimer’s Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Cognitively Normal
Analyzing Mobility Patterns of Older Adults with Dementia Using GPS Technology
Characterizing Neuropathology and Cholinergic Dysfunction in the Rostral Prefrontal Cortex
Using Case Management (CM) to Address the Needs of Dementia and High Frailty Patients: Perceptions of Healthcare Professionals
Case Management of Culturally Diverse Dementia Patients and Caregivers: A Mixed Methods Study in a Montreal Family Medicine Group
Is There Evidence to Support the Use of Art Therapy as an Effective Modality to Reduce Neuropsychiatric Symptoms of Dementia? A Preliminary Report
Can Adapted Art Therapy Interventions Reduce Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Long-Term Care Residents with Moderate to Advanced Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
A Highly Predictive Signature of Cognition and Brain Atrophy for Progression to Alzheimer’s Dementia
Crowd Sourced Quality Control of Brain Registration on the Zooniverse Platform
Comparing a Neuropathological Index with Traditional Pathology in Predicting Alzheimer’s Dementia
Indigenous Older Adults Requiring Dementia Care: Making Space for Technology
Describing the Trends in Primary Care Continuity and Acute Hospital Use in Quebec from 2000 to 2015 for Community-Dwelling Persons with Dementia
Cerebrocholesterol and Tumor Necrosis Factor: Markers of Agitation Severity and Treatment Response to Nabilone in Patients with Moderate-To-Severe Alzheimer’s Disease
Development of a Novel Cellular Reporter Assay to Measure Anticholinergic Activity
Computational Modeling and Simulation Methodologies in Dementia Research: Preliminary Results of a Scoping Review
Consistency of Resting-State Functional MRI Connectivity Over 2.5 Years and 13 Sites Using the Canadian Dementia Imaging Protocol
Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Daily Functionality of Dementia Patients – Results from the Sunnybrook Dementia Study
The Infiltration of Hematogenous Macrophages Occurs in an Age/Time and Sex-Dependent Manner in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Longitudinal Analyses of Imaging Trajectories Provide Novel Insights into the Variable Dynamics of Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease
Understanding How Rural Primary Health Care Teams Collaborate To Deliver Dementia Care
A Scoping Review of Dementia-Related Education and Support Service Accessibility and Use in Rural Areas: Barriers and Promising Solutions
Regional Brain Glucose Uptake Is Unrelated to Tau and AB Deposition in the 3xTg Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
CCNA Team 20 Rural: A Scoping Review of Multiple Transitions Across Care Settings Among Individuals with Dementia
Rationale and Design of the Trial of Remote Ischemic Conditioning for Vascular Cognitive Impairment (TRIC-VCI)
Perspectives from the Field: Designing the Driving Cessation in Dementia Intervention Toolkit (DCD-IT)
Digital Storytelling in Persons with Dementia: Findings from a Multi-Site Study
Team 20 Rural: Development, Implementation, and Scaling up of a Rural Primary Health Care Model for Dementia
Examining Changes in Trends in Health System Performance for Men and Women Diagnosed with Dementia: A Population-Based Study in Ontario
Factors Associated with Cognitive Decline in a Home Care Population with Existing Cognitive Challenges: Survival Analysis Using RAI-HC Data for Ontario
Measuring the Fidelity of a Policy Implementation: Insights from the Quebec Alzheimer Plan
Family Physicians’ Attitude, Knowledge and Practice Regarding Dementia Care and Dementia Initiatives in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick
Lipidomics Analyses in Parkinson’s Disease
Autorzy :
Banihashemi, M. Amin
Sapkota, Shraddha
Bronskill, Susan E.
Stuss, Donald T.
Black, Sandra E.
Bayat, Sayeh
Naglie, Gary
Rapoport, Mark
Ye, Bing
Stasiulis, Elaine
Mihailidis, Alex
Maxwell, Selena P.
Cash, Meghan K.
Darvesh, Sultan
Teper, Matthew Hacker
Hudon, Catherine
Vedel, Isabelle
Yang, Xin Qiang
Khanassov, Vladimir
Guseva, Elena
Lungu, Ovidiu
Goldman, Sondra
Wilchesky, Machelle
Tam, Angela
Dansereau, Christian
Itturia-Medina, Yasser
Urchs, Sebastian
Orban, Pierre
Breitner, John
Bellec, Pierre
Benhajali, Yassine
Spiers, Helen
Badhwar, AmanPreet
Trouille, Laura
Wallace, Lindsay
Theou, Olga
Godin, Judith
Rockwood, Kenneth
Andrew, Melissa
Starblanket, Danette
Bourassa, Carrie
Godard-Sebillotte, Claire
Sourial, Nadia
Rochette, Louis
Hardouin, Marine
Pelletier, Eric
Strumpf, Erin
Ruthirakuhan, Myuri
Herrmann, Nathan
Andreazza, Ana C.
Gallagher, Damien
Verhoeff, Nicolaas Paul L.G.
Lanctôt, Krista L.
Trenaman, Shanna C.
Andrew, Melissa K.
Goralski, Kerry B.
McLean, Allen
Morgan, Debra
Kosteniuk, Julie
O’Connell, Megan
Bayly, Melanie
Chow, Amanda Froehlich
Elliot, Valerie
Osgood, Nathaniel
Collin-Verreault, Yannik
Chouinard, Isabelle
Vogel, Jacob
Potvin, Olivier
Duchesne, Simon
Mirza, Saira Saeed
Ramirez, Joel
Lanctôt, Krista
Masellis, Mario
Kozyrev, Natalie
Albers, Shawn
Yang, Jennifer
Prado, Vania F.
Rylett, R. Jane
Dekaban, Gregory A.
McFall, G. Peggy
Dieumengarde, Louis
Drouin, Shannon
Camicioli, Richard
Dixon, Roger A.
Adlimoghaddam, Aida
Perez, Claudia
Stortz, Greg
Djordjevic, Jelena
Snow, Wanda M.
Goertzen, Andrew L
Ko, Ji Hyun
Albensi, Benedict C
Watson, Erin
Osman, Meric
Osman, Beliz Acan
O’Connell, Megan E.
Kirk, Andrew
Stewart, Norma
Cammer, Allison
Innes, Anthea
Smith, Eric E.
Barber, Philip A.
Field, Thalia S.
Frayne, Richard
Ganesh, Aravind
Hachinski, Vladimir
McCreary, Cheryl R.
Pantoni, Leonardo
Sahlas, Demetrios J.
Sharma, Mukul
Swartz, Richard H.
Corbett, Dale
Yamin, Stéphanie
Vrkljan, Brenda
Tuokko, Holly
Sanford, Sarah
Porter, Michelle
Polgar, Jan
Myers, Anita
Moorhouse, Paige
Molnar, Frank
Mazer, Barbara
Marshall, Shawn
Gélinas, Isabelle
Crizzle, Alexandra
Byszewski, Anna
Belchior, Patricia
Bédard, Michel
Liu, Lili
Hollinda, Kara
Kaufman, David
Astell, Arlene
Daum, Christine
Stewart, Norma J.
Seitz, Dallas
Holroyd-Leduc, Jayna
Daku, Jean
Hack, Tracy
Hoium, Faye
Kennett-Russill, Deb
Sauter, Kristen
Bronskill, Susan
Etches, Jacob
Guthrie, Dawn M.
Williams, Nicole
Campos, Jennifer
Mick, Paul
Orange, Joseph B.
Pichora-Fuller, M. Kathleen
Phillips, Natalie A.
Savundranayagam, Marie
Wittich, Walter
Arsenault-Lapierre, Genevieve
Bergman, Howard
Tadley, Jaspaul
Buzatto, Adriana Zardini
Mung, Dorothea
Bajwa, Barinder
Li, Liang
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Temat :
I. Masters Students
II. MD, MD/PhD, or PhD Students
III. Postdoctoral Fellows
CCNA Investigator Abstracts
Źródło :
Canadian Geriatrics Journal
Tytuł :
Frontal Anatomical Correlates of Cognitive and Speech Motor Deficits in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Autorzy :
Yunusova, Yana
Black, Sandra E.
Ansari, Jamal
Ramirez, Joel
Shellikeri, Sanjana
Stanisz, Greg J.
Gillingham, Susan M.
Kiss, Alex
Stuss, Donald T.
Zinman, Lorne
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Temat :
Research Article
Neurosciences. Biological psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry
sense organs
Article Subject
Źródło :
Behavioural Neurology, Vol 2019 (2019)
Opis pliku :
Tytuł :
ε4, white matter hyperintensities, and cognition in Alzheimer and Lewy body dementia.
Autorzy :
Mirza, Saira Saeed
Saeed, Usman
Knight, Jo
Ramirez, Joel
Stuss, Donald T.
Keith, Julia
Nestor, Sean M.
Di Yu
Swardfager, Walter
Rogaeva, Ekaterina
St. George Hyslop, Peter
Black, Sandra E.
Masellis, Mario
Yu, Di
Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
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Źródło :
Neurology; 11/5/2019, Vol. 93 Issue 19, pe1807-e1819, 13p
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